Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 247 [Khan’s Story 39] Khan, I Love You (End)

The girl’s fair countenance appeared exquisite and lustrous under the flickering candlelight that after Hu Luoyan had gulped down the contents of the nuptial cup, he could no longer suppress the surging feelings in his heart. He took Chu Jiao, who had swallowed the wine, into his arms and placed a deep kiss into her satiny lips.

His large tongue pried her bright red lips apart, the sweet scent of wine pervading the air coming from their mouths. Hu Luoyan playfully hooked his tongue around the girl’s soft tongue and nimbly entangled itself with it, gracefully coiling around it in a dance of seduction, his tender lips even sucking on the sweetness left on her mouth.

“Mmm…” Chu Jiao raised her head, openly accepting the man’s deep kiss as the corners of her eyes suffused with spring. Not to be outdone, her hands kept caressing the man’s chest, igniting a fire everywhere.

She urgently peeled off his red celebratory attire, layer by layer, and her nimble little hands slid inside the man’s inner apparel, stroking his firm chest. Chu Jiao’s face had turned slightly flushed, but her hand did not stop moving.

She was always the one who had her tofu eaten, so why shouldn’t she be allowed to eat his?


“Hiss…” While he was distracted, her dainty fingers toyed with the two little protrusions on the man’s chest. Chu Jiao heard the man immediately suck in his breath and chuckled before pressing her soft hands onto those two erect little beads, rubbing them gently, effectively making the man in front of her breathe more heavily.

“Ah Jiao… You’re playing with dangerous fire…” Hu Luoyan bit Chu Jiao’s tongue gently and carried her up, falling down on the bed together.

Chu Jiao turned the man’s body over, willfully pressing him under her, “Only the officials are allowed to set fires, whereas mere commoners aren’t allowed to light up the lights?”1Only those with power can do whatever they please whereas commoners couldn’t.

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“R zshl usw vss…” Ubw Kkys elzkhlale bla zkrp vs bkx, “Yu Ibyd…”

At this moment, Hu Luoyan no longer held himself back, sending all his built-up heat into the girl’s body.



The two entangled together for a long time before finally falling asleep in each other’s embrace once dawn broke. Chu Jiao’s head was rested in the crook of the man’s arm, a small happy smile still lingered on the corners of her mouth, but the voice she didn’t want to hear the most suddenly rang in her head.

[World: “The Khan Ruthlessly Loves”2In the first chapter of this arc, the title of the story was “The Khan Tyrant Dotes on the False Princess, but it seems that the author has changed it midway., Goal Completion Rate: 100%]

[The capture of male lead, Hu Luoyan, is a success.]

[System in preparation…]

[The 10-minute transfer countdown will now begin.]

Chu Jiao quickly propped herself up, caressing the man’s handsome sleeping visage.

“Ah Yan…” she murmured.

Hu Luoyan opened his eyes in a daze, revealing emotions within them, “Hm?”

“I… I really don’t want to leave you…” Chu Jiao couldn’t bear to leave at such a precious moment in time and more so on the thought of leaving the person in front of her.

“Silly girl,” he stroked the girl’s bed hair, “How could you leave me?”

“Didn’t I already say that you will accompany me for thousands of years to come…”


Chu Jiao shook her head sadly, watery tears surfacing in her eyes, but because of the system, she was unable to say anything.

“Be good,” Hu Luoyan lovingly kissed Chu Jiao’s eyes, “You won’t leave me, and I also won’t leave you.”

He knew that his Jiaojiao was about to embark on another journey again.

Although at the beginning, the plan had deviated from its original course due to a certain woman’s obstruction, fortunately, he still had a card up his sleeve and found his treasure again.

After going through so many worlds, his mental prowess had almost made a full recovery. Even if he had lost some things in the last world to save Jiaojiao, he had now gained everything back to make up for it. This world was supposed to be the last world his Jiaojiao had to get through, but because of the mistakes that were made in the first world, her soul was still not condensed enough.

It didn’t matter since he would continue to accompany her in the next world.

[The countdown has come to an end, preparing to send host out…]


“Jiaojiao, do not worry. I will always stay by your side.”


“No matter what I look like.”

“No matter what identity I have.”


“No matter if I remember you or not.”

“No matter if you forget me or not.”


“I will always love you.”

[End of the Sixth World]

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