Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4 – Ah, Now I See The Light (2)

Translator: Nezu

Rong Jing’s eyes twitched as he remembered the Omega inside. The male Alpha’s expression was abnormal. This was not the time for him to mind his own business and he needed to intervene.

But he had nothing to do with the person inside. Rong Jing didn’t even know who he was or what he looked like. He just felt like, as a human being, it would be wrong to lose even the most basic morals.

The female Omega had never seen his male companion act like this, “Anada, what’s wrong with you? You’re scaring me!”

The Male Alpha turned a deaf ear. He knew that the sweet fragrance was close. Alphas have a particularly keen sense of smell when hunting.

At that moment, the ill-natured breath of the male Alpha emerged, which gave Rong Jing goosebumps.

Rong Jing thought that the situation had turned bad. A trace of decisiveness flashed into his gentle eyes.

He had a lot of doubts for the time being, but that didn’t stop him from reacting quickly and appropriately. He approached the male Alpha’s side, as if he looked concerned. He took advantage of his female companion’s inattention and struck down the male Alpha with a clean hand slash.

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After he guided them out, Rong Jing looked in the direction of the bathroom and completely closed the main door.

Then he ran into the security team that had just dealt with the conflict and handed over the man to them. At the end, he walked away after the woman thanked him again.

Rong Jing didn’t leave immediately. He went to Watsons X to buy a mist sprayer. He knew what Watson’s shops were for since he used to accompany his sisters here. 

When a sales lady recommended something to him, he suddenly smelled a faint scent. As if someone pushed him to think of something, he blurted out, “Do you have the Bluewind chimes?”

He went back and opened the main door to the bathroom again. The room was quiet, and all of the other doors for the six toilets remained closed.

He wasn’t sure if the Omega from awhile ago was still inside but just in case, he still covered his nose and used the spray.

After making sure that the scent has been fully covered, he closed the main door again. He hesitated for a moment before he took the cleaning signage hidden on the side and placed it in front of the door then left.

Rong Jing rushed to the event. He still wanted to attend and see Gu Xi in person.

Even though he wasn’t really pushing himself to remember, he still held a glimmer of hope of recalling that certain memory as to why the name Gu Xi was familiar. Since he now has the chance to meet, he might as well check it out. It could possibly give him some clues as to how he could go back to his original world.

Ten minutes ago, Gu Xi completely panicked when he heard the door opening.

He thought that someone came in and locked the door. But then he became dizzy again.

By the time his consciousness returned, he found that there were actually no movements around. The room was silent.

No banging on the door, no attacks, no sexual assaults.

He took out his phone and sent his location to his manager with trembling hands. 

The 4D TV at his feet was still playing commercials, and the light reflected on his sweaty face, making him look like a charming demon.

He waited until the inhibitor worked completely and made sure that his strength was back. Then he took a deep breath and opened the cubicle door.

The whole room was empty. A look of confusion and surprise crossed his face.

He checked the other cubicles to make sure that there was no one hiding.

Gu Xi came out frowning and found that the main door of the bathroom had been closed. There was a faint smell that lingered in the air. It wasn’t pleasant, but it smelled like a low-quality version of Bluewind Chimes.

He didn’t know what to feel. He felt relieved and confused at the same time. He really was the only one here in this relatively confined space.

He had always felt like some kind of wind always lingered in his heart, but that certain wind today gently wrapped his heart and carried a hint of warm moisture. It was an indescribable feeling.

Gu Xi’s eyebrows knitted tighter.

How… Was it…?

His expression turned from vigilance to disbelief.

He never believed in someone’s kindness before, because all goodwill always asked for compensation. People either did it for a reason. Either for fame, for their own profit, or for their pleasure.

And in the eyes of many Alpha, he is the pinnacle trophy of fame and fortune.

The sound of the door opening was heard, accompanied by some muttering.

“Who put this cleaning signage here? How would people use this bathroom then, ah?”

The manager, Mo Dian, looked carefully inside.

When he saw Gu Xi’s figure, he finally was able to breathe. But then he saw that Gu Xi didn’t notice him at all. Instead, he stood like a statue, frowning, as if thinking about some difficult problem.

Mo Dian approached him closer and said, “You suddenly sent me your location. You scared me to death! I was just about to buy you some snacks when I saw it. Are you… are you okay?”

He checked Gu Xi to see why he wasn’t paying attention, wondering if this child was bullied. He knew how much pressure Gu Xi had to face everyday.

But… why… Did he look more refreshed than when he was in the car?

Only then did Gu Xi notice his manager’s arrival. He looked at him, looking very confused, “If an Alpha ever smells my pheromones, and doesn’t react…”

“Pheromones? Are you in heat?!” Goodness! 557 days had passed, Gu Xi’s heat had finally arrived! “If not, then let’s have you checked by an endocrinologist!”

Most Omega’s heat periods were fixed. But if it’s irregular, it may or may not be a big deal.

Mo Dian became nervous again as he remembered the main topic, “But what happened to you? Did you bump into someone? Did anyone hurt you? You could’ve asked me to come with you if you weren’t feeling well!”

He was a beta, and Betas couldn’t feel or sense the pheromones but he had seen how an Alpha turned crazy after being affected by Gu Xi’s pheromones. 

If pheromones could be classified in this world, two types would be made. Gu Xi’s pheromones then the others Omegas’.

“I’m fine, I’m okay.” Gu Xi patted his little manager’s head and looked at the cleaning signage outside, “You still haven’t answered my question.”

“It’s impossible for an Alpha to not react to your pheromones. They would naturally react because it’s their instinct! Not to mention your pheromones can also influence other omegas! But suppose that there really is an Alpha like that, he’s either disguising as an Omega or Beta or… he can’t use it.” Mo Dian seriously explained while raising his hand.

Gu Xi was a walking aphrodisiac, a fatal beauty. No normal Alpha would be able to resist him.

Gu Xi’s confused eyes stopped moving.

He felt a bit proud of himself and a bit… enlightened.

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