Chapter 39.2 It was all pretend (2)

After sending a message to Wei Huai to meet at the door of the AS Virtual Spell Card Union Building at 1pm, Bai Rong took out the spell card materials and began to create.

He first made Wei Huai’s request before proceeding to make the spell cards requested by customers who had paid for the customized link… 

Once five hours had elapsed, Bai Rong placed all eleven virtual spell cards from the table into the spatial button. Clicking on the message that Wei Huai had just sent, he replied: “I’ll be there soon.”

As soon as he arrived at the AS Virtual Spell Card Union Building, Bai Rong saw Wei Huai standing in front of a dark blue A-Class aircraft, waving at him. 

“Come on up.” 

“Alright.” Bai Rong followed in after Wei Huai opened the door and sat inside. Stroking the seat felt good to the touch, he earnestly said: “Thank you.”

“No problem.” Suddenly feeling that Mu Nan was becoming more and more pleasing to the eye, Mu Chongyan stepped on the accelerator and hurried to Luya City.

One hour and forty minutes later, the aircraft steadily parked 200 meters away from the entrance of the Luya City’s AS Virtual Spell Card Building.

“I can only send you here as they don’t allow aircrafts to go in any further up front.” Mu Chongyan said as he cut off the power source of the aircraft.

“It’s fine. I can just walk over.” Bai Rong thanked him again.” The duration of the competition this time is three hours long.”

“En.” Mu Chongyan responded. “Three hours later, I will pick you up here.”


Once Bai Rong entered the building, a staff member immediately led him to the competition venue.

The venue of this competition was much more grand than the one in Xin Ma City last time. There were 1,200 consoles neatly arranged in the grand and massive hall. The card making equipment on the table flashed a delicate and beautiful luster. With just one look, one could easily determine that its level was not lower than intermediate. Bai Rong’s eyes swept over the participants who either had confident gazes or worried frowns before stopping on a gigantic recording tool above the hall.

The staff at the side laughed and explained: “The competition this time is being held in one S-Class City and 5 A-Class cities, and Lu Ya City was fortunate enough to be one of the 5 A Class cities. As such, the government has attached great importance to this competition. This time, the competition will be aired live on TV.” The staff paused before adding, “Of course, the same is happening for other cities as well. After all, this is the first time that the Virtual Spell Card Competition has been very cutthroat, cutting thousands of competitors into hundreds.”

“I see.” Bai Rong nodded. He then found his seat and walked over to it. This time, the number of advancing participants was going to be reduced from 8,000 to 500. No B-Class Cities will be serving as the host cities and the next round may even be held in the central city.

Aiii, he suddenly felt a little nervous.

Bai Rong had just been in his seat for a minute when six competition inspectors came into the hall, followed by a line of silver robots.

“Participants, check the card-making equipment and the materials will be distributed after a minute.”

Bai Rong glanced at the middle-aged woman who spoke and lowered her head again.

Why didn’t he see the cold-haired blonde inspector this time? He was surprisingly not used to it…

The materials were quickly distributed, and after checking the materials and confirming that there were no problems, a white board with a height of three meters ascended around Bai Rong.

The competition began.

This goal of the competition this time required contestants to make four sets of basic spell cards in three hours. Bai Rong rummaged through the huge material box and gathered a total of nine complete spell card materials, all of which belonged to the most difficult kinds of basic spell cards.

It could be seen that the difficulty of this game had really risen a lot at once. Not only did they test the speed and success rate of the card making, they also added in the difficulty of making the card.

Bai Rong ranked the difficulty of making the cards in his heart, and started with the simplest one.

Recently, the spell cards he has been making were more difficult. Since he hasn’t been making much of spell cards with simple steps, he’ll leave some of the harder ones for later just for insurance.

The camera above the hall moved, rotating at a constant speed and scanning the whole hall…

Fifty minutes later, Bai Rong placed two spell cards in front of him.

Bai Rong breathed a sigh of relief, preparing to start making the third spell card, but when he picked up the material and began to process it, a red dot reflected in the corner of the console suddenly caught his attention.

After processing the material in his hand, Bai Rong squatted down and hammered his calf as if he was uncomfortable, and out of the corner of his eye, he swept an imperceptible glance at the camera that was focused on him.

Not good!

He had just attracted attention!

The look in Bai Rong’s eyes changed slightly, and after pausing for a second, he immediately straightened up and picked up the material to continue processing it.

…Twenty minutes later, the nib of his pen quivered, and the text on his spell card was wrongly drawn.

“Aiiii…” The host of Luya City TV sighed with great regret, and smacked the table with his right hand. “This player actually failed after two excellent cards. It’s such a pity!!!”

