Chapter 6.2 Only one quilt

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Then that man directly bypassed Gu Yanshu, put the sensor on, and poked his hand in: “Go ahead.”

Sheng Ping then smoothly picked up a question paper from the box: “The food you hate most.”

Shen Jue: “Tomatoes. Allergic.”


There came a crisp sound and the light turned green.

Gu Yanshu: “……”

Program team: “……?”

Xia Qingqiao: “???”

On Gu Yanshu’s face were still coldness and calmness that a flower from lofty mountains deserved to own: “I guess I’m wearing too much and hot. I’ll go upstairs and change a coat.”

After saying that, he went straight upstairs.

His face was still frosty, without any trace of the expressions.

But a trace of imperceptible laughter crossed Shen Jue’s eyes: “Mmm, Gu Yanshu’s heart rate is indeed faster than average, so it’s normal for the inaccuracy.”

Shen Jue’s reaction was so mild that the program team had to friendly remind him: “Teacher Shen, Shu had been false five times in a row, that’s to say, even if you answer all the five questions correctly, you two would only receive one hundred for the living expenses, otherwise you might owe the program team.”

“So be it. I will definitely make enough money to raise him.”

Such an indifferent sentence, with that indefinable something, even with a kind of certain odd pleasure.

Gu Yanshu didn’t hear what questions had been asked for shen Jue, and went straight back to his room.

Icy coldness wrapped around him after he entered the room.

Gu Yanshu tightened his slightly loosened down coat.

He grew up in south and couldn’t stand the cold from when he was a child. The first year in Beijing, he lived in a room without air conditioning and heating, which kept him up all night long. That’s why he had been never fond of the winters in the north.

Only when the life got easier, he gradually felt less miserable.

So in this moment he never thought he would experience the feeling of bone-chilling cold again.

The heating might be not working.

Gu Yanshu was about to call the staff to check about it.

The moment his hand touched the door handle, he stopped.

What happed about the lie detector just now came to him.

More and more counterfeit products nowadays. Maybe Shen Jue was just waiting to laugh at him.

But what kind of questions would Shen Jue be asked?

Anyway, it was none of his business.

He didn’t want to go downstairs now.

Glanced at the watch.

After having the hot pot and playing the game, he didn’t realized it was already over ten o’clock. Gu Yanshu thought he himself should go to bed before Shen Jue came back, to avoid any unnecessary trouble and embarrassment.

Taking out the toiletries and pajamas, and getting ready to prepare his bed out of habit, he suddenly realized what was exactly the thing that he thought this room was lack of.

—-There were only sheets on bed, no quilts.

No quilts.

Gu Yanshu raised a bad vibe in his heart.

Before he could deny this point, the door opened with a creak.

He turned around.

Shen Jue was standing at the door.

A male model’s figure of 1.89 meter tall wearing a runway limited edition of a luxury brand, standing there casually, exuded noble characteristics that one couldn’t took his eyes off.

Moreover, in his hands was a green quilt covered with red flowers.

Such a damn festive picture.

Like a little prince from north-east.

Shen Jue leisurely wandered towards the bed under the disgusted eyes of Gu Yanshu, and threw the quilt onto the bed: “Never look at me like that. One hundred RMB can only afford such a quilt.”

Gu Yanshu threw a question: “Only one quilt?”

“So what do you think of?” Shen Jue spread the quilt, “Who just lied for five times in a row without blinking? Don’t you get any idea of it?”

“The problem is the lie detector. It’s not working.”

Gu Yanshu stared at the back of Shen Jue, indifferently with his voice sounding calm and coolheaded.

Shen Jue smiled slightly: “All right, it’s not working. But the thing is, even I think so, the program team won’t think so. Quilts, food, daily supplies, all these need to be bought from them. We only got one hundred in total, so just be grateful when I’m able to bring you a quilt.”

Until now Gu Yanshu found Shen Jue put the quilt on the bed near the wall: “Why are you putting the quilt on my bed?”

“Or else? You can’t stand the cold or I can’t? Shen Jue got the quilt ready, stood up, and looked back to Gu Yanshu.

Then he found Gu Yanshu was standing there quietly, hanging down his eyelashes. His eyelids hinted veins of blue under the light, the corner of his lips pursed into a straight line, and his chin tucked back into his collar again.

Gu’s expression kept cold, but Shen Jue knew, that every time Gu Yanshu felt he himself made a mistake he would show like this.

It made people want to bully him.

Shen Jue raised the corner of his lips, lowered the voice, and hided the smile: “Don’t worry, I’ll go to living room to sleep later. It’s warm there.”

But there would be so many staff walking around there. It depended on whether someone could bear to allow it.


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