Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 11 Little Sweet Cake

After Mu Chongyan left, Bai Rong went back to the villa and released Kuku from the spatial button. He proudly glanced at Kuku who didn’t grow as fast as he did before taking him to the playground just outside the crystal glass case in a good mood. The two people had a good time all day.

Of course, Bai Rong did not forget to have his meal in the middle. In fact, three hours after the two people had eaten, Bai Rong found himself standing in shock, watching a robot take a dump for the first time.

Robots these days are really advanced … Bai Rong’s eyes were complex when he looked at Kuku. He felt that he could no longer simply see Kuku as just a robot…

Mu Chongyan had only returned at seven in the evening, and by the time he returned, Bai Rong had already finished cracking and eating a pack of melon seeds and his stomach was also half-filled with water.

Bai Rong cast an accusing glance at Mu Chongyan as if he was condemning him for only “knowing how to fool around with a pack of rogues but not knowing when to go home”. He had just changed into a ferocious dinosaur attire and was standing at the corner of the living room, staring at the blonde head that popped up behind Mu Chongyan.


“Hey, Your place doesn’t look too bad.” Walter put on a measuring gaze as he surveyed the entire place, and when he spotted Bai Rong, he jested. “Hey! Your little fellow is looking at me! It really does look cute.”

Mu Chongyan turned around and shot a glance at Walter. “Why haven’t you left yet?”

“Why should I? Just because I said I wanted to take a look doesn’t mean I’m literally only going to take one look and leave.” Walter quickly scuttled into the living room and sat down on the dining table, “I still haven’t had dinner yet.”

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Yw Ubsdtuyd’p tygl rywple, eyajdlpp qzkvvkdt ynaspp bkp qynl. “Ebu yal usw pvkzz blal?”

Walter shrunk into the sofa. “I think you actually like the little star pet despite your mouth stubbornly insisting the opposite!” He said as he took out a handful of candy out of nowhere and smiled at Bai Rong: “Little sweet cake, come here~ Brother has something delicious for you over here.”


“…” Bai Rong’s face also turned dark, “My name is not little sweet cake.”

Walter: “What do you mean you’re not called little sweet cake? Mu Chongyan just told me a few days ago that you were not satisfied with the name Big Red Crayfish, and that you insisted on being called little sweet cake yourself.”

Bai Rong looked up at Mu Chong Yan with a befuddled and suspicious look in his eyes.

Mu Chongyan’s face had already turned as black as the bottom of the pot. He immediately stode over and clutched Walter by the collar and then threw him out.

After shutting the door firmly, Mu Chongyan cast an awkward glance at the household robot who had always had a non-existent presence, “BK3, how much longer until the dinner is ready?”

“Master, it would still require eight minutes and thirty-two seconds.”

“En, Very good.” This was the first time Mu Chongyan had exchanged more than two sentences with BK3. After this, he then strode back to the living room.

Bai Rong: “…” Why didn’t he know that Mu Chongyan had a thing for responding back to household robots?

Sensing that the little star pet’s gaze towards him was becoming more and more complicated. Mu Chongyan sat on the sofa in tenterhooks. After a few seconds, he lowered his head down to look at Bai Rong expressionlessly. “Is there something wrong?”

Bai Rong choked up. How could Mu Chongyan act so righteously and confidently?!

“I never said I wanted to be called little sweet cake.” Bai Rong felt that he couldn’t carry this pot any longer.(1)

(1)To carry a pot means to carry the burden of other people’s mistake,


Mu Chongyan: “En.”

“…..” Bai Rong narrowed his eyes. “Then why did Walter say that just now?”

“He likes to spout a lot of nonsense.”

Bai Rong: “…Really?” Hmph, did he look like he was that easy to deceive?!

Seeing the little star pet’s face of disbelief, Mu Chongyan solemnly spoke: “Who do you believe in?”

Bai Rong who knew that he was definitely being threatened: ” Of-… Of course I believe in you.” No, he didn’t believe him a single bit at all!

Mu Chongyan contentedly stroked the little star pet’s head, and for some inexplicable reason, heaved a breath of relief, “Just ignore him in the future.”

“Alright, I understand.” Bai Rong pretended to obediently nod his little head. After all, as someone living under another person’s roof, he had no other choice but to lower his head and clearly show where his loyalty lied with!

Looking at the little star pet’s obedient face and eyes brimming with trust, Mu Chongyan became even more pleased. He then took out a 3x4cm box from the spatial button right on the spot. “This is for you.”

“What is this?” “Bai Rong accepted the box and gently peeled off the film and lid.

A white ultra-thin optical computer laid impressively inside the box!

“An optical computer?!” Bai Rong felt the optical computer in pleasant surprise, and looked up at Mu Chongyan with little stars flashing in his eyes, “Mu Chongyan, thank you!” 


Mu Chongyan’s line of sight slowly swept across the little star pet’s flushed face, and for some reason, his face awkwardly became taut, “There’s no need to.”

“No, gratitude should be given when due.” Bai Rong considered Mu Chongyan to be a really nice person from the bottom of his heart, and decided that he would treat Mu Chongyan better in the future as well as take proper care of their little two person family!

