Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 245 [Khan’s Story 37] Leave me a little farther

Chu Jiao was tenderly tossed and turned by Hu Luoyan throughout the whole night, the thread of suspicion in her heart having been cast far away as she fell into the waves of desire before finally falling fast asleep. Upon waking up the next day, she found herself already sleeping inside the unfamiliar palace.

“Mmhh…” Where is this? And where’s Beardie?

As soon as she saw the palace maids in her surroundings, Chu Jiao initially assumed that she had been transmigrated once again.

“Ah, princess, you have awakened!” Hong Xiu had just entered into the room, carrying a clean basin as she saw that her master had awakened, happily walking towards her.

“Hong Xiu?” Chu Jiao propped herself up, “Are you fine?”


To not inadvertently alert the enemy, she didn’t share Hu Luoyan’s complete plan to the slow-witted yet considerably loyal slave girl, merely letting her stay beside the troops and attending to the fake princess Bi Luo, so she didn’t know whether the slave had gotten injured amid the fight.

“Princess, please don’t worry. This servant is fine.”

Hong Xiu quickly retrieved a set of prepared clothes from the side and helped put it on Chu Jiao while explaining, “When the group of assassins jumped out, it scared this slave to death! Fortunately, princess was able to hide. Otherwise, even if this slave dies a thousand deaths, I won’t be able to face the imperial consort and the emperor.”

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“I’m fine… A lot of people are looking~” Chu Jiao gently pushed the man’s chest away, “Leave me a little farther!~”


“Is Ah Jiao being shy?” Hu Luoyan chuckled, waving his hand nonchalantly. The maids then filed out in a single line, leaving the two of them alone, “This way, no one’s looking anymore.”

“You…” Chu Jiao gained newfound knowledge of the man’s thick skin, “Aren’t you afraid someone would call you a nympho!”

“You are the just and honorable queen I’m marrying, what do you mean by nympho. They’re more than overjoyed by this.” Hu Luoyan paid no mind to her criticisms.

“His Majesty and the princess’s relationship is really good.”

“Yes. That’s true. I’ve never seen His Majesty look so happy and intimate with a woman before.”

“After a few days, we would have to call her Khatun. Don’t forget to use the right term.”

“Hehe, I know I know.”

The faint discussions from outside confirmed Hu Luoyan’s words.

Chu Jiao was too lazy to argue with this overbearing man and suddenly brought up her main question, “We’re back in the palace, right? Did you also bring the spy, who tried to sneak an attack on me, back with us?”

“We still have yet to return to the palace. This is just one of my secret courtyards. All the people here work for me. Stay here for a while, and once the dust has settled, I’ll bring you back to the palace.”

“Then, has your rebellious third prince been caught?” Chu Jiao asked in worry, “And, what about your brother?”

“Relax,” Hu Luoyan patted her hand to comfort her, “Ah Hui has finished dealing with the majority of the assassins and deliberately let a few people go to let the false princess be brought back with them. It’ll make them think that they have a valuable piece in their hands, so we can easily catch them.”


“The other side thinks that ‘I’ am heavily injured, while at the same time, they have successfully captured the ‘princess,’ so they’ll definitely make the last counterattack,” Hu Luoyan analyzed, “Little do they know that I’ve already set everything up. As long as they enter the palace, I’ll be able to exterminate them all!”

Chu Jiao nodded in acknowledgement. She was completely unfamiliar in the field of political schemes, but she believed in the man in front of her, so she knew that she only needed to quietly await for the good news.

“By then, can we use the spy to exchange for Bi Luo?” Chu Jiao suddenly recalled Hong Xiu’s earlier request, “Even though she had plotted to take my life, she still suffered on my behalf. If I save her life, it would probably consider our debts even.”

She was not a saint by any means, nor was she someone who was unable to distinguish right from wrong. The female lead had already paid a great price for her actions, so she wouldn’t completely end her life. Rescuing her would be considered repaying her on the basis that they shared a master and slave relationship, but after all of this, she wouldn’t have her serve by her side any longer.

“You ah…” Hu Luoyan playfully poked Chu Jiao’s nose, his eyes brimming with distress and warmth. His Jiaojiao had always been kind without knowing that some women would never place her kindness to heart.

However, as long as she was happy, he would do whatever she asked. In any case, as long as he was there, he wouldn’t let her suffer any harm.

“I’ll always do as you wish.”

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