Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 106.2 Sheng Ya (2)

After eating for a whole 3 hours, Bai Rong’s mouth had turned dry and he was about to go drink some water. Mu Chongyan walked over from behind and handed him a glass of warm water.

“Drink some water.”

“Thank you Chongyan.” Bai Rong took the water and guzzled it down.

His wife was just as virtuous as always.

After drinking water, Bai Rong immediately wanted to go to the toilet. After giving his stool and his remaining sunflower seeds to Mu Chongyan, he ran back to the airship.


He had just left for 1 minute when a security line had been pulled above the airship pad and the large beacon at the center of another airship pad, on the other side a thousand meters away, suddenly lit up.

The look in Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed and he immediately turned his head upwards to look at the skies. He spotted a five to six hundred meter long airship flying towards them and coming to a halt mid-air before slowly descending.

Hearing the familiar hum, Xia Qingshu, who was inside the airship, immediately put down the thing he was holding and ran out the entrance.

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“Father….Big Sister…”


“Third younger brother…” Margon, who was called the iron-blooded soldier, felt tears well up in her eyes.

“D-….” Luo Ersi was just about to speak when he suddenly saw a figure that had been stuck on his mind since long ago, come out of the entrance, and he immediately froze up in disbelief, his eyes quivering.


Xia Qingshu looked back at the frozen Luo Ersi who was still staring at him and a mixture of feelings surged up in his chest. Distress, joy, nervousness…countles complex feelings stirred around, seemingly about to burst out of his chest.

He clenched his fist and walked forward with slightly red eyes but before he could even take a step, he saw Luo Ersi suddenly break out into a run and in the blink of an eye, he was wrapped in an extremely warm and tight hug.

Luo Ersi hugged the person in his arms with all his strength. He pressed down the happiness and excitement in his voice but was unable to suppress the quiver, in fact, there was even a hint of fear and disbelief.

“Qingshu….Qingshu…is it you….?”

The rims of Xia Qingshu’s eyes immediately turned sour and he sucked in a breath, carrying a tremor in his voice, “If not, would you still have hugged me like this?”

“It’s Qingshu! You are my Qingshu!” A bright golden light suddenly flashed from Luo Ersi’s eyes. Years of suppressed pain surged from within and a portion of it morphed into excitement and happiness while the other portion turned into anxiety and fear, terrified that what was happening wasn’t real.

Xia Qingshu was beginning to feel pain from the gradually tightening embrace but he raised his head and blinked his misty eyes, hugging Luo Ersi back.

Dross and Margot, who were at the side, still couldn’t believe it. The two people were stunned by the immense surprise and overwhelming doubt that they stood frozen in place like statues.

After using the toilet and running back, Bai Rong stumbled across this scene and his eyes immediately grew wide. His person was frozen for a moment before quickly retreating to the entrance, silently exposing only his little head.


Feeling the gazes of his children, Xia Qingshu pushed Luo Ersi away in embarrassment, “The kids are still here.”

Luo Ersi reluctantly let go of Xia Qingshu, his eyes still stuck on him but he still did as he said, “Alright. Let’s continue this after our return.”

“….En.” Xia Qingshu’s ears turned slightly red.

“….Dad?” Dross’s body started trembling from disbelief and excitement, and he carefully confirmed, “Is…it you, dad?”

“Yes….” Xia Qingshu raised his arms sadly, “Big dearie, second dearie…”

Dross and Margot’s eyes quivered and their noses immediately turned red. The two people were stunned at first before swiftly pouncing in Xia Qingshu’s arms.



“My good children….” Xia Qingshu closed his eyes slightly to prevent the tears from spilling out. This scene had played out in his mind numerous times and now….it had finally come true….

Dross and Margot felt the warm hug they had missed for 20 years and their tears continuously wet their lashes, landing on Xia Qingshu’s clothes…

Seeing two children already hugging Xia Qingshu for half a minute, Luo Ersi couldn’t resist tapping Dross’s shoulder, “Alright. You’re already a big child. Let go and allow your dad to get some rest. Who knows how long your dad has been drifting in space…”

Dross and Margot unwillingly let go of Xia Qingshu’s arms and they stood up, wiping their eyes.


“Qingshu, let’s go back to the airship. Let’s talk about what happened these past few days, alright?”

