Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 13.2

Chapter 13: Pinch me (2)

Translator: Nezu

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Gu Xi recalled what the person on the other end of the phone had said. It could only mean that the person in front of him was either bad at acting or had a bad reputation. He planned to check out the school forum later when he was free.

Moreover, his classmates seemed to be ignoring him or rejecting him. That showed that he had some kind of problem or that his character was bad.

However, he didn’t want to judge the person based on a few observations. Just as he had thought that Xun Jiarui was creepy, it didn’t mean that he didn’t have the possibility of being his savior. It was important to note that almost all of Xun Jiarui’s key points matched that of his savior.

If it really was Xun Jiarui, then he’d try his best to return the favor but that was it.

He also wouldn’t deny the possibility of his savior being Rong Jing as well even though the 79.9999% overall probability almost only relied on his intuition.

Besides, he was just giving him a chance. Their auditions were open to the public anyway. Even if he came on someone’s recommendation, it would still be useless if he failed. With that kind of thinking, he handed over the director’s business card.

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He looked at the business card that was given to him and realized that it was also the same number on the note that he got from Mr. Hu.


Rong Jing remembered that he had a party to attend in the evening but his clothes were nowhere to be found.

Zhou Xiang carried it for him and… forgot to give them back. 

The ever-omnipotent secretary Zhou who was said to be a person that never forgets anything actually forgot?

That very same Zhou Xiang who forgot about the said attire, was staring at several shopping bags at the moment. He was looking at his vice president who was currently looking at his phone from time to time. He had been staring at his brother’s WeChat profile for a while now, his mouth moving upwards from time to time then going back to deal with his work.

His boss was the kind of straight Alpha who was not attentive, gentle and considerate to others. He was like a steel that was incapable of bending.

However, he would always get into an argument with the young master, creating a cold war between them that could last for who knows how long.

They don’t talk about what they really feel. They keep what they’re thinking to themselves, causing simple misunderstandings.

It was a good thing that the young master had become understanding, otherwise they would really end up as strangers in this lifetime.

If no one could take the first step, how could there be a change, right?

However, Zhou Xiang didn’t actually expect that the first one who would take the first step was Rong Jing, who avoided Xie Ling so much.

Zhou Xiang thought for a moment and then sent a message to Rong Jing. He told him that he forgot to give back his clothes, but because he couldn’t leave, he asked Rong Jing if he could come to the company.

Rong Jing was thinking of doing this too when he got a message from Zhou Xiang and so he booked a cab through an app.

He was searching for some information about <Imperial Power> when he noticed the driver’s license plate number placed in front of his windshield. Because of the six genders and the rarity of Omegas, most of the app-based ride services were offered by regular companies.

Rong Jing thought of something and checked the photo of the licensed plate number that he had taken last night. The cab that time had just been casually called over to stop. There was no online record of him taking the cab, and he wasn’t even given a receipt.

However, he had made sure to take pictures of the driver’s driving permit and plate number. He thought of comparing the two.

Although it was a bit dim during that time, it was obvious that they both had different formats. When the cab stopped at an intersection, Rong Jing showed the photo to the driver. The driver looked at it for a moment.

“This is not issued by our company. Our driving permit has to have an ID photo and a work number. This is probably a private black car.”

Small black cars weren’t actually allowed to be hailed like a cab. However, since they have no affiliation to any company, driving small black cars were popular with those people who were temporarily out of work or working part-time. It was also cheaper than regular cabs. They usually popped up whenever traffic management was lax, and that was usually during night time. Everyone only turned a blind eye to these cars since they weren’t that much of a problem.

However, if it really was a small black car, then there was no need to present a fake document.

Rong Jing thought of the driver he met yesterday and finally remembered the Omega in red that was with him.

His conclusion pointed only to one answer and he couldn’t just let the matter go. So, he asked the driver to make a turn to the police station first.

It was already a bit late when Rong Jing left the police station. At this time, Qi Ying who had been waiting for the shadow of Xie Ling to appear all day could no longer wait. He had no choice but to leave, disappointed.

Rong Jing messaged Zhou Xiang when he arrived. He also wrote down his name on the visitor’s logbook under the guidance of the beautiful and gentle young lady at the front desk.

He had just finished writing his name when Zhou Xiang arrived and walked towards him.

Zhou Xiang told the receptionists, “This is the young master. He was always at school before so he didn’t often come to the company. It’s good that you’ve met him now. Next time, don’t ask him to sign in again.”

The receptionists originally thought that he was a newly signed actor of their entertainment department. They only thought that he was handsome, his clothes only casual. However, they didn’t expect that he was actually just keeping a low profile. He even wrote down his name on the log book. Where did the Xie family find such a good young son?

The girls smiled immediately when they heard Zhou Xiang’s words and greeted Rong Jing in unison. “Hello, young master.”

Rong Jing was born into a family of actors and actresses. He had already seen a lot of big scenes before, but he had never once encountered such a scene like this one. Being flirtatiously greeted by several female Omegas made his ears turn red.

He had never been in a relationship before and felt a little overwhelmed so he quickly followed Zhou Xiang and left the women behind.

Zhou Xiang laughed, seeing that Rong Jing had become popular. He said, “Young master, what kind of Omega do you like?”

Zhou Xiang was a very competent assistant. To be able to resolve the ten-year estrangement between the two brothers, it was only natural to start with understanding each other.

Rong Jing: “Can’t I like an Alpha?”

To Rong Jing, a male Alpha and a male Omega were both men. There was no difference between the two. Why could the other be a partner and the other not? People in this world could be quite sexist

Rong Jing asked something that could actually question his sexual orientation, but honestly, he was just curious.

“T-that… that’s not okay! That won’t work!” Zhou Xiang couldn’t even imagine it.

Zhou Xiang stared at Rong Jing in shock.

Should I tell Mr. Xie that the young master might not be straight? It seems like he prefers Alphas over Omegas?!

Rong Jing was unaware that his words almost shattered Zhou Xiang’s values in life.

He only asked a question that was according to the concepts in his previous life. He didn’t think that there was any problem with what he asked.

Zhou Xiang rode the exclusive elevator with Rong Jing up to the top floor, the 26th floor. Then he forced himself to calm down, went to the pantry and came back with some snacks and a glass of milk.

“The vice president is currently in a meeting. If the young master is not in a hurry, do you want to wait for the vice president so you can leave together?” Zhou Xiang asked with a bit of apprehension because the past Rong Jing would surely never agree to ride in the same car with Xie Ling.

Rong Jing looked at the time. Since they were going to the same place, he agreed.

After the meeting ended, Xie Ling’s expression looked very serious, his brows tightened into a straight line. The project manager walking behind him almost looked like he was trembling in fear. The project that he was responsible for had suffered big losses this time and needed to fill in a lot of loopholes.

This was a project that was under the second young master of the Xie family but in the end was passed on to Xie Ling.

When Xie Ling opened the door to his office, he saw his younger brother sleeping on the sofa and froze. He entered his office without the slightest change in his expression.

He called Zhou Xiang, who was currently sorting out some files. “You. Come here.”

Zhou Xiang walked towards him.

“Pinch me. The harder, the better.”


The author has something to say:

Xie Ling: I seem to be under some kind of illusion.

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