Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 246 [Khan’s Story 38] Settling Treason

Hu Luoyan originally wanted to safely leave Chu Jiao in his private courtyard before returning to the palace and finally pulling the net to real in his catch.

However, the little girl simply didn’t approve of it no matter what he said and even used frightening words to provoke him.

“You told me you were going to take me as your queen, but what kind of queen gets woefully left behind? And, what kind of king enters the palace alone?”

“I’m already considered as one of your people. If you don’t plan to bring bengong with you, are you trying to not take responsibility for bengong?”

“Who knows that once you leave, a stealthy assassin would come. Are you genuinely reassured about leaving me behind here?”


In other words, she insisted on going to the palace with Hu Luoyan.

Despite knowing that she was only making trouble, leaving her alone here while the man went off somewhere she couldn’t see and letting him deal with the enemy all alone made her feel absolutely restless.

If something were to happen to you, would I still be able to live on?

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Nearly ten thousand private soldiers rushed into Gaoliu City in the dark of the night, oblivious to the fact that the other side was completely prepared for this, and that the palace was guarded like a thick iron fence.


On one side, there were private soldiers without any experience in the battlefield, while on the other side were elite soldiers who have all accompanied Hu Luoyan in his campaigns for several years. No matter how many private soldiers there were on that side, 10 of them couldn’t even rival one on the other side, so the terrible tides of the battle soon turned against their favor.

When Tuoba Feng saw this, he immediately dragged a bound and pale-faced ‘princess,’ whose appearance was dishevelled, as a trump card and threatened in front of the soldiers.

”This is the princess of Great Chu, Tuoba Yan! If she dies, not only will the peace talks between you and Great Chu fall apart. Great Chu may even go as far as to march their soldiers to Xianbei! If your army even dares to take a step forward, I’ll make her blood spill on this field!”

“Haha!” Before Hu Luoyan could even say anything, Tuoba Hui confidently stood in front of the army, pointing at Tuoba Feng with a big smile plastered on his face, saying in a clear loud voice, “Third Brother, how could you be so stupid? My queen sister is resting well inside the palace, and what you’re holding there is but a fake. Seeing you bark orders makes me want to laugh my head off!”

“Th-That’s impossible!” Tuoba Feng nervously pointed at Bi Luo, “This is clearly the princess of Great Chu! Don’t even think about trying to deceive me!”

At this moment, Hu Luoyan stood on the tall courts of the palace, overlooking the whole city and looking at the site beneath him with disdain.

He hadn’t even uttered a word yet when a girl gorgeously dressed in a queen’s coronation clothes slowly stepped out from the shadows behind him.

“The princess of Great Chu, benwang’s queen, my Xianbei people’s Khatun, was personally brought into the palace of Gaoliu by benwang.”

Hu Luoyan held the girl’s hand and proudly stood shoulder to shoulder with her. He raised their hands in front of the hundreds of court councillors and soldiers beneath them and said with authority, “At this moment, she stands beside benwang and will accompany benwang for many more years in the future.”

“The one in your hands is merely her servant girl, and benwang has long been aware of your most trusted aides and the people you have colluded with in the dark,” Hu Luoyan waved his hand, and Ke Qi’er and dozens of other court officials were escorted to the side on cue, “Third brother, surrender yourself.”

Tuoba Feng unconsciously lost hold of the knife in his hand and remained blank on his horse. Seeing this chance, Tuoba Hui immediately captured him and all the other rebelling soldiers, took off their armor, letting them beg for mercy.

With this, the long-drawn rebellion had come to an end.


Hu Luoyan grandly held Chu Jiao’s hand in front of everyone and walked through the brightly lit  road, letting everyone know that she was his queen and that she lived inside the palace. Moreover, the first thing Hu Luoyan did upon coming back to court was to order the Ministry of Rites to prepare for his and Chu Jiao’s wedding.

On the day of the wedding, the whole town turned up to celebrate. Even though the common people could not see the grand occasion of the Khan’s wedding, the people were still filled with joy. They thanked the Khan sincerely for unifying the 36 regions and bringing them into a peaceful era, wholeheartedly blessing the Khatun who came from Great Chu and allowing the two kingdoms to coexist in peace. These people never had to have any bloodshed or war happening to them again.

And inside the palace, within the Khan’s quarters, Xianbei’s most noble emperor and empress sat across each other under the light of the big red celebration candle, performing the nuptial cup sharing ceremony to signify their union.

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