Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5 – Okay, I heard you (1)

Back then, he was dizzy and powerless. He was only concerned about whether the Alpha he had run into had caught up to him.

He was in the middle of a crisis then so he had no time to think about anything else.

But now that he thought about it, after the other person helped  him, he didn’t do anything else. Even when he approached him and asked, he was polite yet indifferent, without the slightest hint of mockery.

This showed that the person wasn’t affected by him.

Gu Xi, what are you thinking? You think you can affect every Alpha you meet? Too smug, ah.

Mo Dian said, “Why are you asking me this? Did you meet an Alpha who ignored your pheromones? What kind of rare species is he?!”

Gu Xi’s face turned slightly sullen. He didn’t know which word in that sentence irked him. He pursed his lips and said, “Let’s go.”

Gu Xi put on his sunglasses to cover his profound eyes. He quickly returned to his cool and calm persona.

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“What’s wrong? Are you okay? We should ask for a break for now so you could rest,” Mo Dian said. He saw that Gu Xi’s face didn’t look good. He badly needed to get out of the mall. 

He saw Gu Xi staring on the ground. He didn’t know what he was looking at but he decided to pick it up for him.

Gu Xi stopped him and replied, “I’m fine. If I ask for a break, who’s going to pay all my debts?”

Mo Dian looked at Gu Xi’s smile. There was no trace of weakness on his face. It was firm and clear. He was strong and independent like an Alpha, that’s why a lot of people mistake him for a valiant Alpha, because he really was like dauntless.

Gu Xi picked up the bracelet and brushed the dust off it carefully.

This one should always be clean. It shouldn’t get dirty.

They went to the underground car park. The driver rushed back to fetch them. He was smoking since it helped him feel better to work late at night.

Gu Xi never liked the smell of cigarettes because it made him remember some of his very bad memories. He didn’t say anything to the driver though and only put down the partition window. He knew that the driver was a father of a newborn child. He didn’t want to make it difficult for this person to make a living.

When the car started, Gu Xi pulled out the bracelet and noticed that it had a small version of his picture on it.

After instructing the driver where to go, Mo Dian looked at Gu Xi and noticed that he had been looking at an unfamiliar bracelet for a while now.

He leaned over and said, “Hey, isn’t that a picture of your face drawn by a well-known artist in the industry? Your fans use that a lot and now they put it on your fan merch?”

Gu Xi smiled, “Why do you know that?”

Mo Dian scratched his head sheepishly and answered with a smile, “Isn’t it just normal for me to check what your fans talk about?”

Gu Xi didn’t answer. He turned on one of the interior lights inside the car and put on the bracelet. Then he randomly took a picture of his wrist and uploaded it.

Chichichi1 it’s like laughing or sumn Gu Xi: [heart][attached picture] 

In the dimness of the car, warm yellow light shined on his white, jade-like slender wrist. The bracelet was designed with a cute cartoon avatar underneath.

Gu Xi uploaded the photo. It was immediately visited by fans, and the comment section was instantly filled with hundreds of messages.

⸺ Aaaaaaaa, isn’t this today’s fan merch! I should print this out! When did you get this out from the event? I actually missed it!!!

⸺ I’m going crazy just thinking about us cheering outside while you sneak out to get our fan merch! So cuuute!

⸺ Our baby really loves us fans! You’re truly our kind angel!!!

⸺ Just look at the picture, it’s an angel’s hand!

⸺ Could you even judge our baby’s hand? Does it even belong to this world?

⸺ My mom asked me why I was kneeling and licking my screen ~ awsl2it’s so cute i’m going to die kek — is what it means

Gu Xi’s weibo account had been controlled by the company for three years. They had recently just returned the account to him. Since then, he has been regularly posting updates.

It didn’t seem like a part of his job to him. Instead it felt like a place where he could relax freely after being imprisoned for a long time. This was what he usually does to unwind.

Gu Xi unclasped the bracelet and stuffed it into his pant’s pocket. He leaned warily to at least try to rest.

“Wake me up when we get there.”

He needed to re-record a radio show recording since some of the radio effects were not quite good. He didn’t know how long it would take him so he decided to sleep first in the car.

Extreme fatigue and the aftereffects of the arrival of his heat soon made him fall into a shallow sleep.

Both his driver and his manager were Betas. They didn’t know yet that Gu Xi almost caused a riot inside the mall.

Mo Dian looked worryingly at Gu Xi’s face and turned off the lights. Then he covered him with a thin blanket.

The driver moved the rearview mirror and looked at Gu Xi’s sleeping figure. Some kind of struggle flashed across his eyes.


Rong Jing didn’t mind much about the thing that happened a while ago.

He hurried to the venue for the launch of the new jewelry store and saw people walking away from it. The two girls he met before were glad to see him, but they also told him that he was already late. Gu Xi had already left.

No wonder, Rong Jing thought. Those hundreds of people that filled the mall awhile ago were now starting to leave. Guess this is the power of a popular artist. He nodded. Then he saw a human sized standee cut out of Gu Xi.

Rong Jing wanted to know why his name felt familiar yet his picture still didn’t spark any feeling out of him.

What he was looking for was that fleeting sense of familiarity he always felt when he thought of his name. That feeling that he couldn’t quite grasp and made him feel uncomfortable.

The human size standee of Gu Xi was wearing a black suit. His brow ridge was profound and exquisite. He had the look of a superior human that made other humans around feel inferior to him. His eyes were seductive yet pure at the same time.

Rong Jing suddenly thought of something: Innocently seductive.

Even the standee alone was enough to show the charm of the brand. What more if it was the real person who promoted it.

But there was only indifference and a faint appreciation in Rong Jing’s eyes.

He stared at it for a while from the sidelines but then he gradually lost interest. Even the hope he held deep inside him faded. He felt like he was only looking at a picture from his phone. He didn’t feel any familiarity at all. Only the name Gu Xi and the title of the movie he starred in moved his interest.

Even though he was mentally strong, he fell into this new world without knowing anyone at all. So even though he couldn’t feel anything for it, he still found himself oddly attached to it. 

As a souvenir, Rong Jing took a selfie of him and the standee. Both the expression on his face and the standee looked very cold. They looked like a melancholic painting.

Rong Jing had mingled with other people before, so he knew what the basic aesthetic of a photo should have.

Rong Jing, who barely takes a selfie, raised his hand to form a V sign, and finally felt that the picture looked better now.

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