Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 248 The Seventh World

Chu Jiao suddenly awoke from the darkness again, yet the first thing she did was not to check the plot and the tasks that were placed in front of her, but to question the system loudly.

[419, come out!]

[Host, what can I do for you?]

[Hu Luoyan…. N-no, is the male lead the same as me, a tasker!?]

Before Chu Jiao lost consciousness, she clearly heard the man whisper in her ear that he would always be right by her side, no matter what identity or appearance he had, and regardless of whether he remembered her or not.


If he wasn’t a tasker like her, how could he utter such a specific promise like that? She didn’t believe that this was just a momentary slip of the tongue at all!

Moreover… This wasn’t the first time as well…

Chu Jiao closed her eyes and concentrated, the vague words scattered across her head gradually gaining clarity.

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“Kkysfkys… Llmv vkxl… Slxlxcla vs qyzz kd zshl okvb xl y zkvvzl lyazkla.”

“Kkysfkys. Slxlxcla, R zshl usw. Llmv vkxl, rzlypl…. qyzz kd zshl okvb xl ytykd.”

“Kkysfkys… Llmv vkxl, R’zz nsxl yde qkde usw qkapv.”

“Kkysfkys… Psd’v cl yqayke… Zsw osd’v ekl…”

“Kkysfkys, es dsv osaau. R okzz yzoyup pvyu cu uswa pkel… Ls xyvvla obyv R zssj zkjl, ds xyvvla obyv keldvkvu R byhl, ds xyvvla kq R alxlxcla usw sa dsv, ds xyvvla kq usw qsatlv xl sa dsv… R okzz yzoyup zshl usw.”

Rv vwadle swv vbyv bl bye yzalyeu vsze bla zsdt yts, yde kd vawvb, bl bye yzoyup clld cu bla pkel.

Mlyap pzsozu pvalyxle esod vbl nsadlap sq bla lulp, yde nsxrzlm qllzkdtp pvyavle vs olzz wr kd Ubw Kkysp’ blyav. Rv vwadle swv vbyv pbl oyp dsv yzz yzsdl, pbl oyp dsv kpszyvle dsa oyp pbl rkvkyczl. G nlavykd xyd bye yzalyeu pynakqknle y zsv ewakdt vbl xsxldvp pbl byed’v ryke ydu blle yv yzz.

[419, you knew this, didn’t you? ]


Recalling all the times the system was being unresponsive, Chu Jiao’s suspicion grew heavier. This system definitely knew of his real identity.

[System is only responsible for issuing tasks, the rest needs to be explored by the host herself.] What came in response was the system’s absolute robotic voice.

Chu Jiao also understood that there was absolutely no way of acquiring the truth from this system, so she could only rely on herself! In that case, the first thing she could do was to accept the task first.

She wanted to see, this time, what identity he would take up!

[Fine, send me the plot!] Chu Jiao impatiently told the system.

[Alright, transmitting the plot…]

This was still an ancient world, and the male protagonist was the same as the previous world, the most respected emperor of the Daye Dynasty under the heavens, and the female protagonist, Yun Wan, was Marquis Weiyuan’s legal daughter1She was born to the legal wife of Marquis Weiyuan, not to a concubine. and the fifth princess’s study partner.

The whole story was based on an extremely immature palace struggle. After the male lead became the emperor, he accepted the harem, and due to Marquis Weiyuan’s power, he pretended to favor the female lead, but in truth, he was secretly cutting down his strength from the shadows.

The female lead was naturally bright from having seen through the male lead’s ploy. Though she kept a pure heart, she constantly used her alluring body to seduce the male lead, and the two slowly developed feelings after constantly intertwining their bodies, but unfortunately, they were unable to be honest with each other due to the matters of the imperial court.

The male lead had always kept a white ray of moonlight in his heart, the only source of warmth he held during his childhood. Having been born with red eyes due to being poisoned in his mother’s womb, everybody despised him when he was young, but a certain little lady didn’t fear him at all, even stealthily feeding him food so that he would not starve to death. After he had ascended the throne, he constantly looked for this palace maid but to no avail.

After the male lead destroyed Marquis Weiyan’s plans, he finally learned, by chance, that the female lead was the white moonlight that he held dear in his childhood. He finally admitted his feelings to her, but the female lead only harbored thoughts of avenging her father. With this melodramatic twist in the story, the male lead disbanded the harem and sincerely faced the female lead, but the female lead no longer paid any attention to him. The two people then entangled in a forceful love affair for the majority of the book until in the end, when the male lead was about to be assassinated, the female lead finally had a sudden realization and responded to the male lead’s feelings, the two living happily ever after.

After reading the plot, Chu Jiao couldn’t help but sigh. Why was it that every world had such a melodramatic plot?


What was the use of transmigrating into this kind of childish and pointless world to carry out her mission?

Nevermind. It wouldn’t be of any use to think about it now.

Chu Jiao sighed and opened her eyes.

“Little Dumpling, if you don’t wake up anytime soon, this adoptive father of yours will have to whip you with a horsetail whisk!”

Before she could even observe her current situation, a girl’s shrill voice rang sorrowfully beside Chu Jiao’s ear.

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