Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 4 Taking responsibility for the pervert

Feeling his fingers being suddenly kissed by the little star pet’s soft and warm lips, Mu Chongyan first felt stunned before his whole body stiffened up.

The strange feeling from before crawled up from the bottom of his heart once again. It was akin to the feeling of encountering the most dangerous SS level of demonic vines who hoisted their lithe soft tassels slyly and in a slithering motion, and instantly wrapping around a piece of his heart…

The dangerous feeling made Mu Chongyan’s eyes sink, and he immediately had the urge to throw the little star pet pet aside, but became reluctant to at the next moment. He drank the water in the glass in irritation and felt it tasted a bit sweet…..

Looking at the cold-faced man’s lips that had hardly risen and had changed from 7.3 ° to 2.1 °, Bai Rong‘s heart suddenly dropped down with a clunk, and his small face turned deathly white. The arms he had wrapped around the finger had not retracted in fear of being slapped by the unhappy violent man.

Bai Rong sucked in a strong breath, feeling fear mixed with grievances surge in the depths of his heart. His eyes involuntarily turned wet, feeling that his life was too hard.


Was this the price he had to pay to become a tough guy?!!

“Mu Chongyan?!” It was rare to see a trace of absurdity on his friend’s face, so Walter was a little excited, a gossipy light flashed through his eyes: “What…..were you just thinking about?”

Mu Chongyan raised his head looking at Walter with a trace of repulsiveness.

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Eyzvla: “… ????” Tl eked’v lhld es yduvbkdt!

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“… Gald’v ol tskdt cynj vstlvbla?”

“El’al dsv tskdt kd vbl pyxl ekalnvksd.” Yw Ubsdtuyd rywple yde yeele, “R aldvle y bswpl sqq nyxrwp, R’x tskdt vs pvyav zkhkdt vblal qasx dso sd.”

“Zsw yald’v tskdt vs zkhl kd vbl Pwjl’p Yydpksd yduxsal?” Eyzvla oyp pwarakple yde qlzv y zkvvzl ldhkswp, “Pke vbl Pwjl yde uswa xsvbla ytall vs kv?”

“R’x tskdt vs vlzz xu xsvbla yde qyvbla xuplzq.” Yw Ubsdtuyd eked’v pyu yduvbkdt xsal.

Gqvla y obkzl bye rypple, Yw Ubsdtuyd’p vos nayuqkpb saelap olal rynjle yde elzkhlale vs bkx.

“Elal usw dsv qwzz qasx vbl xlyz?” Eyzvla zssjle yv bkp qaklde, yde zssjle yv vbl zkvvzl pvya rlv qlzzso pvkzz bszekdt sdvs bkp qkdtla, bl vbld czwavle swv kd lmnzyxyvksd: “Mlzz xl usw eked’v lprlnkyzzu ypj vyjlswv qsa vbl zkvvzl pvya rlv.”

Mu Chongyan, who was already bloated to the point of bursting, put on a cold face. “I’m not full yet.”


Walter: “…” Only ghosts would believe that.

“This strawberry cheesecake is a complimentary item” A waitress sporting big golden wavy hair couldn’t help but glue her eyes on the peerlessly cold- faced handsome man in front of her. She placed a small plate of white soft sticky pastry gently on the table. 

Just as he wanted to decline the offer, Mu Chongyan found that the little star pet who was motionless in his hand suddenly twisted his head around, staring straight at the small sweet cake.

A faint trace of smile inexplicably flashed through his heart, Mu Chongyan turned his head expressionlessly towards the waitress who was about to cramp up from smiling, and the temperature of his voice warmed slightly: “Thank you.”

“No-No worries! My name is Moni!” Moni’s face flushed red, a hint of pride was visible in her eyes. Even Daisy just now didn’t dare to talk to the male god!

Mu Chongyan did not respond anymore, and packed the dessert up, telling Walter: “Let’s go.”

“Mu Chongyan …” Walter clicked his tongue twice, “Can’t you be more gentle and enthusiastic towards beautiful women?!”

Mu Chongyan didn’t even lift his eyelids and left the room directly.

“Hey, wait!” Walter sent a romantic wink towards Moni as he pursued Mu Chongyan from behind, “Thank you beautiful lady, oh sorry, Moni~”

The strange feeling in his heart had yet to disappear, so the slightly irritated Mu Chongyan gradually walked faster and faster. As soon as they arrived at the parking lot, he opened the personal terminal on his wrist and scanned it on the car door, then he slid inside wearing a cold face.

Bai Rong who was still in the palm of his hand, having gulped down a road of wind on the way: “…”

Walter who frantically chased him from behind but was ignored: “…”


Mu Chongyan took the crystal glass case out of the spatial button and placed it in the passenger seat. Then, he put the Bai Rong on the grassy ground inside the crystal glass case, and fastened it with a safety belt.

Bai Rong’s eyes widened as he looked at everything in front of him. He looked at the black chair of the luxurious car and swallowed.

After keying in his fingerprint on the car lock, Mu Chongyan took out an energy card and inserted it into the card slot. Then he initiated the car, and stepped on the accelerator.

The car promptly drifted more than ten meters forward, and Bai Rong who was inattentive, flew back from the inertia. His head slammed back against the crystal glass case with a bang.

Sharp pain instantly covered his entire head. Bai Rong cried out in pain, bursting out in tears, and after laying on the ground for a full three or four seconds, he finally calmed down, his entire person quivering from the aftershock.

