Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 30.2

Fine, we’re not close. 

If we’re not close, why would you rub on my shirt when you sneeze? If you’re not close, why would you push your two ice-block-like legs against my embrace? 

Shen Jue felt that one day, he would either be angered to death by Gu Yanshu, or he would personally strangle this little b*stard to death. 

But as he looked at that pale little face, all he felt was heartache again. “Are you saying that we’ll stay clear of each other after the show ends?” 

After the show ends, the two of them would probably not have any interactions anymore. 


As Gu Yanshu realised that the filming would end in two to three weeks, his eyes looked somewhat distraught, but he still struggled, wanting to take his ankle away from Shen Jue’s hand. 

Yet, Shen Jue refused to let him have his way. He used a hand to pull Gu Yanshu’s ankle forward, while he used his other to pull out a pair of thermal leggings, then pretended to act shamelessly as he warned, “If you’re not going to put them on, I’ll move next door to your home and force you to wear them everyday.” 

“There’s only one apartment on each floor at the place I’m staying in.” 

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“I’ll just be annoying, so be it! Stop acting like a spoiled brat!” 


“Who’s acting like a spoiled brat?” 

“Whoever’s shouting in a fake nasal voice is acting like a spoiled brat!” 

“My nose is blocked! I’m not faking the nasal voice!” 

“Since you know that your nose is blocked, why aren’t you keeping yourself warm?” 

“Get lost! Stop pulling at my pants!” 

“If you wear it yourself, then I won’t have to pull your pants off!” 


“Xiao Shu! Good… news…” 

The moment Fang Yuan opened the door, he saw Gu Yanshu laying on the bed. Shen Jue had one knee on the bed, and he was leaning forward and grabbing Gu Yanshu’s ankle with one hand, while his other hand was on Gu Yanshu’s waistband. 

He was stunned into silence, and he stood rooted on the spot. 

Three seconds later.



The door was closed. 

“I’m sorry to interrupt.” 

Shen Jue: “…” 

Gu Yanshu: “…” 

“Shen Jue!” Gu Yanshu was so angry that even his ears were red. 

Shen Jue quickly gave in and coaxed him, “I wasn’t the one who was forcing you, I was simply following the doctor’s instructions. You might have a reliance on knee guards if you wear them all the time, and it’s most important to keep warm. Or are you saying that you don’t intend to dance anymore?”


“Or is it the case that you want to continue fighting with me, and let Fang Yuan walk into us like this again?


“Let me tell you this first, Cao Dan has said that if we don’t return by twelve, he’s going to bring the entire production crew to the hospital. Do you want a live broadcast of you putting on thermal leggings?”


“You just have to wear them these few days because it’s snowing. When the weather is warmer, I won’t force you anymore. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to sleep from the pain.” 



Gu Yanshu pursed his lips tightly. 

Fang Yuan’s contemplative tone sounded from outside the door. “Xiao Shu, are you ready?” 

Gu Yanshu struggled internally for a whole minute, then looked sullenly at Shen Jue as he finally said, “Throw the red one away.” 

Shen Jue complied immediately. 

“You can’t tell anyone else about this.” 

Shen Jue tried his best to stifle his laughter, “Fine, I won’t tell anyone else. I even especially got my assistant to place them into a box that is used to store coats, so that they look more upmarket. No one will be able to tell that there were thermal leggings inside.” 

Gu Yanshu was not comforted by his words at all. Instead, his face was stony as he said, “Get out, I need to change.” 

After Shen Jue finally closed the door and left the room, Gu Yanshu’s face turned even more sullen. 

He really didn’t want to wear this thing, but he knew that Shen Jue was right. He wasn’t going to let his legs suffer in the long run, was he? 

… Fine. He secretly wore it inside, so that others would not discover them. It shouldn’t affect his looks. 

Gu Yanshu unwillingly reached out for the box, then his fingers stilled.


His fingers had landed on a small box. 

The expectation in his heart rose again, almost instantaneously. 

He picked the box up and took a look. 

It was a jewellery box from Brand B. 

There was even a logo on it, to show that it was a privately crafted design. 

He opened the box. 

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