Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 106.1 Sheng Ya (1)

Because the airship didn’ t have a flight license issued by the Star Field Alliance, they couldn’t go through all the wormholes legally. Moreover, they didn’t dare take risks by going into irregular wormholes. As such, everyone ended up sailing around the vast universe for a full month before they finally reached the border of Sheng Ya star region.

“Dearie, have you gotten in contact with second dearie?” Xia Qingshu walked towards Mu Chongyan, who was currently watching Bai Rong eat, and patted his face, feeling a bit speechless. His Dearie was clearly going into the path of a wife slave….


Bai Rong tried to hold the smile on his face. Every time he heard father-in-law naturally call out dearie or second dearie, he felt specially amused…

Mu Chongyan helplessly raised his head, “I haven’t….”


Can his dad change his nickname? He already grievously reminded him twice about this!

If this continued on, he would completely lose his might as a gong in front of Little Sweet Cake!

“Quickly contact him. Otherwise, we can’t stop this airship at Sheng Ya’s domain.”

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He opened it and took a look, then opened the contact with his second brother Dross.


On the other side, at the far Sheng Ya Planet City Center, Du Han stood up abruptly, his clenched fists pressed against the table and his eyes red.

“It’s boss!!! Boss has come back!!!”

“What?!!” Dai Suo raised his head, surprised awake by Du Han’s loud voice, nearly falling onto the floor.

“What did you say?!!”

“Boss…Boss has come back!” Du Han stared at the blinking dot on the screen with red eyes and acted quickly, his fingers flying across the keyboard leaving only shadows behind..

“Second Prince, Boss has come back, his coordinates are…”

Ever since Mu Chongyan had disappeared four months ago, and Du Han found Dross, Dross tagged Du Han as an emergency contact so when Du Han sent the message, Dross quickly opened it.

His eyes immediately shrank!

Third Brother has come back?!!!

Overwhelming surprise immediately welled up within Dross and he immediately rushed out while sending Grace a message.

“Prepare the Arture airship, I’m going to Planet La He!”

“Planet La He?!”


Grace was a little confused, not understanding why Dross suddenly wanted to go to the bordering planets of Sheng Ya star region, nevertheless, he still did as he was commanded.

After sending Grace the message, Dross once again prepared this message to send to his father but before he could even compile the message, he himself received one in his optical computer.

“Second Brother, I’m currently 8000 km away from La He Planet, but the airship is an unlicensed airship. Can you send a message to the garrison of La He Planet and ask them not to attack us?”

“Alright! Hold on a moment, I’ll immediately arrange it!”

Dross’s eyes suddenly turned red and he immediately accepted the emperor’s call.

“Father! Third brother has come back. He’s now at…”

“You managed to contact second dearie?” Xia Qingshu lowered his head slightly.

“Yeah.” Mu Chongyan nodded, “Second brother says he’ll arrange it immediately.”

“That’s good.”

A moment later, Mu Chongyan’s optical computer wrist watch lit up.

“Second Brother said he’s already told father. Father has already given an order to the garrisons of La He Planet. We can now land there.”

“Alright. I’m going to tell the driver.” Xia Qingshu immediately turned around and walked away, inexplicably appearing a little evasive.


“What’s going on with Uncle Xia?” Bai Rong watched Xia Qingshu’s figure with some confusion.

Mu Chongyan sighed, “It’s probably because father was mentioned…”

….Half an hour later, the airship landed at the stop used by military-use airships of La He Planet. Mu Chongyan walked out together with Bai Rong, Xia Qingshu and a couple others, whereas Lu Ya and the rest remained inside the airship.

“Mu…Mu Chongyan, hello!!” A young soldier looked at Mu Chongyan with sparkling eyes. Ever since the battle four months ago, Mu Chongyan became his most admired figure. It was a pity that his old idol disappeared not too long after the battle but he didn’t expect that he would suddenly come back. Moreover, after his idol had traversed through difficulties and drifted through space, he became the first person his idol saw upon landing home.

Mu Chongyan looked at the few soldiers in front of him and nodded. However, he soon recovered his usual indifferent expression, “Where’s your commanding officer?”

Even though he didn’t want to be welcomed, if his father were the one in his position, then those people would have most likely come. Although he still had to inquire about them a bit earlier, to save himself the embarrassment.

“The commanding officers are making their rounds on the other side of La He Planet so they sent us to welcome you. Your accommodation has already been arranged, please follow me.” The young soldier continued to reply with starry eyes, on his epaulette was one star, signifying that he was a second-lieutenant.

“Alright. You’ve worked hard. For now, we don’t need an accomodation. How long can the airship remain here?” Mu Chongyan said.

“It can remain here today and tomorrow.”

“That’s enough. You can go back. We can rest inside the airship.”

“Th-That would be impolite of us….”

“It wouldn’t be. We didn’t come here to travel. We’ll be leaving quickly.” Mu Chongyan swept a look at the surroundings, “A second-lieutenant like you must be busy.”


Fearing that he would give his idol a bad impression, the youth immediately stood at attention, “Yes, I have plenty of tasks!”

“Then you should quickly busy yourself.” Wearing a mask, Xia Qingshu also walked over.

“Ye-….Yes sir!” Seeing that he indeed wasn’t needed, the youth quickly saluted respectfully, “Then I hope you have a good rest. We’ll be leaving now.”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan nodded. Why did this second-lieutenant give him, a non-military person, a salute?

“What do we do now? Should we head back directly to Planet Sheng Ya or do we wait here?” Bai Rong happily watched the soldiers stand in attention, looking up at Mu Chongyan.

“…..” Mu Chongyan was just about to say something when his optical computer suddenly beeped. He had received a message from Dross.

–”Third brother, father, big sister and I are already on our way to you. We’ll probably reach in 3 hours. Don’t go anywhere and wait for us.”

“Ok.” Mu Chongyan immediately replied and turned to Bai Rong, “We’re going to wait here. Second brother and the others are heading this way.”

“Alright.” Bai Rong nodded. Out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a complex look flash across Xia Qingshu’s face. Upon taking a closer look, he realized that his father-in-law was not only feeling excited and happy but also inexplicably nervous.

“Uncle Xia, what’s the matter?”

“…..It’s nothing.” Xia Qingshu reacted quickly, snapping back to his senses.

“Uncle Xia, are you feeling a little nervous…” Though Bai Rong couldn’t understand why his father-in-law would feel the need to be nervous.

“N-No.” Xia Qingshu refuted, “It’s just, I’ve been away from this place for so long, Sheng Ya must’ve changed a lot.”

Especially in the ten years he was gone. Even though his physical aptitude’s continual increase caused his aging to slow down, he had still changed a lot compared to the past. Would Luo Ersi…

“I see…” Bai Rong was innocently duped and earnestly comforted him, “Uncle Xia doesn’t need to worry. Once we return, Chongyan will take us around and we’ll quickly adapt to the place.”

That’s right. He said ‘us’. After all, he was just a tiny human being before so he also needed to readjust to the place….

Seeing Bai Rong seriously comforting him, Xia Qingshu suddenly felt embarrassed. Nevermind. Even though Sheng Ya’s beauty industry was thriving, Luo Ersi had never been one to take care of himself. He most probably wouldn’t look younger than him…right?

As they had been in the airship for too long, upon coming out, Bai Rong was no longer willing to return. They moved a small stool at the entrance of the airship and ate sunflower seeds while watching the soldiers from afar carry out their training.

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