Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 43 Preserve an image….

Drinking 3 pots of worth of hot water at once, Bai Rong’s belly quickly bulged out in the shape of a watermelon. He strenuously propped himself up from the chair while carrying his belly as a layer of sweat formed on his forehead.

It was unknown whether the sweat came from his weariness of drinking water or the heat from his bellyful of hot water….

Originally, Bai Rong even wanted to go for a run and sweat it out. Now that he had arrived at this situation, he felt it was rather unnecessary….

After he finished drinking hot water, Bai Rong took another nutrient dose from the table and walked back to his bedroom.

Placing the nutrient dose on the bedside cabinet, Bai Rong then turned his optical computer on, trying to check whether Mu Chongyan had sent him any messages.


However, the silver icon showed that he had not received a single message at all.

Bai Rong hung his head down in disappointment and his entire person became listless. However, after mulling it over gloomily for a long while, he clenched his fists and raised his head.

It was only 6 o’clock, Mu Chonyan must not be up yet. He was definitely feeling tired from the treatment and required a long amount of rest.

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His fever had been reduced! Bai Rong stared at the numbers on the screen, heaving a breath of relief on the inside. Then, he took the nutrient dose placed atop the cabinet bedside and gulped it down. The exhaustion and hunger he felt was immediately swept clean and his whole person appeared more invigorated.


The only problem he had left was that…he didn’t know how Mu Chongyan was currently faring.

Bai Rong worriedly and dispiritedly stared at the silver icon window which showed that there weren’t any recent messages and couldn’t help himself from sending one.

Then, with great bitterness and long resentment, he logged into the virtual city with a puffed face.

Realizing that Wei Huai did not comply with his request of coming earlier, Bai Rong suspiciously frowned and sent an inquiry over.

After waiting for a few minutes and not receiving a reply, Bai Rong simply shut the message window off. He was already bogged with concern for Mu Chongyan so he had no energy to worry for what was going on with Wei Huai….

Preparing to make two virtual spell cards to see whether he could reach SS level, Bai Rong took out a set of spell card materials from the spatial button and before he began processing it, his message box blinked, indicating that someone had sent over a message.

Bai Rong pressed it open for a look.

——”Dear Respected Spell Card Master, Congratulations for making it to the next round! The next round will cut down 700 participants into the top 50 and will be held on November 6th. The venue is at Central City AS Virtual Spell Card Union Headquarters. Please ensure that you arrive at the place before the specified time. Your competition number is…..”

Cutting down 700 into 50? Wasn’t the last round from 8000 to 500? Where did 700 people come from?!

Bai Rong stared at the page befuddled and continued to scroll down, discovering that the competition had directly admitted the A Class Spell Card Masters who had been serving as supervisors for the competition as participants. This meant that…this time, he also had to compete with every A Class Spell Card Master that existed.

Such a strong arrangement of participants in the next round sounded intimidating, yet on the contrary, Bai Rong did not feel apprehensive. Although he still couldn’t craft an S-level intermediate spell card and was unable to officially advance as an S-Class Spell Card Master, he was still somewhat on par with one. Moreover, all the other S-Class Spell Card Masters simply refused to participate in virtual spell card competitions for all kinds of reasons and would rather join real life region-wide spell card competitions where SS-Class Grandmasters Hoffs and Xiao Mu were willing to come out and serve as the adjudicators…

That was why the number of rivals he had right now was actually very few!


If only he could bring Mu Chongyan to witness his glory in the competition, that would’ve been the best situation to occur. However, firstly,, he still couldn’t expose his secret, and secondly…

Recalling that he had not a single clue as to Mu Chongyan’s current condition, Bai Rong’s little head dropped down and he lost the motivation to make spell cards….

After standing in place with a blank expression for a while, Bai Rong rubbed his eyes and picked the materials to process it.

He couldn’t act so sentimental. He had to assume responsibility considering Mu Chongyan had met with a mishap….

……At the same time on the other side, the consciousness of Mu Chongyan who laid inside the restoration chamber, slowly returned, and he opened his eyes.

