Chapter 39.1 It was all pretend (1)

Mu Chongyan raised his eyelids and glanced at Mu Nan who smiled in a way that made his hands itch. Collecting his hand, he responded in a cold voice: “Has Mr. Mu brought the spell cards?”

“I did.” Bai Rong quickly brought out four spell cards and placed them on the table in front of Wei Huai.

Mu Chongyan raised his hand to open the box, and inspected each symbol card thoroughly. A flash of amazement swept across the depths of his eyes before he carefully placed the spell cards back and stored the box into his spatial button. 

“Mr. Mu’s spell cards are very well made. I will come back again the day after tomorrow.”

“En… no problem.” Bai Rong nodded with a smile. Then, he continued to ask in a secretive tone, “Mr. Wei, are you really fine? If you tell me what’s bugging you, I can help share your burden. Anyway, as long as it is a relationship problem, there’s nothing I can’t solve!”

“…” Looking at Mu Nan’s proactive appearance, Mu Chongyan sighed in his heart. However, thinking that the he was a card-making genius, he couldn’t just give him the cold shoulder too much so he said: “I don’t intend to trouble Mr. Mu. I’m just worried about my little star pet.”

“Your little star pet?!” Bai Rong exclaimed. He didn’t expect that this ice cold Wei Huai was actually such a person who cared about a little star pet. The impression that Bai Rong had of Wei Huai soared quickly in an instant. He knew that although many people liked little star pets, in their hearts, they still treated them as pets or toys. They simply didn’t care about whether star pets lived or died, nor did they care about their feelings. After all, even if their arms and legs were broken, as long the program was not broken, star pets can always be repaired.

This Wei Huai was similar to his wife, a good person with a soft heart!

Immediately feeling closer to Wei Huai, all the gloating in Bai Rong’s heart disappeared and he sincerely said: “I understand this more than anybody. I treat my little star pet as a younger brother and I coax him all the time. What happened with your little star pet, why don’t I help analyze what happened.”

Looking at how Mu Nan assumed the demeanor of a “close friend”, Mu Chongyan’s temple bulged, but he unexpectedly didn’t react. Instead, he paused for a while: “It’s nothing significant. It’s just that my little star pet isn’t as sticky as he was before. He would rather stay inside the crystal glass case.”  

“Oh…” Bai Rong nodded. “It shouldn’t be a problem. Perhaps he has some things he needs to do which keeps the little star pet busy.“ Take for example, Kuku. Ever since he had bought him the training materials, he had been obsessed with training all day long. Even if he passed by him, he didn’t turn his head. While he felt gratified seeing him look so focused, it also made him feel a little bit sour. 


Suddenly remembering the card-making equipment he had bought for the little star pet yesterday, Mu Chongyan’s eyes dropped slightly. Could his family’s star pet be busy learning card-making?!

The more he thought about this, the more he felt that this was perhaps the case. Mu Chongyan secretly exhaled. He felt that his little sweet cake would not ignore him out of nowhere. He probably knew that the information he got for him was precious, so he was striving his best to study them.

But… what if he got tired…

The expression on Mu Chongyan’s face instantly changed from joy to gloom. Standing up, he turned to the man in front of him and sincerely said. “Thank you Mr. Mu for your concern. Since I have already received the spell card, I will now be going back.”

“Alright, you’re welcome.” Bai Rong chuckled: “Mr. Wei, go slowly.”

Mu Chongyan had just taken two steps towards the door when he suddenly thought of something. Turning to Mu Nan, he inquired: “Is Mr. Mu going to the competition tomorrow?”

“Ah… yes.” Bai Rong secretly sucked in a breath. He almost forgot about the competition!!

“Where is Mr. Mu competing and what time does it start?”

Bai Rong hesitated for a moment but still told Wei Huai: “In Luya City at three in the afternoon.”

“Luya City…” Mu Chongyan swept the surroundings a glance, “Does Mr. Mu have someone to send you there?”

“Send me?” Bai Rong shook his head, “No, I was planning to take the aircraft.”

Mu Chongyan’s eyes deepened slightly, and he said with disapproval. “Does Mr. Mu know why all A Class and B-Class Spell Card Masters rely on forces for help? Even… the same is true for most S-level Spell Card Masters?”

Bai Rong had a bad premonition in his heart, “What do you mean?”

“For your safety and freedom…” Mu Chongyan said with an unchanged expression: “I suggest you find a supporter as soon as possible, otherwise…” Mu Chongyan paused, “In short, you need to be careful after the competition.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Bai Rong’s face changed instantly, “Are you saying I could be kidnapped!”

