Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Found him!

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

Despite finding the request a bit strange, Zhou Xiang knew that his boss, Xie Ling, was not a normal person.

He looked at Xie Ling’s lean, outstretched arms and took a deep breath before pinching it hard.

It hurts. It’s not a dream.

Xie Ling’s expression didn’t change but his eyes clearly expressed his shock. He casually dismissed the project manager who followed him and agreed that he would allocate funds to make up with the funds that his second brother had lost. 

He glanced at the side, went to his resting room, took a thin plush blanket and went out.

When he was young, because his blood-related second brother didn’t treat him as a brother, his mother died when he was born, and his father only cared for his lover, when he heard that he was going to have a little brother, he had sincerely looked forward on the day to meet the little Rong Jing.

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Xie Ling moved the coffee table close to him so he could relax his legs and ordered Zhou Xiang to turn off the lights.

He stared indifferently at his brother’s sleeping face and said, “My little brother, he’s really changed a bit.”

Zhou Xiang: “Who do you like more, the young master from before or now?”

Xia Ling didn’t answer. Both were his little brother, so how could he compare the two?


“If it was the Rong Jing from before, something like this would never happen at all.”


Rong Jing woke up and slowly moved. As usual, every time he woke up, his brain would remain blank for a few minutes, and everything he did would be in slow motion. 

The lights were turned off, and only the color of the setting sun brought light into the room. Shrouded in darkness was the figure of a fierce man in the distance, his shadow looking very long and lonely.

Rong Jing didn’t move and only stared blankly at this figure until he slowly regained his senses. Realizing that Rong Jing was now awake, the man came over and said coldly, “Can’t you at least cover yourself with a blanket if you’re going to sleep?”

Then he took away the blanket from Rong Jing and handed it to Zhou Xiang. 

As the very capable secretary, Zhou Xiang immediately called the styling team that had been waiting for a long time downstairs. They were responsible for the two brothers’ prep so they could rush to the party. 

Rong Jing looked at the time and realized that they were now almost late to the party, “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Xie Ling kept to himself that he didn’t want to disturb his little brother’s sleep so he only replied, “I was busy. No one’s free to bother with you.”

Rong Jing remembered that before he slept, the lights were still on. However, now they were all turned off, and Xie Ling had been working under such circumstances. Rong Jing felt somewhat apologetic, and was moved by the warmth of his actions.

“Big brother, I’ve troubled you.”

Xie Ling found that Rong Jing’s eyes seemed to be filled with sorrow. He looked like a little beast looking for someone to rely on.

He had never seen Rong Jing, who was now no longer covered in thorns, look like this. Xie Ling’s eyes softened a bit. He stroked his younger brother’s soft hair and said, “Trouble? You’re already calling me your big brother, so what nonsense is that?”

Rong Jing smiled.

You just talk too harshly so you’re easy to misunderstand.

Soon, the styling team arrived. They showed all the custom-made clothes to Xie Ling and Xie Ling went on to look at it.

The staff members were all nervous as they watched Xie Ling pick clothes, looking very serious as if he was getting ready to go to war. 

It was only Rong Jing who had a slight smile on his face. Even though he came to this strange world and had lost his family and friends from his original world, God still compensated him, in a way.

Xie Ling chose a black, well-cut suit that was so ironed, it didn’t even have a single wrinkle, and handed it to Rong Jing. “Wear this suit.”

Rong Jing: “But I already bought my own.”

Xie Ling threw him a look that meant ‘Do you want me to throw you out or throw you out with those clothes?’.

Every time Rong Jing interacted with Xie Ling, he would always think that it wasn’t groundless for the original owner to be afraid of his brother. He thought that Xie Ling would surely end up alone in life with this kind of temperament.

Now that Xie Ling was done choosing Rong Jing’s suit, he struggled to choose his own. After being told by Rong Jing that he was old-fashioned, he reluctantly chose a set of khaki. 

Rong Jing realized that the suit Xie Ling chose for him actually fit him well, like it was custom-made for him. “It fits me perfectly?”

Xie Ling: “Coincidence.”

Rong Jing: “Oh.”

I didn’t say you had it custom-made for me, though.

The two sets of clothes that Xie Ling chose only differed in color and had peaked lapels, but were both part of one clothing line. They looked very refined and stylish, very suitable for formal occasions.

The set that Rong Jing bought for himself simply had a flat collar which was more on the casual side.

Xie Ling watched his younger brother put on the suit that he had ordered long ago and his expression softened.

I always order one for him every year. I finally have the chance to see him wear one!

Xie Ling got into the car with satisfaction, and told Rong Jing, who just got in the car, “Now that you’re dressed up, you finally look like a person.”

Rong Jing: “…”

Big brother, please speak nicely.


The Xie family’s dinner party was held mainly to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Xie Zhanhong, the head of the Xie family, and Han Lianmei, his wife. 

The Xie family was a renowned real estate tycoon, ranking at the forefront of Forbes’ list of billionaires almost every year. The venue for the party this time was not at their family home but at a suburban pavilion, a russian-style pavilion set like an ancient castle with a long lawn that stretched out to the banquet venue. 

A steady stream of guests continued to arrive, all required to present their invitations and only allowed to bring one company. 

When Rong Jing arrived at the party, there were already many guests who had arrived early since he came a bit late. 