Mu Chongyan saw this from the corner of his eye and his heart thumped. He then quickly stepped on the brake. When he was watching the small curled figure on the ground, he clearly knew that the robot should not be able to feel any pain, yet Mu Chongyan ’s heart still felt a clench.

When the initial pain subsided, Bai Rong calmed down, got up and leaned against the crystal glass case. He reached his hand out and wiped the tears on his face with the back of his cat claw gloves, his eyes were so red it made him look pitiful.

Wasn’t it just hitting the back of your head? What are you crying for! Bai Rong reprimanded himself on the inside, but he couldn’t stop himself from crying physiologically.

It was the first time for Mu Chongyan to have seen someone crying, and he felt uncomfortable seeing this, blaming himself for having caused it to happen. He quickly opened the crystal glass case, and took the little star pet out, handling him with extreme care and gentleness.

Bai Rong looked at the man who suddenly took him into his palm. His eyes widened while still holding back tears, and he couldn’t suppress himself from hiccuping.

How embarrassing! Bai Rong quickly covered his mouth.

Mu Chongyan looked at the rim of his eyes turning red. The little star pet’s black pupils were entirely soaked in tears and he couldn’t help but blame himself even more, to the point… that there was a trace of distress that was mixed in with the self-blame that went unnoticed.


Mu Chongyan turned on his optical computer and called for a substitute driver while he placed the little star pet on the back seat. 

After carefully cleaning his fingers, Mu Chongyan took out a bottle of the best wound medicine from the spatial button and squeezed a miniscule amount on his index finger. Then he held the little star pet with his left hand, and rubbed the back of the little star pet’s head that was barely the size of a nail, with his finger that was soaked with medicine very gently.

Bai Rong hissed in pain when the back of his head was touched. He had wanted to evade the action in a conditional reflex, but was caught by Mu Chongyan immediately.

The back of the head became refreshingly cool, and there was even a hint of light and pleasant medicine smell. Bai Rong opened his eyes in surprise, and an odd conjecture floated into his mind …

Was…this person .. actually applying medicinal ointment on him?!!!

The substitute driver who was watching Mu Chongyan put ointment on his little star pet from the front mirror: “……” Is he giving the robot medicine? Has this person gone mad?!?!!

The pain in the back of the head vanished quickly as a result. Bai Rong looked at the man who helped rubbed medicine on him and steadied himself carefully on his palms. He suddenly felt that … this man didn’t seem so terrible after all. 

Moreover, his palms were very warm and comfortable, completely unlike the man’s cold face.

Mu Chongyan looked at the small star pet sitting and leaning on his hand in a comfortable posture, and somewhere in his heart, the warm and soft feeling from before when he poked the little star pet’s stomach, resurfaced once again.

After half an hour, the two had finally reached home.

Mu Chongyan surveyed the living room, the study room and bedroom, before finally deciding to place the crystal glass case in the corner of the living room. However, even after opening the crystal glass door and placing the little star pet inside, Mu Chongyan did not shut the door.

After doing some thinking, he took out the dessert that had been given as a complimentary gift. Mu Chongyan picked up a piece of cake and cut in the size of half a soybean, placing it on a small plate on a tiny table found in the crystal glass case and settled it down by the little star pet’s side.


After doing all of this expressionlessly, Mu Chongyan stood back up, and took a bath towel heading into the bathroom.

Seeing the man leave, Bai Rong took a deep whiff of the sweet strawberry and milk scent, and his face flushed slightly red in happiness. He then darted towards the strawberry cheesecake in front.

He took a big bite without any hesitation, allowing the rich milky fragrance accompanied by the fruity aroma of strawberry to spread across Rong Bai’s taste buds, and causing his eyes to narrow in bliss.

Mmmmm, when this person didn’t act violent …he didn’t appear to be too bad.

By the time Mu Chongyan had returned from the shower, the strawberry cheesecake on the small plate had been eaten clean. Bai Rong swallowed the last piece of cake with satisfaction and raised his head.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Indecencyyyyy-!

Bai Rong looked at the naked, bare-chested man in front of him. He quickly covered his eyes with his small hands, and his small face turned red instantly!

He…he wasn’t actually wearing any clothes!

Bai Rong recalled the eight-pack abs and the perfect waistline dripping in water droplets that he had just seen, and his heart started pounding wildly.

What should he do?!!!

Recalling his mother who he hadn’t seen for a month warning him repeatedly that one must not show his naked body to anybody nor stare at anyone else’s lest he would have to take responsibility for them, Bai Rong’s little face immediately collapsed.

Ahhhhhhh nooooo! He didn’t want to be responsible for such a violent indecent pervert who had facial nerve paralysis!

Looking at the little star pet in front whose cheeks immediately turned scarlet and tried to hide his head behind the cat claw gloves, Mu Chongyan’s lips twitched, and a plate of powdered, soft, sticky sweet cakes suddenly appeared in his mind.

‘Why not….have the little star pet’s formal name be Big Red Crayfish, and his pet name as Little Sweet Cake?’ Mu Chongyan thought to himself expressionlessly.

The author has something to say:

Hahahaha, the little pet still can’t escape being called Big Red Crayfish.

Attachment: Bai Rong’s past history and experiences are not complicated but ‘simple’, and his understanding of each aspect is different from others’ which will slowly be introduced in the future.

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