“When your capability is high, but your support and influence aren’t enough, not relying on any party in this era can make things very difficult.” Mu Chongyan walked to a dimly lit area. “Of course, I am more than willing to provide help to Mr. Mu.”

“You…” The look on Bai Rong’s face kept changing as he carefully thought about Wei Huai’s words. He didn’t doubt the authenticity of it, but he didn’t want to get in touch with any forces before he was completely tall and independent. After all, if his secret were to be found out, it wouldn’t be good for him.

But if he were to encounter those forces who played dirty…

Bai Rong shook his head in trepidation. Being caught and blackmailed by these forces would be more miserable than being blackmailed by cooperative forces… …

“Thank you, Mr. Wei, for your advice.” Bai Rong put on a calm expression: “I will properly consider Mr. Wei’s words.”

“Then let’s end it here. I won’t say any more.” Having not expected Mu Nan to respond quite calmly, a trace of appreciation rose from the bottom of Mu Chongyan’s heart and he nodded slightly, “Mr. Mu, I’ll be going first then.”

After watching Wei Huai leave, Bai Rong immediately returned home and logged out of the virtual city. His small face wrinkled into a bun, and his gaze turned serious.

He didn’t want to give up on the competition, but he also didn’t want to be threatened by other forces!

Gloomily curling up in the little quilt, Bai Rong’s expression suddenly changed, That’s not right! He… he’s already considered to be half exposed now right?!!!

Wei Huai not only knew what he looked like, he also knew his Spell Card Master Level, and even knew about his shop. Wasn’t he already half-exposed in front of Wei Huai?!!

Bai Rong sat up from the bed, his expression grave and solemn. Furrowing his brows, he pondered for about half an hour.

Now that Wei Huai knew so much about him, wasn’t it better to cooperate with him for a while and take advantage of Wei Huai’s forces… 

It was better than being all alone like he was right now, half-exposed yet still unable to reap the benefits….

After sorting out the wording in his heart, Bai Rong entered the virtual city again and sent a message to Wei Huai.

“Further cooperation is not impossible, but I need to understand more.”

On the other side, Mu Chongyan looked at the message that was within his expectations, and his lips moved slightly. He then quickly sent a reply.

“We will fully respect all the Spell Card Masters, Mech Warriors, Mech Makers, and other highly capable talents who seek for support. Mr. Mu can properly think about it. This is not an urgent matter. The matter of officially joining can be discussed after our current collaboration has concluded.”

After all, if he wanted to admit Mu Nan into v67, he would still need to investigate him for a while.

Looking at the reply, Bai Rong was relieved. He felt that this response was more reasonable than he expected.

“Alright. Thank you, Mr. Wei.”

“You don’t have to thank me. Although you haven’t decided to join us yet, during the period of our cooperation, we will still provide help. Tomorrow, I will be waiting at the doors of AS Virtual Spell Card Union in Saiya City to pick Mr. Mu up.”

Bai Rong thought and thought. In the end, he agreed to it. It would’ve been a waste not to accept it. Safety was the most important thing!

“Alright then, I’ll be troubling Mr. Wei.”

After ending the call with Mu Nan, Mu Chongyan exited the virtual city and opened a dark silver icon in the corner of the optical computer..

The dark silver window immediately popped up three dialog boxes.

“The two newly recruited S-class mech makers from Xin Na have been arranged—Dai Er.”

“Brother Mu, my task has been completed——Dai Ya.”

“Boss, the particle storm of Barren star has been raging for half a month. And had just started to shrink. By the looks of it, it is going to turn small enough to allow an aircraft to fly through in a week’s time. By then, Du Han and I will be back in time —— Du Xiao.”

Mu Chongyan pressed open Du Xiao’s dialog box, “Don’t take the risk, and wait for the particle storm to end before coming back.”

Even though he really wanted Du Han to come back and investigate Mu Nan’s optical computer, since he had already set a two-month cooperation, there wasn’t any rush for him right now. 

Inside the crystal glass case, Bai Rong logged out of the virtual city and studied the materials Mu Chongyan had given him for a while before going to bed at 11.

The next day, after having breakfast with Mu Chongyan as usual, Bai Rong grabbed his little hands that had been kissed twice and was filled with strength from his wife’s love, and returned to the villa with great spirits. Turning on the optical computer, he then logged into the virtual city.

For himself and his wife, he definitely has to advance today!

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