Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 107.1 Little Secret (1)

“How could I let you do that?” Seeing Bai Rong refuse, Dross wanted to pat Bai Rong’s shoulder but found that his third brother shielded him securely. As such, he could only say, “It’s decided then. If you don’t want it, it means you don’t recognize me as your brother-in-law.”

“….” Bai Rong was a bit helpless and subconsciously looked towards Mu Chongyan. Seeing him nod, he could only respond, “…..Alright. Thank you, second brother.”

“That’s the way!” Dross was satisfied, the corner of his lips hooking up.

This brother-in-law wasn’t bad. Not only was his looks pleasing to the eye, he was also very sensible.

“Alright. Now that you children have already met each other, let’s go back to the airship.” Dross hugged Xia Qingshu and was completely unwilling to let him go, “Your airship will be dealt with later. Let’s go board our airship and talk about what happened all these years alright?”


Xia Qingshu originally wanted to talk about arranging what would happen to people in the airship first but seeing Luo Ersi’s careful and expectant gaze, he couldn’t voice out his refusal.


The people returned to the royal airship and sat down in the living room. Xia Qingshu saw that all 5 people turned to look at him in unison and took up the mantle of narrating the story.

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“They went quiet?” Xia Qingshu’s eyes narrowed, “Have you found who they are?”


“Dearie’s subordinate Du Han managed to find some things but not their identities.” A hint of ruthlessness flashed across Luo Ersi’s eyes, “He managed to find out that they’re an organization from another star region, their coordinates are roughly around the northwest region.”

“Northwest region?!” The look in Xia Qingshu and Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed.

Bai Rong watched the two people and quickly searched up the information Mu Chongyan had given him before. He found that the northwest region was the most developed area of the universe and had 3 ninth level star regions and 4 eighth level star regions.

He remembered that when he was kidnapped, this organization sent out a SSS level mech soldier to battle with Mu Chongyan and some of the spell cards used by SS Level Soldiers were SSS Level. This proved that the star region the organization belonged to, wouldn’t be less than the eighth level, and so, the star region that held enmity against Sheng Ya…was most definitely amongst those star regions.

“Has there been any movement in the northwest region?” Xia Qingshu asked with a cold face.

“No, but…there’s something going on in the eastern region.”

“The eastern region?!”

“En.” Luo Ersi nodded, “Eastern region’s Pu Ya star region and Luo Le star region have been invaded several times but they could never find out who the culprits are so they have now sought help from the Star Alliance.

“Pu Ya and Luo Le….”

Xia Qingshu’s frown grew deeper. Pu Ya was the same as Sheng Ya, a seventh level star region. Luo Le on the other hand, was just a sixth level star region. If the culprit who invaded these two star regions was the organization, they didn’t have any reason to provoke them because Luo Le didn’t have any reimbursement power.

Moreover, if they had done so because they couldn’t launch an attack on them openly and only wanted to investigate classified information, they could do it through means where Luo Le star region wouldn’t discover them.

He couldn’t understand why they would carry out stealth attacks and also didn’t bother covering their tracks, unless…the organization who attacked these two regions were in no way related to the one who attacked Sheng Ya….


Perhaps this was a diversionary tactic.

“Father.” Mu Chongyan suddenly spoke up at the side, “He Erya and…Mu Fenglan, what happened to them?”

“He Erya had already been put into prison for the crime of rebellion and according to the law, she’ll be imprisoned for life. As for Mu Fenglan…” Luo Ersi’s face turned dark and a complicated expression flashed across his eyes, “According to the law, he should be sentenced for 5 years but because he had made great contributions in the previous battles, coupled with some military reasons, he was only sentenced for a year.”

“A year?” Bai Rong’s eyes grew wide slightly, appearing a bit unhappy, “That’s quite short.”

“It is short.” Luo Ersi’s voice was quite low, his thoughts indiscernible. The ravine in between his brows grew deeper so he lifted the teacup from the table and took a sip.

Mu Fenglan had actually made a move against his dearie and this was something he could not forgive. Not mentioning that Mu Fenglan was his father for 20 years, Dearie had been so filial to him. Just because Mu Fenglan wanted to protect He Erya who committed the crime of rebellion, he used force against Dearie. This was too preposterous!

He clearly remembered that Mu Fenglan hated traitors the most in the past. Moreover, because of Hu Erya’s rebellion, thousands of people died! Yet it was as if Mu Fenglan was blind as the first thing he did was not to save the people but to bring his troops to attack the imperial palace and fire at Mu Chongyan, taking He Erya away!

In his head, aside from He Erya, aside from love, were other people’s lives and feelings not worth any value at all?!!

He felt a bit regretful. In the beginning, he shouldn’t have agreed to He Erya’s request of playing matchmaker between her and Mu Fenglan.

Seeing Luo Ersi’s face, Xia Qingshu sighed, “Luo Ersi, are you blaming yourself?”

“……No.” Luo Ersi put down his cup and pushed it forward, “Qingshu, can you pour me more of that tea?”

Xia Qingshu looked intently at Luo Ersi before taking his cup, “Ok.”


The rest of the younger generation felt a little odd. Dross lowered his head in worry and contemplated for a while. However, in the end, he still couldn’t hold himself back and asked, “Father, dad, what were you talking about just now. Why is father blaming himself?”

“It’s nothing. It’s a very old matter. If we had to talk about responsibilities, to tell the truth…I have more of a responsibility in this matter than your father.” Xia Qingshu handed the filled cup to Luo Ersi before refilling his.

“What exactly happened?” Dross clenched his fist, feeling a little anxious, “Dad, if the matter is related to Mu Fenglan and He Erya, it wouldn’t be right of you to conceal the matter. After all, Mu Fenglan will be coming out of prison in a year. If that matter were to have been important and you deliberately kept us in the dark, wouldn’t that put us three children in the passive position? If Mu Fenglan suddenly went berserk and ha-…harmed the three of us…what would happen to br- Rongrong?”

Out of prudence, Dross swallowed the words ‘brother’s wife’.

“This….” It wasn’t that Dross’s words didn’t hold any logic. Xia Qingshu put his cup down and looked at Er Luosi.

Luo Ersi downed the entire contents of the cup, his face dark and complicated. He paused for a few seconds before saying, “Then…I’ll say it.”

Feeling the air inexplicably get colder, Bai Rong shifted closer towards Mu Chongyan. Mu Chongyan held Bai Rong’s hand gently, taking it into his palm.

“This matter could also be considered my fault.” Luo Ersi sighed, “Do you guys know why Mu Fenglan loves He Erya so deeply?”

“It’s because He Erya saved his life in the past.” Mu Chongyan frowned slightly, not understanding what this had to do in relation with his fathers.

“That’s right, but, the one that rescued him in reality wasn’t He Erya.” Luo Ersi held Xia Qingshu’s hand and slowly said, “It was Qingshu.”

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