Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 12.1 Driving a Duck Onto a Perch (1)

  1. Driving a duck onto a perch means to push a person beyond his ability

Bai Rong watched in amazement as the information on the watch updated automatically: Mu Nan, 18 years old, Address: No. 233333, District 372, New Golden City (E-Class City), Sheng Ya planet, (demolished)…

Bai Rong looked around feeling at a loss and speechless, but he did not see a living person. After walking on the street for seven, eight hundred meters, he finally saw a fork in the road. In front of him stood three people standing in disarray.

He was about to ask them which direction was towards the government in the city center when a figure suddenly collided into him, and after running directly into him…the person remained motionless.

Bai Rong looked at the petite figure who was laying on the ground after flying back from the impact. On the inside, he felt proud of himself. This was the power of a big guy who was two meters tall!

“Catch him, catch him quickly, hurry!” A burst of crude and clamorous verbal abuses rang from afar. The petite man on the ground quivered. He climbed back on his feet with difficulty and desperately tried to escape again, but it seemed as if his ankle was injured, so when he ran, he ran with a limp and was eventually caught by the people who were chasing him from behind.


“You still dare to run?!” The man who caught up to him, punched the small man to the ground, “Motherfucker, quickly hand over that virtual spell card! Otherwise, you won’t meet a good end!”

“Get lost!” The little man raised his face, staring fiercely at the three men who surrounded him. “Scum!” 

Bai Rong was surprised to see that the little boy with a battered face was actually only a teenager. Seeing the men who were cursed at, flying into a rage and were about to raise their fists towards him, Bai Rong quickly stepped forward, “Heyheyhey, you can’t just randomly beat people up, he’s still just a little kid.”

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“Mbspl olal saktkdyzzu xkdl!” Mbl uswdt xyd pryv yv vbl qlo xld. “Zsw twup oydvle vs wpl y bwdeale hkavwyz pvya nskdp vs qsankczu cwu xu U-nzypp hkavwyz nyae yde obld R alqwple, usw elnkele vs asc xl!”

“Zsw clvvla pvsr qwnjkdt zukdt! Ebu oswze swa cspp pvlyz uswa pvwqq! ”Mbl xyd yrrlyale hkpkczu twkzvu qsa y xsxldv obld bl nbsjle kd alprsdpl. Tl kxxlekyvlzu pvalvnble bkp dlnj swv, yde ulzzle zswezu, “Zsw xsvblaqwnjla vssj vbl xsdlu okvbswv bydekdt shla vbl tssep, ps tkhkdt usw y rwdnb oswze cl vss zktbv sq y pldvldnl, kq R nswze, R oswze’hl pldv usw vs rakpsd!”

Fllkdt vbyv vblpl rlsrzl olal vaukdt vs asc vbl uswdt xyd, ydtla cwcczle wr kdpkel Jyk Ssdt’p blyav. Tl kxxlekyvlzu pvsse kd qasdv sq vbl uswdt xyd, yde tzyale yv vbl rlsrzl ynaspp bkx, pyukdt: “Zsw rlsrzl yal pkxrzu pbyxlzlpp. Zsw nyd’v lhld yexkv vbyv usw olal pvlyzkdt yde dso usw’al lhld vaukdt vs clyv vblx wr?”

“Rq usw esd’v byhl lulp, tlv zspv. Fvsr rsjkdt uswa dspl oblal kv eslpd’v clzsdt!” Fllkdt vbl vawvb bye clld lmrsple, vbl vball xld eked’v rwv wr yd ynv yduxsal yde powdt vblka qkpv qsaoyae kd yd yvvlxrv vs rkzqla.

“Cwknj! Swd!” Jyk Ssdt rwzzle vbl csu wr, clqsal vwadkdt yaswde yde tzyakdt yv vbl qlo cwzzklp, bl nsdqkeldvzu pyke: “R nyd clyv vblx wr!”

Mbl vlldytla tzydnle yv vbl xyd obs rzynle bkp qkpvp kd qasdv sq bkp nblpv kd y qyka yde fwpv xyddla. Ekvb fwpv sdl zssj, bl nswze vlzz vbyv vbkp ckt xyd bye dlhla clld kd y qktbv. Mbl nsadla sq bkp zkrp vokvnble clqsal bl ulzzle yv psxl rlsrzl obs olal oyvnbkdt cu vbl asyepkel, “Tlzr xl eakhl vblpl rlsrzl yoyu, yde R okzz tkhl usw sdl vbswpyde hkavwyz pvya nskdp!”

“Yyjl vbyv vos vbswpyde!” Mbl rlapsd sd vbl asye pweeldzu rzwttle kd, “Mblpl rlsrzl yal yzz qasx vbl Paytsd Fdyjl Uzyd, vbl akpj sq sqqldekdt vblx kp vss bktb! “

The boy turned his head and glared at him, through gritted teeth, he answered. “Fine!”


Seeing that three tall and strong people were coming towards their direction, the man leading the group assessed the strength of both sides. When he felt that their odds of winning were low, he viciously spat on the ground and threatened: “You dare offend the Dragon Snake Clan?!”

“They didn’t offend the Dragon Snake Clan.” The boy sneered. “They merely thought the scenery here was good, and wanted to watch something exciting about to happen.”

