Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 5 There’s something wrong with my height

That night, Bai Rong tossed and turned around on his bed before spreading his arms and legs apart like a pancake. He then maintained that position until midnight when he was finally able to fall asleep, but he hadn’t slept for long when he dreamt of the man’s unchanging face shifting into a face of indignance, his two eyes staring at him in denouncement. He frantically tried to explain, but the man shook his head and refused to listen, then he suddenly took out a cake that was as tall as a small hill and abruptly sent it smashing towards him.

“Heartless bastard——!!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Bai Rong woke up drenched in cold sweat, he waved his hands in the air desperately for a while, and only managed to sit up and heave a breath of relief when he was finally convinced that he hadn’t been squashed into pieces by cake.

“That was extremely, extremely terrifying.” Bai Rong once again fell back on the bed and stared at the ceiling with wide eyes.

After a long while, Bai Rong put on clothes while still harboring lingering fear. He got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, taking his pants off to sit on the toilet… and contemplate.


This, this will not work, he couldn’t act as the heartless bastard’s… but he didn’t want to treat the man… Bai Rong scratched his hair in annoyance and covered his head with his arms.

In the living room, the domestic android had already set breakfast on the table——thirty piping hot steamed dumplings(1) and a cup of soy milk.

  1. The steamed dumplings actually refer to Xiao long bao (小籠包) They’re delicious little dimsums which hold both broth and meat inside the skin so once you bite into it, the soup comes out.

The alluring aroma of it slowly diffused into the air. Mu Chongyan who had just finished washing up, stepped out of the bathroom, and sat down at the table to prepare to eat. Today officially marked the start of the new term in Sheng Ya Military Academy, so he needed to report in early.

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Mu Chongyan once again took a dumpling, and carefully opened a mouth on the side of the bun with a fork. He then scooped out some minced meat and soup with a small spoon, and put it on a plate he had taken out of the crystal glass case. After that, he cut off a small part of the skin to cover it up.


He placed the remains of the dumpling in his mouth and gulped it down. Mu Chongyan also filled a small bowl with soy milk and placed it on a tray to set down on the small table in front of the villa.

Lazy pig.

Thinking that Bai Rong had still not roused yet, Mu Chongyan spat out these two words in his heart.

He then went back to the table and finished breakfast in ten minutes. Then, Mu Chongyan left the house and rushed to the Sheng Ya Military Academy.

In the villa inside the crystal glass case, Bai Rong who had finished contemplating and had made up his mind to become a responsible man, started washing his face and brushing his teeth, however, his mood was not as beautiful.

After washing, Bai Rong sniffed the air, he seemed to have caught whiff of a steamed dumpling’s captivating aroma.

He followed the fragrance, and ran to the door of the villa. With just one glance, Bai Rong could see that a bowl and a plate was placed on the table just through the windows.

It was breakfast!

Bai Rong hurriedly opened the door and rushed outside, his eyes glittered, staring at the soy milk in front of him and…. the meat patty covered with dumpling skin, and with his, his mood immediately improved by half.

It seemed that this person was very caring and virtuous for he was genuinely fulfilling his responsibilities. Bai Rong nodded with satisfaction and sat down. He held the bowl up and drank the half bowl of soy milk, but when he lowered the bowl to start eating the meat next, he realized he didn’t have any spoon or chopsticks.

A pity that the man wasn’t attentive enough, Bai Rong thought to himself. He would  have to deduct one point from him.

He quickly rushed back to the villa and took a small spoon and a small fork. Bai Rong hummed while he ate a bite of meat and then a bite of the skin, soon he quickly finished breakfast, and even felt a little bloated. He then put the dishes in the dishwasher for cleaning. 


Bai Rong walked back to the room and opened the closet, preparing to change his clothes. This orange cat outfit was too childish, and now that the giant menace was gone, there shouldn’t be any harm in changing clothes.

The closet he was viewing was filled to the brim with a plethora of furry clothes. Bai Rong turned over each of them one by one in dissatisfaction. In the end, he almost quickly climbed into the closet himself, and finally found a white shirt and cropped pants in the corner.

Although it didn’t look manly, it was still presentable. Bai Rong threw his clothes onto the bed and pulled the curtains to the other side.

En, no matter what, it was important to pay attention to protecting one’s privacy.

Bai Rong, who had finally deviated from his orange cat outfit, felt much more at ease. He happily hummed two lines of the song ‘The East is Red’, and then released the robot Kuku from the spatial button. Kuku was the name he had given him. It was a homophone for the word ‘cool cool’, and was very manly! 

“&*%¥%&” Naked Kuku fell to the ground, and he looked around his surroundings blankly, but the moment he spotted Bai Rong, his face bloomed into a big smile and he quickly got up and pounced towards him.

“Stop, stop, stop, aiyo!” Bai Rong fell to the ground from Kuku’s abrupt action, and he hit Kuku in anger, “Get up!”

“% … &¥#*”

Kuku blinked his innocent big eyes, apparently showing that he did not understand his words.

“Wear some clothes.” Bai Rong got up from Kuku and took an aggressive looking crocodile outfit. “Here, wear this.”

Kuku nodded happily in response.

“Do you know how to put it on yourself?”

Kuku: “#¥%.”


“(Sigh) …” The mentally tired Bai Rong dragged Kuku to sit on the bed. “If you don’t understand then forget it, I’ll help you put it on.”

Kuku was very obedient. He didn’t flail about or make a ruckus while Bai Rong helped him wear the clothes, so Bai Rong was able to dress him without problems.

“En, very good, you look very domineering!” Bai Rong put his hands on his hips.

