Chapter 7.1 The familiar scent and body

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Just when the voice faded, from the stairway came Cao Dan’s voice while he shouted with a speaker: “Our team need debug the devices tonight, please don’t come to or out of the first floor if you have no special reasons. Thanks for cooperating.”

Gu Yanshu, who was just about to say that he himself would go to the living room to sleep, now was forced to drop the idea.

Not only he couldn’t go there, but Shen Jue also couldn’t go, so they two would have to stay in this freezingly cold room with only one floral quilt.

Gu Yanshu asked: “Can we open the heating?”

Shen Jue took off the mic slowly: “We can, but have to pay two hundred RMB for the heating first.”

Such a shameless director team when they only want to boost the show’s attractiveness.

So how should he go through the night today.

When thinking about it, Gu Yanshu’s gaze inadvertently fell upon the floral quilt on the bed, finding that even the colors of it were old-fashioned, it was actually large enough to cover two men.

But soon he gave up this idea, as even it could cover two men, he would never sleep on the same bed with Shen Jue.

Although he had no idea why Shen Jue would suddenly come to attend this show and live with him in the same room, and why Shen was getting nice to him for no reason, he did know two things clearly.

—-One shall not fall twice in the same hole.

—-Shen Jue was the hole for him.

So even he was frozen to death, he shall never sleep on the same bed with Shen Jue.

When thinking of this, Gu Yanshu raised his head, showed his chin from the collar, and said indifferently: “You just sleep with the quilt. I brought the blanket myself, and I’ll make do with it.”

With these words he then carried the old-school quilt in his arms, put it on Shen Jue’s bed and fetched a neatly folded cashmere blanket from the suitcase. He took off the mic, going straight into the bathroom with his pajamas and toiletries.

No glance at Shen Jue during this process, and even no room for discussion.

He seemed to have made his mind to stay away from Shen Jue, and not to interfere with each other.

Shen Jue sighed.

He had grown up, and was not that Cute Gu who would be easily coaxed into sleeping any more.

And it was getting hard to coax him. So cold, and it was even impossible to distinguish he was happy or not. Not cute at all.

But what to do?

He still needed to be coaxed even if it was a hard job.

With that, Shen followed Gu to the door of the bathroom, and knocked the door frame.

Gu Yanshu tilted his head and said coldly: “Does Teacher Shen have some other business?”

“My assistant was late for the flight delay, and failed to come in time. Do you mind borrowing me some clothes?”

Gu Yanshu was about to say no.

But soon he remembered that Shen Jue was a young master who got a temper, and would never wear the same clothes for even two days.

And anyway, it was he himself who dragged him into a situation without heating, so he wanted to compensate and ease his own guilt.

So he walked out from the bathroom with a frosty face, unfolded the suitcase, and took out a set of oversized garment gifted by the brand company to hand it to Shen: “You can wear these. But they all have been worn by me before, so there would be nothing I can do if this disgusts Teacher Shen.”

“You’re saying I have never worn your clothes before? So there’s nothing disgusts me.” Shen Jue took the clothes, flipped them over, and raised his eyebrows, “But don’t you think you’re missing one thing?”

Gu Yanshu kept calm: “What else does Teacher Shen need?”

Shen Jue also calmly said: “Underwear.”

“What the f……”

Gu Yanshu took a deep breath and decided not to lower himself to this damn straight man’s level. He unfolded the suitcase again and took out a box of unopened underwear to toss to Shen: “Don’t return.”

“Such a generous Teacher Gu.” Shen Jue smiled, took the box, flipped it over and said meaningfully: “But……”

“But what.”

Shen Jue paused and went on, “But it might be a bit smaller.”

Damn smaller you.

Wear it or not.

Such a bastard.

Gu Yanshu couldn’t bear him anymore. He thrusted Shen Jue away, and then slammed the door with a bang, which even shook the beams of the room twice.

The door almost right slapped Shen Jue’s face, but before the door was totally closed, Shen Jue couldn’t help but lower his head and smirk when he glimpsed the icy face that flushed due to upsetting.

Then he walked leisurely carrying the clothes to the single bathroom in the second floor.

He thought to himself: not bad, as long as that man could be upset.

Being upset meant that that man could still be cajoled. This was much cuter than the indifferent chilled face which was like one of a dead man.

When Gu Yanshu finished bathing and walked out, Shen Jue had already been on the bed.

He leaned against the head of the bed, lowering his head and playing with his phone.

The original loose sweater was held up to the shoulder line, giving it just the right amount of stiffness. Dark curls hung damply over his shoulders, dripping onto his collarbone and then dripping down his muscular texture into his chest, giving him a languid, sexy look.

It was said that Shen’s grandmother was of mixed Chinese and European descent, so his facial features were much more three-dimensional than those of ordinary Asians, but his hair and eye color were the purest black, and his bone structure was deep, which gives him a classic look. This was exactly the directors’ favorite big-screen look.

Even now, covered with an old-school floral quilt, it’s not hard to see the reserved arrogance in his bones that he grew up with in high society.

That’s why the first time Gu Yanshu met Shen Jue, he knew they were not of the same world.

It was only after they experienced a long time of poor life together that Gu Yanshu began to forgot about this point, and chose to believe in what Shen Jue the bastard said, that he was truly a poor boy who pursued his dream in the entertainment circle.

And in the end Gu realized that man was a young master from a lord family who only wanted to experience the hardships of common people, and would just left directly after this. Only he himself was really poor.

Thinking of this, Gu Yanshu made his mind to stay away from Shen Jue the liar as far as possible, went straight around him, lifted the blanket and went to bed, sleeping with his back to Shen Jue.

Just moment he slipped into the blanket, the light was turned off thoughtfully.

Some deep heavy darkness suddenly loomed on the entire room.

The unfamiliar environment also made Gu Yanshu feel uneasy. He was just about to get up when hearing a low voice beside him: “Easy, just sleep. The door has been locked, and also the windows. There’s only me in the room.”


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