Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 3 A Tough Man’s Forced Kiss

“Hahahahahahahaha …” Walter suddenly burst into laughter, “Mu Chongyan, have you lost a screw in your head?”

Mu Chongyan’s face immediately turned black.

“Big … Hahahahaha… Big Red Crayfish Hahaha…” Walter smacked the table, his tears welling up from laughter, “What a godly fucking star pet name hahaha … “

“Shut up.” When he became aware that the name he came up with sounded a bit wrong, a crack had started to form on Mu Chongyan’s cold face.

Seeing the two people in front currently eating, Bai Rong’s eyes widened in the shape of saucers. The fragrant crispy on the outside and soft on the inside barbecued meat, the delicious tender and slippery delicious extra large lobster, the sweet and sticky thick bread…


Bai Rong stared bitterly at the violent pervert and the golden haired man who suddenly started howling in laughter. His stomach was so hungry it started leaking acid water, and even began to throb.

As if his courage had suddenly grown. Bai Rong glared angrily at the cold-faced black-haired man. Stinky pervert, he had the money to buy him but no money to feed him?!  He was capable enough to kick the person from before, why can’t he be capable enough… give him a piece of meattttt?!!!

Sensing the upright little star pet suddenly glaring indignantly at him, sporting a very angry look, Mu Chongyan frowned. Then he put the last piece of lobster meat in his mouth, and continued to ponder over the problem with the name he came up with.

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“Psd’v usw oydv vs qlle uswa zkvvzl pvya rlv y ckv?” Eyzvla nwv y rklnl sq cyaclnwle xlyv yde pbssj kv kd qasdv sq Jyk Ssdt. “Tybyby, zssj, uswa zkvvzl pvya rlv jllrp pvyakdt.” Mbld bl rzsrrle vbl xlyv kdvs bkp xswvb.

Jyk Ssdt: “!!!”

Tl jdlo kv. Jkaep sq y qlyvbla es qzsnj vstlvbla!

“Sscsvp esd’v dlle vs lyv.”

“Mblu esd’v, cwv vblu nyd.” Eyzvla pyke okvb y pxkzl. “Rd saela vs kxrashl vbl lmrlakldnl sq aykpkdt rlvp, vblu’hl clld rastayxxle vs cl yczl vs lyv, eakdj, yde ts vs vbl vskzlv qsa vbl rypv lktbv ulyap. Zsw nswzed’v rsppkczu cl wdyoyal sq vbkp aktbv?”

“Xq nswapl R jdso, cwv R esd’v pll vbl dlle. “

“Mpj … vbld obyv’p vbl rskdv sq usw aykpkdt y pvya rlv?”

Mu Chongyan didn’t say anything. He looked at the little star pet who was staring intently at the barbecue meat on Walter’s fork, and a slight unhappiness arose in the depths of his heart.


Scratching the cat ears on his head, Bai Rong took one final look at the barbecued meat that was sent to the blond man’s mouth, and squatted down in aggrieve, curling himself into a pitiful cat ball.

Bai Rong sniffled miserably, feeling that perhaps at this point, he might even starve to death first before being discovered to be an alien and get taken away to be investigated.

What was more depressing was the fact that …he realized he was not a qualified tough guy in the face of starvation. Although he didn’t want to admit it, … once he encountered such a terrifying pervert like this man, he would unconsciously stiffen up. What else did this mean, this could only mean that he wasn’t manly enough!

Holding the fur on the cat’s claw gloves sadly, Bai Rong exposed the view of his lonely little back. He squatted motionlessly beside the crystal glass case, using his last life to reflect about manliness and philosophy.

… After a few seconds, the smell of barbecued meat suddenly thickened, and Bai Rong absentmindedly inhaled the air strongly. He assumed that he had probably started hallucinating due to hunger when suddenly a palm caught him, scaring him into curling up every more.

Mu Chongyan looked at the slightly quivering cat ball on his hand, and furrowed his brows, subconsciously relieving the amount of strength used.

Seeing that there was no imminent harm, Bai Rong gave up pondering over philosophy, and raised his little head boldly, blinking his wet eyes, and staring straight at the man who held him.

The man’s dark black eyes were looking at him, his pale red lips narrowed into a solemn arc, and for some odd reason, he could see a hint of imperceptible nervousness in the man’s expressionless face.

That was impossible. Bai Rong quickly shook his head, waving away those thoughts in his head. After a few seconds, the white and slender fingers that held him spread open, allowing him to sigh a breath of relief as he steadily stepped on the man’s strong palm and stood on his feet. 

The corner of Mu Chongyan’s twitched. He picked up a fork with his left hand, and scraped off a small piece of lobster meat from the shell, delivering it to Bai Rong with a stiff face.

Seeing the lobster meat that was as big as half of his head suddenly delivered right in front of him, Bai Rong was so excited to the point of tears. He finally understood the meaning of having ‘eyes brimming with tears of excitement’. Bai Rong opened his mouth without restraint, and ravenously took a bite of the lobster meat.

“Mmm … it’s so delicious!” Bai Rong chewed on it completely and swallowed, before pouncing on it again.


“Hahaha how adorable.” Walter ate his last piece of barbecued meat and reached out a hand to touch Bai Rong’s head, but was blocked by Mu Chongyan’s arm.

