Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 40.1 So Delicate (1)

“You can be rest assured that such a case wouldn’t happen.” Mu Chongyan lifted a brow and faintly cast a glance at Mu Nan through the rearview window. “The modern optical computer has three levels of remote permissions. If Mr. Mu is not at ease, you can just open the lowest level of authority to the hackers. If you find that the hacker’s scope of operation was beyond that of your comfort level, you can immediately withdraw his authority. After all, after breaking through the first layer, it would still take some time to pass through the second and the third layers. This would provide enough time for you to completely withdraw all access away.”

“Not to mention…” Mu Chongyan’s lips moved slightly, “Mr. Mu has not officially joined us, so we wouldn’t do such a thing that would get us on your bad side.”

“Then…” Bai Rong frowned in his seat, and said after a while: “I’ll think about it…” The reason why he was participating in this competition was because he wanted to test his own level. The second reason was because the winner would be able to obtain the opportunity to meet S Class Spell Card Master Timothy during the prize acceptance ceremony and receive a spell card crafted by him. Naturally, he cared less about the spell cards and rather more about having the chance to meet Grand Master Timothy.

Grand Master Timothy was the first S-Class Spell Card Master to ever exist, and was also one of the people who had the potential to become the third SS Class Spell Card Master. If he could bring his previous failed thunder ball card to him, he might be able to get some advice from him… 

Perhaps, he could even obtain a sudden flash of insight that would clarify all his doubts?!


In the end, he was still hung up and bitter about this failure.

However, if the cost of getting to meet him at last was too great, he may have to think twice about giving up…

“Alright, think it over. There is still a lot of time before the next competition.” Mu Chongyan stepped on the accelerator, a glint flashing past his eyes. 

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“F zlhlz.”

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There were even less people with SS- Class, numbering only 3 in the entire Sheng Ya!


This Wei Huai… was actually one of the top 30 mech warriors in the entire star region?!!!

“Mr. Wei, you are amazing!” Bai Rong sighed wholeheartedly.

“Thank you for your praise, Mr. Mu. What is your mech warrior level? Presumably it isn’t low.” Mu Chongyan showed no hint of pride or joy on his face as though he wasn’t the one being praised.

However, it was also because…in reality, his true mech warrior level was SS Level.

“I…cough…” Bai Rong cleared his throat in embarrassment and whispered, “Actually, I don’t know how to operate a mech…”

“You don’t?” Mu Chongyan hadn’t expected this response. Although most Spell Card Masters don’t know how to operate mechas, when he saw Mu Nan care for the two mechs very much, he assumed that he must’ve known how to operate it a little…

“E-…Even though I don’t, my wife does!” As if having seen through Wei Huai’s thoughts, Bai Rong lifted his head and puffed out his chest.

With just one glance, he could tell that his wife was a specially amazing mech warrior. When he returned, he would ask him what mech warrior level he was!

Perhaps, he was even more amazing than this Wei Huai!

“Your lover…” Mu Chongyan retracted his gaze and didn’t continue to probe further, only saying: “In fact, most Spell Card Masters are unable to operate mechs. However, if Mr. Mu intends to protect your lover in the mech battlefield, it would still be better to learn some mech operating skills.”

“I know, I also want to learn…” Bai Rong lowered his head and sighed. He had only been learning how to make cards everyday that he didn’t even have the luxury to eat lunch, how could he find the time to study mechs? Moreover, before he could even properly start studying mechs, he needed to carry out physical training for a period of time…

“If Mr. Mu is willing and has a certain level of trust in me, I can formulate a training program for Mr. Mu.” Mu Chongyan tapped the steering wheel with his fingers and said: “This training program will be shorter than the training programs on the market, and the effects would manifest faster as well.”


“How fast are we talking?”

“It takes only seven days for basic training before proceeding to study how to operate a mech and each day would only require two hours.”

“That’s very fast!!” Bai Rong’s eyes immediately lit up. He knew that the training programs in the market required at least half a month and each day would require at least 8 hours!

“Then…” Bai Rong blinked, “Is there any requirement?”

“…” Suddenly feeling as though Mu Nan’s appearance was a little similar to his little star pet’s, Mu Chongyan furrowed his brows. “It’s nothing big. Just that, before we set your program, you need to head to the training grounds with me for a day of practice. After that, I will give you a set program each day.” 

“Alright!” Feeling that this requirement wasn’t too harsh, Bai Rong immediately wanted Wei Huai to set a date on the spot, but before he could ask him to do so, he suddenly thought of something and changed his words. “Ca-…Can we discuss this once the competition ends.” 

“No problem.” Mju Chongyan’s face remained expressionless, appearing extremely patient. But in reality… if it wasn’t for the fact that Mu Man was already an A-Level Spell Card Master at such a young age, Mu Chongyan wouldn’t have the patience to entertain him.

It took another hour for the two to return to Saiya City, and when Bai Rong rushed home, it was already half past seven.

Bai Rong hurriedly exited the virtual city, and climbed out of bed. Without his realization, it had already gotten so dark and he didn’t know if Mu Chongyan had returned home or not. 

Running out of the crystal glass case, Bai Rong did not see a single person in the dim living room and heaved a breath of relief, however, he also felt somewhat disappointed at the same time.

Mu Chongyan was late to return home again, and hadn’t even told him in advance. 

Bai Rong sat by the door of the crystal glass case and waited for a couple more minutes until the sound of the door opening finally rang out, followed by the sounds of familiar footsteps.


As soon as Mu Chongyan entered the living room, he saw his little star pet sitting in front of the crystal glass case with his little head hanging down, his white and tender face looked gloomy and his chin was resting atop of his knees, appearing very pitiful.  

Immediately feeling a little distressed, Mu Chongyan quickened his pace and walked over, squatting in front of him and gently asking: “What’s wrong? Why do you look unhappy?” 

Bai Rong raised his head and looked at Mu Chongyan, softly replying: “Why did you come home so late today?”

“I’m sorry for coming home too late.” Mu Chongyan reached out a hand and picked the little star pet up, letting him sit on top of his arm. His voice remained gentle as he replied: “Next time, I’ll definitely let you know earlier. For now, it’s my fault…”

Mu Chongyan’s arm stuck close to his abdomen so Bai Rong couldn’t help but reach out a hand to touch the firm muscles in front of him.

Wuuu…it feels good to the touch….

“It’s alright, I’m not angry…” Bai Rong blinked and lifted his small head. He hadn’t waited out here for too long so he wouldn’t blame Mu Chongyan for it. 

“What a magnanimous little star pet…” Mirth overflowed in Mu Chongyan’s eyes as he lifted the little star pet’s hand for a kiss. With a low chuckle, he asked. “Then…thank you little sweet cake.”

E-…En” Bai Rong blushed, not even refuting the name little sweet cake anymore. Why did Mu Chongyan su-…suddenly kiss him, and why did he smile so alluringly….

He clearly said he was not angry anymore, yet Mu Chongyan still seduced him like this. Lo-….Looks like Mu Chongyan was falling in love with him more and more and cared more for him, fearing that he would get the slightest bit angry… 

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