Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 30.3

Sitting atop the sapphire blue velvet cushion was a rose gold pendant that was about the size of the nail of one’s pinky. It was in the shape of a microphone, and was covered in small diamonds on it. Attached on the same hook was a name plate, with the initials “GYS” carved in cursive writing. 

The workmanship was intricate, the style was neutral yet still pretty, and it did not appear too feminine. 

He took it up and shook it a little; soft but crisp rings could be heard when the microphone and name plate knocked against each other. 

The pendant would look good regardless of whether it was made into a necklace or hung on a bracelet. 

Clearly, it was a bespoke gift, and not something that was made on impulse, so Shen Jue had properly prepared this present for some time…


Gu Yanshu bit his lip. 

But before he could think about it a little more, Fang Yuan’s voice sounded, “Xiao Shu, are you ready?” 


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 This affirmed his determination to hide those thermal leggings well. 


Moreover, this was truly a piece of good news for him. 

The fashion industry usually valued the popular and stepped on the unpopular, and having been on the cover of the top five magazines meant, to a celebrity, that his popularity and influence had been acknowledged by the industry. 

Among the top five, the hardest to get was VG. VG would usually put a group of people on its covers, and when they did solo covers, it would usually feature the popular and truly capable celebrities on the international stage. Their choice of male celebrities was extremely high. 

The last local male celebrity who had completed this feat before the age of 25 was Shen Jue. 

Gu Yanshu had been in group covers on VG twice previously, and had always thought that he would be invited only after he won a solo music award. He didn’t expect this to happen so soon. 

And so, not only did Ding Yun and Chen Ran’s ploy fail to drag him down, it even got him more fans and resources. What an irony. 

Shen Jue was sitting on the couch, helping Shen Jue put his medicine into the medicine box. As he listened in to their conversation, he wasn’t truly surprised by it. After all, Gu Yanshu was someone with impressive looks and capabilities, and was even like a walking clothes hanger. One would be stupid if they didn’t invite him on their cover. 

He could only say that VG was smart. 

As for him, he had already completed this feat, and given he had also obtained a luxury brand endorsement, so he wasn’t very interested in magazines. 

But the next thing that Fang Yuan said made him pause. 

“Oh, ‘Fas’ is also asking if you have any interest in the Christmas special cover. It’ll be a couple’s shoot.” 

Gu Yanshu looked at Fang Yuan and raised a brow, “Couple’s shoot? Who’s the other person?”


“It hasn’t been decided. The magazine said that they wanted to check on your interest before making more plans.” 

It seemed like both magazines had just made the decision today. It seemed like this incident really created a huge hype for him. 

Initially, Gu Yanshu wasn’t interested in magazine covers, but as he thought about his plans to end his contract with UN soon, and that his own studio needed more networks and fashion resources to develop better, he still nodded in agreement. “I’ll do it.” 

He made his decision really quickly. 

Shen Jue was suddenly unhappy, and he put down the Doraemon medicine box in his hand. He looked up, and said in a seemingly unconcerned tone, “You don’t even know who you’re shooting the cover with and you’re going to just agree to it?” 

Gu Yanshu ignored him, then turned to Fang Yuan and asked, “Are there any candidates?” 

“Oh. On this. The first one is Jiang Tan. Previously, she had publicly announced that her favourite celebrity was you. As for the second…” 

As the two of them discussed this matter, they walked out of the ward. 

Shen Jue: “…” 

This little b*stard. 

He was already so old now, so how could he still agree to photoshoots with female celebrities, and have to hug and act intimate with them?

Shen Jue’s blood was boiling at the thought of this. 


Even though he was still angry, he still took his phone out, leaned back into the couch, then crossed his leg and called a number which had been annoyed by his numerous calls. “Hi, Brother.” 

There were already impatient shouts from the other end of the phone. 

Shen Jue chuckled, “Helping you chase your brother-in-law is also bringing help. I just need you to help me get someone to remind Fas, since I can show myself personally.” 

He paused for a moment, then added something. 

“Oh yes, help me see if there are any apartments for sale in the area where Gu Yanshu is staying. I’m fine with any price, but I want a fully furnished apartment as soon as possible.” 

“Mm. I’m scared that he’ll run away, so I have to watch over him.”

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