“Boss!!” Ma’er who had been guarding at the side without blinking an eye, immediately stood up, pouncing on the transparent cover of the restoration chamber and howled excitedly, “Boss, Boss, how do you feel?!!”

Seeing Ma’er dramatically lay on top crying in a large voice, Mu Chongyan helplessly pointed at the transparent cover of the restoration chamber.

“Ah…sorry boss…” Realizing that he had committed a silly mistake, Ma’er hurriedly opened the door.

“Boss. how do you feel? Does it hurt anywhere?!!”

“…Cough…” Mu Chongyan parted his mouth and produced a stuffy cough. His voice was slightly raspy as he uttered, “The pain isn’t as severe as it was before. What time is it now?”

Although he could still feel a dull ache in his entire body, it couldn’t even be compared to the suffering he had experienced yesterday.

“It’s three minutes to 1pm.” Ma’er’s eyes reddened slightly as he cried tears of joy, “Boss, let me tell you some good news. According to the data, you have recovered excellently! Your recovery rate is also extremely quick! 60% of your bones have already been restored and your cell structure is 56% recovered. At this rate, you’ll have fully recuperated by tomorrow morning!!!”


“….Alright. It must’ve been hard on you.” Feeling that he still couldn’t sit up, Mu Chongyan moved his arms and felt a searing pain coming from his bones. He frowned before asking, “Where’s my optical computer?”

“It’s here!” Ma’er hurriedly took the optical computer from the table and handed it over to him.

Mu Chongyan received it and placed it on his wrist, saying, “Ma’er, has the virus been eliminated?”

“It’s still unclear. I would have to take your blood and bone cells to test for them.”

“Then go ahead and take it.” Mu Chongyan swept a slow look at his surroundings. “Furthermore, don’t forget to the swipe the blood trails in this room and on your body spic and span.”

“Yes sir, right away!” Ma’er immediately stood up. He knew that his boss was afraid that the existence of the remnant blood stains would divulge this secret. Although their location was classified and probably wouldn’t be discovered by other forces, they still couldn’t completely let down their guard.

Ma’er quickly extracted Mu Chongyan’s blood and bone cells before quickly replenishing the emergency restoration fluid and medicine of the chamber, and using a cleaner to disinfect the entire room. He then carefully carried the blood and bone cell samples and left.

As soon as he saw the door slowly shut closed, Mu Chongyan then retracted his gaze and turned the optical computer on, bearing the piercing pain coming from his bones and pressing open the silver icon.

As expected, the little star pet’s message popped out into view.

The corner of Mu Chongyan’s lips revealed a faint smile and a fulfilling warm current overflowed in his chest, mixed with a tinge of sweetness. He deeply felt as though having such an adorable little sweet cake made him the luckiest person in the world….

Having not realized how warm he looked like smiling at this moment, Mu Chongyan pressed reply, typing, “No need to worry, I’ve recovered a lot. I’ll instruct Dai Suo to bring you over tonight alright?”

En…if it was tonight… he could probably push himself to sit up….


Seeing that the little star pet hadn’t replied immediately, Mu Chongyan stared at the screen in waiting. However, even after 10 minutes had elapsed, it still remained quiet. 

Mu Chongyan shut the dialogue box gloomily and sent a message to Dai Suo.

“Dai Suo. Tonight at 7, bring the little star pet over to Ma’er’s. I’m currently at his place.”

Dai Suo was anxiously waiting at home for news and seeing that Mu Chongyan had finally sent him a message, he hurriedly replied, “No worries. Did something happen to you, Mu Chongyan?”

“Regarding this…it’s a long story. I’ll tell you once we meet up.”

“Alright.” Dai Suo responded, the unease in his heart finally dissipating slightly. He glanced at the crystal case on the table before turning his optical computer on and logging into the virtual world.

Inside the crystal case, Bai Rong had just finished making four basic spell cards and four intermediate spell cards before coming to a stop.

Feeling that he had finished doing a tough man’s job, Bai Rong threw the spell card into his spatial button and without even testing its grade, he immediately logged out of the virtual city.

He could finally feel at ease waiting in front of the optical computer for Mu Chongyan’s message!

After rapidly closing all the open windows, Bai Rong then pressed on the silver icon and his eyes instantly lit up.