“Ok.“ Though they hadn’t seen each other for 20 years, seeing that Luo Ersi was still ever-so-jealous, Xia Qingshu nodded helplessly, “I’ll tell you all about little dearie’s matters…”

He then waved his hand at the entrance of the airship and smiled gently, “Rongrong…come on over.”

“!!!” Bai Rong’s little face that had been the only thing exposed all this time, stiffened up.

Ahhh Father-in-law called him out but he hadn’t made any preparations. The clothes he was wearing was not only inappropriate for the occasion, they were also disorganized.. He hadn’t even prepared a house and more importantly, he wasn’t prepared to meet his other father-in-law and other siblings-in-law!!!

“Ok…” After that, Bai Rong realized that he had obediently lifted his foot and stepped out.

Seeing Bai Rong’s nervousness, Mu Chongyan quickly walked towards Bai Rong and gently held his hand.

“This is….” Luo Ersi saw his son act very affectionately towards this young man and was slightly perplexed.

This young man looked so petite, he couldn’t possibly be his son’s wife right…

Surprise flashed across Luo Ersi’s eyes, he had never seen such a gente expression cross his third brother’s face?!!

“This is Rongrong, and we’re currently in a relationship.” Before Xia Qingshu could even speak, Mu Chongyan stole the opportunity and revealed.

His own lover should be introduced by himself.


“!!!” Luo Ersi and the other people appeared surprised.

Luo Ersi didn’t think that such a young man was actually his son’s wife. His son was actually able to make a move on such a young man?!! Moreover, his beloved Qingshu also seemed to know about this, and he actually didn’t oppose it?!!!

Dross was completely taken aback. The always ice cold third brother of his, suddenly had a lover. He suddenly felt illuminated.

Margot was even more unnerved. She failed as a big sister. Her wedding hadn’t even happened and her third younger brother had already found himself a good wife…

Evidently, none of the three people considered Bai Rong as the ‘son-in-law’.

Bau Rong grew more nervous and reserved by the three people’s probing gazes and sent a pleading look to Mu Chongyan.

Seeing his Little Sweet Cake’s wet eyes stare at him, Mu Chongyan immediately felt the urge to protect his wife and said, “Father, Big Sister, Second Brother, please don’t look at Rongrong that way….”

“Cough…” The three people quickly snapped back to their senses. Luo Ersi affectionately looked at the delicate and sweet young man in front and said, “Rongrong right…this is my first time meeting you. Uncle didn’t prepare anything so I’m giving this to you. I hope Rongrong doesn’t dislike it.”

He said while taking out an SSS Class defense shield from his spatial button and giving it to Bai Rong.

Great. Fortunately, he had two. He could give the other one to his Qingshu.

Seeing that the defense shield was extremely priceless, Bai Rong once again shot Mu Chongyan a look asking for help.

“Rongrong, take it.” Mu Chongyan nodded.

“…..Thank you uncle.” Bai Rong accepted it and quickly gave his thanks.

“No need for thanks.” Luo Ersi cast Xia Qingshu a look as if to say ‘What do you think? Didn’t I do good just now in front of my son-in-law?’

Xia Qingshu smiled but did not say anything.

Margot desperately tried to recall what she had brought and in the end, her eyes shone as she took out a spatial button, “Rongrong…Big Sister didn’t buy anything so I’ll give this to you. I hope you don’t dislike it.”

Mu Chongyan was able to recognize that it was a rare big spatial button with just a glance. The space inside was vast, holding about 10,000 cubic meters of storage.

“…..” Bai Rong was a little dumbfounded. Why was everyone giving him gifts?!

This was completely different from his imagination of the whole family treating him very hostilely!!!

“Take it.” Mu Chongyan lowered his head and told Bai Rong.

Even though this spatial button was hard to obtain, in the future, he would also give his big sister something better.

“Alright…” Bai Rong nodded obediently, “Thank you….Big Sister.”

“No need for thanks.” Margo happily responded quickly. This brother-in-law did not only look good but was also very kind. She liked him very much.

Dross watched his father and big sister give gifts and realized that he had brought nothing with him and so, felt very anxious. After pondering for a long time, his eyes finally shone.

“Rongrong, Second brother is giving you an SS Level mech. However, it’s not here with me right now but I’ll give it to you on our return, alright?”

“T-There’s no need for it…” Bai Rong quickly shook his head, feeling a little frantic on the inside.

Dear God, what was going on? He couldn’t handle this situation any longer!

Could it be…..they thought that Mu Chongyan couldn’t get married so they treated him especially warmly?!

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