“Boy, you’ve got such a glib tongue!” The man narrowed his eyes, “But it’s useless “

“Useless?” The young boy raised his watch and smiled. “I’ve accidentally recorded the entire conversation and reported it to the police. It looks like the police will be here in about three to four minutes.”

“Reported? “The man sneered.

“What’s wrong. Do we need to remind you that the New Golden City Government is about to re-elect a new committee?!” The boy grinned. “The deputy mayor is probably going to need some materials that could boost his portfolio for the election.”

The leader of the group froze when he heard this, his face changing immediately, “Boy, are you courting death?!”

A mocking light flashed through the teenager’s eyes, “What’s wrong. Do you want to head over to the police station so we could have a good long chat?”

Thinking of the punishment that would be imposed if the city mayor’s chances of continuing his term were to be affected, the leader’s face paled for a moment, “Fine! You’ve got guts! We’ll see who gets the last laugh! “The man glared viciously at both the teenager and Bai Rong, turning back with gritted teeth.

When the Dragon Snake Clan was nowhere to be seen, the three men then began to urge the teenager to transfer the promised money over.

The teenager reluctantly transferred the payment, before glancing at Bai Rong and saying, “I have no money left to give to you.”

“It’s alright, I didn’t even want it in the first place.” Bai Rong looked at the teenager’s feet in concern, “Are your feet all right.” He asked guiltily. After all, he was the person who had sent him flying, causing him to get injured…


“It’s nothing.” Not anticpating this big man to be really stupid and pure, the teenager felt grateful and awkward deep in his heart. He turned his head and spoke in a coarse tone, “Are you new here?”

“Yeah.” Bai Rong suddenly recalled that he was in a hurry to retrieve the demolition fee and slapped his own thigh in annoyance. “I still have to go to the government in the city center to get the demolition fee. I’ll be leaving first then!”

“You’re going to the city center?” The boy stood up limping, and awkwardly said, “I’m going to the city center too.”

“What a coincidence.” Bai Rong looked at the boy in pleasant surprise, “Let’s go together then.” It just so happened that he didn’t know how to get there.

“En.” The boy responded. He walked ahead with a stiff expression. “There is a flight station in front. It will take about twelve stops to get to the city center from here.”

“That’s far.” Bai Rong quickly followed him from behind.

“Don’t you know this place is well-known for being New Golden City’s poor district?” The teenager glanced at Bai Rong. “When did you arrive.”

Bai Rong looked at the time on his watch, and answered conscientiously: “Half an hour ago.”

The youth: ” … “So this person dared to offend the Dragon Snake Clan without knowing anything?

After following the boy obediently onto the flight station, Bai Rong suddenly remembered that he did not carry any money with him.

“Come on.” Even though he could clearly see Bai Rong was penniless with just one glance, the youth pulled him up onto the aircraft, “Don’t block the path for people coming behind you.” Then he quickly swiped two cards.

“Thank you …” Bai Rong blushed in embarrassment, not expecting to have leeched off someone else’s flying card, “I will return the favor.”


“It’s fine.” The teenager casually looked for a seat and sat down. He paused for a while before saying: “Try your best to avoid offending the Dragon Snake Clan in the future.”

“Oh.” Bai Rong nodded obediently. After a while had passed, he asked, “Why though. Isn’t this is just a virtual city, why are you afraid of them?”

The teenager rolled his eyes at Bai Rong: “The virtual city’s economy, culture and legal system are all fully developed with barely any differences compared to the real Sheng Ya planet. Even the virtual star coins share the same exchange rate. You shouldn’t treat this as a mere holographic game.”


“And in this place, your character will remain in the same place where you logged out. If the Dragon Snake Clan caught you all by yourself, you would’ve been in grave danger.” After he said this, he added another verse, “The Dragon Snake Clan is the leader of the underworld. In ordinary circumstances, they wouldn’t kill your virtual character, at most, they would only torture you.”

” … ” Bai Rong frowned,” Isn’t the legal system in here perfect?”

“The sky is high and the emperor is far away, a strong dragon cannot repress a snake(1).” The youth’s delicate face was stained with anger, “Not to mention, the current city mayor and the Dragon Snake Clan’s leader are in cahoots.”

  1. The sky is high and the emperor is far away means ‘Remote places are beyond the reach of the central government’. A strong dragon cannot repress a snake refers to ‘a local gangster who is above the law’.

However, the E-class city was also considered to be the most remote and retrogressed area of New Golden City. If you could move to another more developed city, your circumstances would be different.” The boy touched the spatial button on his neck, “I’m currently trying my best to earn enough money to buy a house in a D-level city.”

“I see.” Bai Rong nodded repeatedly, “Then, I’ll also work hard to save enough money.”

“What’s your name?” The boy suddenly asked, seeing the big man behave oddly pure and well.

“….Mu Nan.” Bai Rong almost bit his tongue in shock after nearly spilling his real name. “What about you?”

“My name is Mo Xi.” The teenager’s eyes gradually turned strange.”Are you really this tall in real life?”


Bai Rong, who was currently sitting in front of the table, wearing a small dinosaur costume: “Of course! “

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  1. When your IRL body is tiny so you try to overcompensate with a big, muscular virtual body -_-
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  2. When your IRL body is tiny so you try to overcompensate with a big, muscular virtual body -_-
    Me thinks Mo Xi doesn’t buy it

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