After making a firm resolution to be a good man, Bai Rong happily turned the optical computer on and scanned his pupils to register an account.

He ‘randomly’ clicked around, and realized that the optical computer was light years ahead of the previous one in level. Bai Rong pressed his lips, looking up at Mu Chongyan. He was so touched his eyes started to feel a little hot.

Although the man didn’t know how to laugh nor say words of endearment, his actions were extremely considerate. It was coincidentally a good match with his tough guy character!

Seeing the little star pet’s eyes turn red as he stared at himself pitifully, Mu Chongyan softened his face as much as possible, even though it was to no avail, “Don’t know how to log into the virtual city? I will teach you.” He said as he took the optical computer. He pressed on the side of the optical computer and a clip holding onto a thin silver sheet  popped out of the side promptly. 

“What is this?” Bai Rong rubbed his face and leaned over.

“It’s a virtual connector.” Mu Chongyan took the clip out and extracted the silver sheet. “Sticking this connector to the temple allows you to connect to the virtual city.”

Bai Rong carefully received the connector and thought about it for a while before deciding to put the optical computer back in the box. After all, if he connected to the virtual city in front of Mu Chongyan, his identity could be easily compromised. “Let’s have our dinner first.” He could already smell the sweet fragrance.

Mu Chongyan briefly nodded, and walked to the table carrying the little pet. As usual, he helped prepare his portion for him, placing it into the small plate and the small bowl.

After dinner, Mu Chongyan patiently played with the little star pet for a while. Then he helped the little star pet move the optical computer to the door of his villa before he returned to his bedroom by himself and connected to virtual city to train his mech.

Bai Rong, who was feeling perfectly content for having touched enough of Mu Chongyan’s palm and arms, watched Mu Chongyan leave the living room before struggling to move the optical computer onto the table in the bedroom. He then logged onto the virtual city with an unconcealable excitement. 


“Set up an identity account?”

Bai Rong held his chin and thought for a while. Although he really wanted to use the name Big Red Crayfish, Mu Chongyan would easily recognize it. After being torn for a long time, he entered two words- “Mu Nan.”

The meaning of it, was Mu Chongyan’s man.

Then he chose the appearance of a two-meter tall super buff and powerful-looking man. Bai Rong raised his head high and walked out of the virtual room like a peacock whose tails had just finished maturing.

The scenery of the virtual city was almost exactly the same as that in reality. It could even be said that it was like a virtual Sheng Ya planet. Apart from certain confidential places like the military department being unavailable, all other places existed inside. It even had the same order and layout as that found in Sheng Ya planet.

After logging onto the virtual city, everyone could only land on the original home site given by the system first, but the given home site was completely chosen at random. The chances of being sent to a city far away from Sheng Ya Planet was also 100%. If one wanted to go to another place, they would need to spend virtual star coins for transport. If they found it inconvenient, they would have to use virtual star coins to buy a house in or near the central city. In that case, you could have more than one home site to choose to log onto.

But the impoverished Bai Rong clearly did not possess any star coins to buy a house, so when he walked out of his house, what greeted him was the sight of a piece of rubble being torn down into a wasteland, and his whole person immediately felt like he was hacked open.

“Mu Nan, 18 years old, house address: No. 233333, District 372, New Golden City (E-Class City) Sheng Ya Planet…” There was no mistake. Bai Rong glanced at the message watch on his wrist, and carefully looked through all the asset information and personal information once. He was convinced that what was written in the above statement was his genuine residence.

But what the heck was going on in this demolished area?!

“Hey! The big man over there, step aside.” A rough voice suddenly sounded above his head. Bai Rong looked up, and saw an excavator-like aircraft passing over his head.

“I’m talking to you, gogogo!” A man poked his head out, speaking fiercely to him: “Can’t you see this place is being demolished!”

“De-demolished?” Bai Rong looked at the man, “But I’ve just logged into the virtual city “

“Just logged in? “The man looked at Bai Rong with a sympathetic gaze. “Tsk, consider yourself unlucky, you were randomly sent to a house that was going to be demolished. You better hurry up and go to the government at the New Golden City Center to get your demolition fee!”

“Demolition fee?”

“Yeah, it’s around 10,000 virtual stars, but that money isn’t enough to buy a new residence.” The man retracted back into his seat, “You better save up some more virtual star coins to buy a new place. Otherwise, quickly find a house to rent, or you won’t be able to log onto the virtual city in the future.” A mechanical shovel protruded from the aircraft, smashing Bai Rong’s original house into pieces.

The author has something to say:

[Small Theater]

Bai Rong (aggrieved): I haven’t even lived in my house yet before it got demolished.

Mu Chongyan (cold faced): Use my card!

Bai Rong (moved to the point of tears): A cold face yet warm hearted man…needs a tough man like me to love him!

Mu Chongyan: the little star pet’s pitiful crying face….really evokes one’s distress.

T/N: I used Mu Man as Bai Rong’s virtual city name initially for a few chapters (since Nan translate to Man in English) but eventually decided to use the chinese phonetic sound because it sounded too funny xD

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