Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 31.1

After Shen Jue made the call, he guessed that the heartless little one had probably ditched him and ran off on his own. 

He sighed helplessly, then packed up and left the ward. 

Unexpectedly, the moment he left the room, he saw Gu Yanshu standing quietly at the corner of the corridor. 

His hands were in his pockets, and his head was looking down. The baseball cap had pushed his fringe down, causing it to fall between his brows, and the white lighting made him appear gentle and pretty, and less aloof.  

Shen Jue suddenly realised that the cold arrogance shrouded over Gu Yanshu was a complete contrast from the way his eyes were covered by his fringe. Just like yesterday, when he pushed his fringe up, he seemed extremely cool, but once it was fluffy and falling down on his eyes, he appeared extremely obedient. 


Suddenly, he wasn’t that angry anymore. 

He still knew how to wait for him, so he wasn’t that heartless after all. 

He walked over and asked, “Where’s Fang Yuan?” 

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The doors of the elevator closed. 


Gu Yanshu suddenly cocked his head up and turned to him. “When did you prepare that gift?” 

“Didn’t I already tell you? I got my assistant to buy it this morning. It’s 5,980 yuan per pair. 


Gu Yanshu forcefully suppressed his anger, and said through gritted teeth, “I’m not talking about the thermal leggings.” 

“Oh, you were referring to the other gift.” Shen Jue said in a relaxed tone, “I prepared that for your twentieth birthday. I wanted Huang Yinan to bring it over to pass it to you back then, but he insisted that I gave it to you personally, so I didn’t manage to give it to you.” 

His twentieth birthday. That was the first birthday Gu Yanshu celebrated after they disbanded. Back then, Gu Yanshu had already debuted again as a solo artist, and during his birthday celebration, all the members from YOUNG attended, except Shen Jue. 

That day, Gu Yanshu wore one of his favourite sweaters and waited an entire night for Shen Jue, but he did not appear. 

It was only that day that he finally began to realise that his words, “We won’t see each other again in the future”, became a prophecy. 

He pursed his lips tightly. 

Shen Jue then added nonchalantly, “I was downstairs that night, and I saw your mother coming out to buy drinks for you guys. She looked really happy.” 

Instantly, Gu Yanshu’s mind was in a mess, till it eventually became empty. 

What did Shen Jue mean by this? 


Was he telling him that he did come that day, but he didn’t appear because he was scared that he might make his mother angry? 

Even though he had already known that Shen Jue had stayed away from him just to avoid any further rumours, as well as to ensure that his mother might feel more assured, at that very moment, Gu Yanshu still felt his eyes sting. 

It was as though he had really managed to meet Shen Jue that night, but that night was just too long… Five years long… 

But since Shen Jue had never explained to him that he had chosen to avoid him because his mother did not accept him, then why would he suddenly give him such a present today, and even explain himself to him? 

Could it be because of the song he sang the previous night? 

Or perhaps Shen Jue had done it on a whim, and he had misunderstood Shen Jue’s intentions. 

His heart was probably beating faster because of his fever. Yet, it was still throbbing messily. 


The door opened. 

Fang Yuan had already driven the car to the entrance, and had wound down the windows to wave at them. 

It seemed like there was never a right time for them to talk things through properly. 

However, Gu Yanshu really didn’t want the conversation to just end there. 


He pulled down his cap, then calmed his breathing before asking, “Mm. Then, will you be coming for my birthday this year?” 

He sounded nonchalant, and perhaps even a little unbothered by his answer.

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