Mu Chongyan had finally replied to his message!

Bai Rong immediately typed up a response giddily, “You’ve recovered? Does it still hurt anywhere for you? Is your condition fine? When is Dai Suo taking me to see you?”

However….after a minute had passed, Mu Chongyan hadn’t replied.

Scrunching his tiny brows and staring intently on the dialogue box before him, Bai Rong suddenly discovered in horror….

That this message was sent four and a half hours ago!!!

Unwittingly, time had quickly leapt to 6pm. Bai Rong felt upset yet happy at the same time. Upset at himself for missing Mu Chongyan’s message but happy that he only had a few hours left before he could finally meet Mu Chongyan….

The only thing was that…Bai Rong suddenly lowered his head to look at his own clothes and realized that after sleeping for a whole night and sweating, his clothes had already turned crumpled and even gave off a light sweaty stench…

Wrinkling his nose in sourness, Bai Rong quickly stood up and headed towards the bathroom.

How could he meet Mu Chongyan with such a terrible appearance?!

Wasn’t this just provoking Mu Chongyan to worry for him? What if his illness got worse because he couldn’t stop feeling anxious?!!

He needed to wash himself clean and wear something more majestic to look presentable for him!

Darting off to the bathroom, Bai Rong filled three quarters of the bathtub and threw all the tiger cub bath treasures in.

Stepping inside and laying down, Bai Rong swept his eyes over to the floating cubs that had gathered together and his little face turned slightly grave.

Why did he feel as though the cubs were smaller than before. They didn’t appear as intimidating and ferocious as they were before….

Nevermind. Deciding that he wouldn’t think of any matters unrelated to Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong took a cub and sniffed it before proceeding to rub it gently on his body…

En. It smelled fragrant…Mu Chongyan should be pleased with this. If he liked it then his spirits would improve, and if his spirits improved, his illness would get better…

At this time on the other side, Mu Chongyan had already managed to push himself to sit up.

“Boss, the situation is more or less like this. The virus had already been completely eliminated but your current aptitude has dropped down to SS Class. However, you don’t need to worry because judging from the data…” Ma’er clenched his fists tightly, a look of excitement painted his face, “Your aptitude is quickly on the rise!  Given time, I reckon it would soar back to SS+, and perhaps even reach SSS!!”

This was the legendary SSS they were talking about!!!

Mu Chongyan’s gaze was slightly lowered, an indiscernible expression rippling through the depths of his eyes. This time….contrary to what was expected, he had actually managed to profit from disaster.

“Boss, I really admire you!” A flame of reverence lit up in Ma’er’s eyes, “You had actually managed to withstand that terrifying state yesterday. Your willpower and tolerance is too amazing!!”

Seeing Ma’er with a face that said ‘How did you manage to do it!’, Mu Chongyan suddenly recalled the event that happened before he nearly lost consciousness. The face of his cute and bashful little star pet kissing him popped in his mind and Mu Chongyan couldn’t resist clearing his throat before turning the optical computer on to take a look at the time.

It was only 8 minutes before 6.30pm. There was still half an hour left before the little star pet arrived.

“Ma’er…” Mu Chongyan stared at his lower half naked body, “Find me something to wear.”

Although he had confidence in his physique, after having experienced a frightening destruction yesterday, he still evidently looked pale, his muscles not as robust as before.

He needed to preserve his image before the little star pet. Once he had finished training, he can then reveal himself for the little star pet to take a good look so that he….Wait! That’s not right!! Mu Chongyan’s face turned dark instantly, what in the world was he thinking of?!!!

What was he going to reveal to the little star pet?!!

And why did his little star pet look so bashful!!!

Seeing Mu Chongyan’s face turn dark, Ma’er immediately became anxious, “What’s wrong, boss? Does it hurt anywhere?!”

“….“ Mu Chongyanstiffened for a moment. With a rigid face, he responded, “It’s nothing, just quickly get me some clothes.” 

The clothes he had in his spatial button were combat uniforms and formal clothes. Regardless of which one he chose to wear lying on the restoration chamber, wouldn’t it make him seem mentally deranged?!

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