Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 7.2 The familiar scent and body

Gu Yanshu’s body paused. He didn’t respond, and lay down again with the back to Shen Jue.

But he couldn’t fall asleep at all.

The cold of a northern winter night was not something that could be warded off with a blanket. The chill leaked in through the cracks where there was no place to hide, leaped up to the skin, and then seeped through the bones, searing every nerve with pain.

The old injury on the knee was something even more excruciating.

He had to keep turning over and over, trying to find a gesture that could make him feel warmer or less painful on the knee. When he was tossing and turning, the rustlings of the fabric friction sounded extremely noisy in this silent room.

So when he turned over again he was pressed by someone: “You’re turning over to cook an egg?”

“Apology. I won’t do it. “ Gu Yanshu kept a cold voice, and was about to push away Shen Jue’s two paws without knowing his plot.

But just before he could stretched his hands from inside the quilt, he felt himself being wrapped in the blanket and turned a circle by Shen Jue.

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Gu Yanshu tried to push him away, but he himself was wrapped as a silkworm baby. He struggled for a few times, but instead of pushing him away, he felt warmness swept through his body when he was struggling, together with sleepiness overwhelming his senses.

He tried to make his last stand and sharply turned around, but crushed into a warm broad chest.

His body faltered.

From above came the husky teasing voice: “Behave yourself, and don’t try to take advantage of me.”

Who the hell wanted to take advantage of you.

Gu Yanshu was about to call Shen Jue shameless. But when he inadvertently smelled the balsam mixed with pine and cedar lingering around the nose, he didn’t say it out in the end.

Fou D’Absinthe。

Fou D’Absinthe.

Such familiar scent of old memories, with deadly attractions, was like some kind of emmetazine-like sedative, awakening the dependence in the cerebral cortex that was hard to be abstained from.

Like in a dream, he seemed to have returned to the first winter when he came to Beijing.

The shabby dormitory, the narrow single bed, no heating, no air-conditioning, even no money to buy a good quilt.

How young was he then? Maybe sixteen, not seventeen yet. He couldn’t hold the cold, missed home often but couldn’t go back, and was hard to fall asleep due to the freezing cold. His leg was hurting, but would still make all-out efforts to practice in the day. Too many worries that he didn’t want to share made him fall sick.

He had got a fever for three day that burnt him unconscious. He couldn’t remember anything.

Except that when he woke up again, he saw Shen Jue was sitting beside the bed with red eyes caused by sitting up for him. Shen found he woke up, cursing him: “Are you fucking numb? Why didn’t you say it out when you’re so cold and tired? Who will raise you if the fever makes you an idiot?”

At that time everyone thought Shen Jue went too far, so they all scolded Shen Jue to stand up for him.

But Shen Jue’s had been stubborn during this, and didn’t say any words to moderate.

Gu Yanshu thought Shen Jue would forever shut him out.

However, just at that night, Shen Jue carried the quilt to his bed, like what happened just now tonight, took the advantage of the strength to wrap him up, cuddled him and educated: “You can tell me if you feel cold, tired or painful. Don’t be a nerd at such young age.”

Shen Jue didn’t care about whether Gu Yanshu was willing or not, and just tucked himself and him in the same cocoon.

That was Gu Yanshu’s first time to sleep with others in the same bedding since five.

Maybe because he felt too cold when sleeping alone, or there was no room against Shen Jue’s stubbornness, or the scent of Shen Jue’s body smelled so good, anyway, from then on he got used to sleep with Shen Jue.

He always felt his hands and feet were cold, but Shen Jue’s body was warm all the time. So this became the only warmness he could touched during the bitter winter, and the scent of Shen Jue along with it also made him develop a deep dependence.

So it had been such a long time to smell it again.

It’s surprising that with so many years past Shen Jue was still using the same perfume he ever loved to use.

What’s hilarious was that, like Fang Yuan had mentioned, he and Shen Jue were like oil and water. Otherwise, why every time they came across there would be bad luck, and when they got separate, everything would go perfectly.

So the best way was not to trouble Shen Jue.

Had to stay away from him.

If not, something terrible would happen sooner or later.

When thinking about this, Gu Yanshu’s consciousness dissipated, knowing in his heart that he should push Shen Jue away, but his body began to relax against his will, and the tides-like sleepiness was encroaching his willpower gradually.

Quite a while later, there came the shallow steady breathing.

Shen Jue could feel that the man next to him had already fell asleep. He opened his eyes, looking at him with the dim light from the window.

The coldness seen on the face in the day disappeared during this quiet sleeping, replaced by a kind of pale pretty boyishness. He was slightly bowing his back like a homeless kitten, who was so sleepy and only could find a corner to secretly nap, but meanwhile tensed up all the time and would wake up with a start by any possible noise.

Shen Jue sighed.

He stretched his big foot to touch the small ones of Gu Yanshu, to see whether they were still cold.

But the moment he touched them, Gu Yanshu began to vaguely say something.

Shen Jue slowed down his movement, and asked in a low voice: “What’s up?”

Gu Yanshu unconsciously brushed his body with a soft voice.

“Brother, so cold today. My leg hurts, could we practice for half an hour less.”

Shen Jue was silent. This boy must be dreaming of the past.

It seemed that the Shen Jue in the had replied to him, after a while, Gu Yanshu said again in a low voice, “Just for half an hour, please. My leg is so painful, brother.”

The cool tone of the voice became a little soft because of the ambiguity, with a pitiful sense of pettiness, but did not dare to greedy for more. This kind of cautious niceness was heartbreaking to hear.

No matter how it was like in front of others, he would always be his Cute Gu.

Shen Jue sighed slowly, cuddled him in the arms, patted his back and cajoled: “All right, let’s stop practicing since your leg hurts.”

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