“Domineewing!(1)” Kuku imitated the words.

(1)Kuku initially says eighth period (八期) which is a homophone with domineering(霸氣)Both are pronounced as baqi, but I figure this would flow better with the story.

“En, Kuku is very smart!” Bai Rong rubbed Kuku’s head, while his other hand was propped against his chin, en … he also had to quickly grasp the language here, no matter how difficult the goddamn language is. He figured that it wouldn’t be something that would stump him. After all, his IQ was 260, the highest in the world!

When he suddenly recalled his planet earth, Bai Rong couldn’t help but feel a little sad. He had no idea whether his father and mother would feel sad after his disappearance, but in his heart, he firmly believed that they must be at least slightly woeful, despite … despite them only being responsible for providing his cells. Before the age of six, they only came to visit him once a week and stayed with him for an hour. After he passed the age of 6, they only visited him once a month for half an hour.

His parents’ treatment of him might sound a little cold, but he was very happy and satisfied. After all, he was fortunate enough to be born. To clarify, before he was successfully born, there were several embryos before him who have been destroyed due to his parents’ dissatisfaction. This caused the leading management to become hopping mad, blaming them for wasting resources.

Bai Rong sighed and gently stroked Kuku’s head next to him. He used to have very few playmates back then. Before the age of 12, his playmates consisted of merely artificial intelligence, and other lab kids who taught him much knowledge, but after he passed the institute exam at the age of 12, he didn’t have any more playmates, because by then, he was allocated to become an assistant to a physicist. Although he met many older brothers and sisters, everyone was so busy that no one had the time to play or even talk to him at all.

Moreover, he was reassigned again after being an assistant for four years. The managing leader had assigned him to a separate laboratory to study the ‘collision trajectory of light particles within antimatter’. He had just managed to see a little result from the research until the experiment had failed, and it unfortunately sent him to this unknown planet.

“¥%& ……” Seeing that the person beside him was ignoring him, Kuku rubbed against Bai Rong unwilling to be left alone.

“Kuku.” Bai Rong patted Kuku’s head, and decided to teach Kuku how to call his name: “My name is——Bai Rong.”


“Name is Bai Rou …”

“What do you mean Bai Rou?” “Bai Rong tickled Kuku’s belly punitively, and repeated himself again, “Bai Rong.”

Kuku, who was tickled on his belly, smiled very happily: “Hehehe, Bai~ Rou~”

“Rong, r——ong —- rong!”

“Rou, Bai Rou Rou …” Kuku leaned over, wanting to kiss Bai Rong.

“Hm, are you trying to do a sneak attack?” Bai Rong rolled away handsomely and smoothly, avoiding the attack of Kuku’s red lips!


“Fine, you win.” The impatient Bai Rong immediately gave up on teaching.

After ‘interacting’ with Kuku for a while, Bai Rong put Kuku back into the spatial button again, then he took out all the things he had brought from Earth in his spatial button and placed them on the ground.

All he found was a piece of toffee wrapper, a pen, a research suit, a pair of warm long johns, and a miniature physical examination device that was about the size of a hand.

Bai Rong placed his research suit and long johns in the closet. Then, he picked up the physical examination device——before he came to this giant world, he had checked his body with the physical examination device, but the data on the screen showed that he was actually only 8.26cm in height. Wasn’t this outrageous? He should’ve been 182cm in reality, but other data parameters seem to be quite normal.

Seeing as he had nothing to do while he was idling, Bai Rong held on a ray of hope as he pushed a button on the physical examination device. He wanted to see if the data on the physical examination device was an anomaly.

Initiating, scanning … huh?!!!!!!

Bai Rong’s eyes widened immediately like saucers, because the height data on the physical examination device had actually changed?!!

A thick line of black handwriting was displayed on the white screen of the medical instrument.

Height: 8.36cm

8.36cm? Bai Rong grabbed the physical examination instrument and looked around. Why did the numbers suddenly change? While he was confused, the sound of footsteps suddenly rang out.

Had the man returned? Bai Rong quickly hid the physical examination instrument he was holding behind him as he ran out of the villa, through the yard and flower bed, and laid just behind the fence, leaving behind only half of his head exposed.

Mu Chongyan walked into the living room with a very dark face, and sat on the sofa.

After he had finished reporting, he had come across Fen Ya. The woman insisted on following him to his house, and when he refused and drove away, the woman actually ordered the driver to chase his car, to the extent that he almost stopped the brakes at an untimely moment and caused a car accident!

Mu Chongyan frowned and turned the optical computer on to send a message to Walter: “Have you returned?”

“It wasn’t easy to have come back. Princess Fen Ya almost wrecked my car!” Walter’s voice soon rang from the other side. “Mu Chongyan, I risked my life to help you block Princess Fenya, how will you repay me!”

“What do you want?”

“I want to eat a free meal at Dizhi!” Walter shook his fingers: “Two free meals to be exact.”


Bai Rong climbed up the fence and looked at the man on the sofa. Seeing that the man wasn’t looking over in his direction because he was talking to someone, he secretly lifted up the physical examination device and quickly scanned the giant who looked to be more than twenty meters tall.

He had just done this on a whim, and really didn’t intend to scan any- wait … what?!!!!!!

Bai Rong stared at the screen that displayed the words “Height: 193 cm” and suddenly his brain turned into mush.

How was this possible?!! Why did the result of the scan of this giant’s height turn out to be so normal?!!!

… An outrageous conjecture flashed through Bai Rong’s head, causing his entire body to become stiff.

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T/N: Kuku is so adorable!

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