“Players shouldn’t get anxious.,” the hostess next to him continued “But overall, this player is still very good, we should continue paying attention to him.”

“That’s true.” The male host nodded, “This player can be said to be the best candidate in this competition, even to the extent… that he is somewhat reminiscent of the Great Master Huo Ka’s svelte manners!”

“That’s right. This player’s speed and technique are extremely good. Perhaps we will be fortunate enough to witness the emergence of an advanced level Spell Card Maker…”


However, after 20 minutes, Bai Rong’s nib flicked again, and the character was crooked again! 

“Aiiii!!!” The host of the TV station sighed fiercely, and hated iron for not becoming steel, “What’s wrong with this player, he actually failed again!”

“Maybe his mental strength isn’t enough. “The hostess’s voice was also laced with regret, “It seems that this player’s mental strength level is not very high. Although his speed and success rate are very good, his stamina is too poor.”

“If his mental strength is low… he can’t be compared with Master Huo Ka.” The male host shook his head. “It’s really a pity, but this is also perhaps the reason why Advanced Spell Card Masters are hard to find. Let’s move the camera to another Contestant…”

In the distant central city, in several villas, the same order was issued from different mouths.

“You don’t have to observe the contestants in Luya City anymore. Put your attention to the competition in Central City and pay attention to the other clan members…”

In just a short one minute, several large families who were observing Bai Rong gave up on him, leaving only a few medium-sized families to put Bai Rong in the list of ‘to be observed’.

After all, a spell card master with low mental strength would not be able to make any intermediate-level spell cards, let alone high-level spell cards. Such a spell card master isn’t enticing nor did they show any potential value to big clans.

When drawing the text of the fifth spell card, Bai Rong seamlessly exposed a minimal error without trace, controlling the level of the virtual spell card to result in a B level.

When making the sixth spell card, Bai Rong failed again.

When making the seventh spell card, Bai Rong slowed down, showing an extremely weak and struggling look, and once again controlling the level of the virtual spell card to b level.

Two S grades, and two B grades, there shouldn’t be too many problems in advancing.

After finding out an hour ago that the camera lens hardly swept his way any more, Bai Rong secretly relieved a sigh.

Fortunately, he was quick witted enough and was good at acting!

One minute after Bai Rong produced his seventh spell card, the game had come to an end.

Placing the four spell cards he made, into the drawer that popped out, Bai Rong waited for the white walls to descend before leaving.

With his head lowered and legs shivering, he left the AS Spell Card Union quivering, Bai Rong trudged towards Mu Chongyan’s aircraft ‘with difficulty’, opening the door and sitting inside.

Mu Chongyan watched as Mu Nan’s weak face immediately turned spirited the next second and shook his head inside.

Sure enough, he didn’t guess wrongly. Mu Nan’s behavior during the live broadcast….was mostly of pretense.

As for why he said most, was because he did not dare believe….that he had a 100% success rate.

“For the next competition…” Mu Chongyan stepped on the accelerator and suddenly said, “You should put on a disguise before you go.”

“Ah… that’s right.” As if having been enlightened, Bai Rong immediately nodded his head, “Mr. Wei, did you watch the live broadcast?”

“I did. I watched all six venues.” Mu Chongyan paused before continuing: “Mr. Mu is doing very well, it is not advisable to show too much promise at this time. “

“…Ah, en…” Bai Rong blinked, not forgetting to pretend: “But I only pretended to make the last two.”

“En.” Mu Chongyan’s eyes remained unchanged, looking at the empty road in front: “There are about six or seven hundred people of similar height and size to Mr. Mu among the eight thousand contestants. If one of these people enters the next round,  Mr. Mu only needs to do some facial disguise to suffice.”

“En…” Bai Rong answered. He was now a little worried about what to do when he advanced to the round that came after the next because by then, the number of people who had similar builds to him would be very few.  

“If Mr. Mu didn’t have his current build in the next competition, it wouldn’t be a problem.” As if having seen through Bai Rong’s thoughts, Mu Chongyan responded with a deep voice: “The rule that ‘One’s physical data in this virtual city can’t be changed’ is just something that the government says. In truth, for some top hackers, this isn’t very difficult.”

“Can the physical data really be changed?!” Bai Rong raised his face immediately, “Aren’t there only a few top hackers who know how to do these!”

“There are indeed very few.” Mu Chongyan paused as his eyes darkened slightly. “But… if Mr. Mu is at ease, I can find an expert to help do a remote modification of your physical data in the virtual city.”

“Remote modification?” Bai Rong felt the alarm in his heart suddenly go off as he stared at Mu Chongyan’s side profile. He narrowed his eyes and asked, “Then wouldn’t that mean that my optical computer…is going to be controlled by hackers? “

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