Walter: “Why can’t I have just a touch, I can also let you touch my star pet…”

“No thanks.” Mu Chongyan did not lift his head, his eyes were firmly glued on the small star pet in his palm. He watched as he tried to take a big bite, before contentedly revealing a small smiling face. His fair and tender cheeks were bulging, and his big black eyes curved into a crescent moon shape…

Mu Chongyan only felt a faint strange feeling creep up in his heart, it was light and numb, maybe even a little soft.

The little star pet on his hand was too small and too light. Mu Chongyan’s hand gradually got more stiff as he continued carrying Bai Rong. When Bai Rong revealed an expression of having eaten his fill…..

Mu Chongyan’s hand had cramped up.

Feeling the ground underneath his feet suddenly start shaking, Bai Rong became startled, and stumbled down onto Mu Chongyan’s palm unprepared as a result. Mu Chongyan watched the cat ball roll around in his hands, and the cramp in his hand became stronger.

Bai Rong who had finally climbed back up, but fell down once again: “…” What’s wrong with this giant?!! Was he suffering from calcium deficiency?!?!!

“What’s wrong with your hand, are you cramping up?!” Walter was full and satiated, so he had already taken out his optical computer to play mech games on it. After finishing a battle, he cast a glance towards Mu Chongyan and was alarmed to find the hand of his good friend shaking.

Mu Chongyan calmly brought Bai Rong to the table with his left hand, before reaching his other hand over to press on several acupoints. 

“En, I might really have calcium deficiency.”

“C-calcium deficiency?” Walter looked at his good friend who stood at the height of 193 cm, and whose medical report was one of the only three people in the entire Sheng Ya Planet confirmed to be of SS+, speak these words out without a change in his expression. In the next second, he choked out. “Are you really fucking lacking in nutritional doses?”


To no surprise, he didn’t receive a response. However, Walter merely breathed out and pressed on the wall screen displaying the menu. He ordered a few desserts, and asked the staff to pack them for take out.

Mu Chongyan, who no longer had a cramp in his hand, placed the star pet back gently on his palm.

“The pudding and blueberry panna cotta in this restaurant are really good. My family‘s Soy Milk and Bean Bun like them a lot, so I’m bringing some home for them as a snack.” Walter spoke to himself, “I’m different from you, because at least I’m considerate towards my little star pets.”

Mu Chongyan shot a cold glance at Walter, and Walter who would become bright when given a bit of sunlight and freeze when given cold air, immediately behaved himself.

The temperature of air in the surroundings gradually turned chilly, and Bai Rong who felt bloated, rubbed his hands to warm his face, and burped contentedly.

How blissful, if only he could take another nap, it would’ve been nice, even though he was feeling a bit cold.

Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet who had his eyes curved, and was in a good mood. He subconsciously reached out a finger and poked at the little star pet’s belly. He could feel the soft sensation clearly in his fingertips, and his gaze unconsciously softened up as a result.

Bai Rong, who was comfortably stretching his waist, suddenly fell to the ground from the poke, and his face immediately turned black, but when he got back up again in anger, he suddenly realized that he was still in the hands of the violent man.

His heart leapt up in realization, and Bai Rong looked at the man who was holding him. Without hunger serving as his motivation, the fear he felt towards the violent pervert had prevailed once again.

Looking at the expression of the star pet who had fallen down from being poked and had gotten back up again, Mu Chongyan who wanted to poke him again subconsciously, suddenly realized what he had just done, and his face immediately turned dark.

Seeing the man’s complexion suddenly turn black, Bai Rong’s entire body froze, and in the next second, he curled himself back into a cat ball, but when he ruminated the man’s complexion that had distorted only when he displayed fear or hostility, he thought that the man would be unhappy with his current timid and apprehensive behaviour, so Bai Rong gritted his teeth and pressed down the feeling of dread, forcing himself to stand back up again. 

Mu Chongyan’s heart inexplicably beat quicker when he felt gentle stomps on his palm, and he quickly moved his fingers around in fear that it would start cramping up again.


The fingers that were taller than Bai Rong moved about, causing a seismic sensation. Bai Rong’s heart tightened in fear, but in the end, he still clenched his teeth, and forced himself to go forward.

Mu Chongyan watched with interest as the little star pet walked towards the other side of the palm.

I need to display intimacy, intimacy…. Bai Rong kept crying while repeating this mantra to himself on the inside as he desperately suppressed the urge to curl into a ball.

Sensing a cruel and ruthless gaze land on his body, and facing the evil five fingers which appeared to have a mountainous power cruelly screaming at him, Bai Rong felt that there was no one else in the world who displayed such a tough spirit like himself. Bai Rong sniffled, his eyes filled with sorrowful tears, hearing the song ‘March of the Volunteer Army’ ringing behind him!

Bai Rong took a deep breath, and summoned the courage of a heroic person who would never lower his head, walking firmly yet wobbly towards the man’s slightly raised fingers. He then promptly spread out his short arms bravely—

And held the fair slender ring finger, giving it a smacking kiss!

To infinity and beyonddd——!!!!!

Hot tears welled up in Bai Rong’s eyes as the brilliant and glorious final syllable echoed in his mind!

The author has something to say:

The little pet who dared to kiss the violent pervert strongly is really manly! 

T/N: I can’t help but imagine that Bai Rong is like the average girlfriend who gets crazy when she’s hungry but becomes docile once she’s fed.  (*≧▽≦)

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