With Xie Ling’s distinguishable face, people quickly surrounded him as soon as he entered, warmly exchanging pleasantries and congratulating his father on his happy marriage. 

The guests all knew that this 33-year-old man, who was the heir of the Xie family, already had many successful gold acquisitions and was praised as an eligible bachelor and a well-sought son-in-law. 

Rong Jing was completely ignored since the original owner almost never appeared in public. People only knew that Mrs. Xie had a son from her previous marriage but had never actually seen him in person. 

Rong Jing wasn’t too fond of these types of occasions so he simply left his brother. As he looked around, he unexpectedly saw someone he knew but felt uncertain if it really was him. 

At the long table was a young man nibbling on a cake and whispering on his phone. He looked a bit like Ji Leping but since he was a little bit far away, he wasn’t sure if it was really him. He seemed a bit out of place in the sophisticated setting of the party and looked more of a stray than he did. 

He still hadn’t seen Han Lianmei, the mother of the original owner, since the party had yet to start. She was probably still preparing in the dressing room. 

His heart beat faster at the thought of meeting the mother of the original owner, afraid of being exposed by her at any moment.

He looked at Xie Ling, who was mobbed by the guests and had no time to pay attention to him, and silently lowered his presence.

He made a face and walked out of the banquet venue, strolling along a stone path covered with grasses and illuminated by street lights. Bugs flew round the lamps. Rong Jing breathed the fresh smell of grass, feeling very relaxed and content. 

However, not long after, he suddenly heard a group of people laughing maliciously. He recalled from the original owner’s memory that past here was a place with recreational swimming pools, his second brother’s favorite hang out spot. 

He hadn’t seen his second brother tonight. The people who stayed around the pool were a group of young men and women, who likely were also guests of the current party. 

Young guests who weren’t used to the atmosphere inside the banquet venue were instead brought here by the servants so they could relax. 

Faint lights shone down on five sparkling swimming pools, surrounded by several large umbrellas. Girls and boys mingled with each other, either dancing or flirting around. 

However, amidst this blaring noise of laughter was a groan of pain. A topless Alpha in swimming trunks was grabbing the hair of a slender, yet fit young man, who seemed to be wearing the uniform of a waiter. The young man was being dragged. 

The young Alpha pulled the young man’s hair and pushed his head into the pool as he yelled, “You should feel honored that I took a fancy on you so don’t feel shy! Just be obedient, don’t resist. Resist or we’ll do something more exciting.”

The young Alpha counted the time and when he saw that the young man could no longer hold his breath, he immediately pulled him back. However, before the young man could even catch his breath, his head was pushed back once again into the water.

The young Alpha repeated these actions over and over. The young men and women around didn’t mind seeing this kind of scene, and either simply laughed or ignored it altogether.

Wu Fuyu lay casually on a pool lounge chair, surrounded by men and women who were laughing with him.

He was describing the charming smell of the Omega that he encountered at Maya Shopping Mall the other day. The moment that he took out a cigarette, a good-looking Omega immediately came forward and lit it for him.

He reminisced and spoke, his voice lustful, “I can’t even explain how good the smell was. I almost f*cking fell head first.”

Everyone laughed as they couldn’t imagine that happening, “Grand prince, describe it again.” 

At present, the situation between the young Alpha and the other young man continued. Once the head of the young man was pulled back, his face showed that he was almost dying.

Wu Fuyu wanted to remind the young Alpha to not go too far. They were at someone else’s wedding anniversary party. It wouldn’t be good if something bad happened.

However, he suddenly stopped telling his jokes when he saw a man standing behind the young Alpha. The man was wearing a full suit, each piece exquisitely made. He looked at the man’s face and sat up straight. He stared at him and didn’t notice the cigarette ash falling on his thigh.

Rong Jing stood behind the unaware young Alpha, looking like an emissary from hell. 

He picked him up, kicked him and pulled back the dying young man. The young man coughed violently and leaned weekly against his chest.

Rong Jing asked him softly, “You’re gonna be okay now.” 

The young Alpha fell to the pool, creating a big splash of water that drenched the people near him who were having a good time.

Everyone stopped and stared at Rong Jing, an unexpected guest.

On the other hand, Xie Ling, who finally realized that his little brother was missing, ordered Zhou Xiang to look for him in case someone bullies him.

Zhou Xiang looked around the party and finally saw Rong Jing in the recreational area. Before he could even look at anything else, he saw his young master kick somebody straight into a pool.

Boss Xie, I don’t think the young master needs any saving. He’s the one bullying the others.

Wu Fuyu immediately got up from his pool lounge chair, and also happened to see Zhou Xiang rushing to the scene.

He pointed to Rong Jing and shouted, “Zhou Xiang, that’s him!!!”

F*cking assh0le! I searched all over the place for you but you were actually here, you bastard!

Zhou Xiang didn’t react right away. He had no idea what Wu Fuyu was talking about. 

But a very capable assistant always knew how to deduce many things from one.

Ah! The young master is the Godzilla that you’re looking for?!

Everyone’s focus was on Rong Jing and Wu Fuyu. They forgot the young man in Rong Jing’s arms. 

He weakly opened his eyes, and looked at Rong Jing through the blurred vision of his teary eyes.

He risked coming in disguise to the party and was caught by these second-generation rich kids before he could even accomplish his goal. He even got almost exposed.

The overall probability of 79.9999% rose to 99.9999%!

I finally found him!

The author has something to say:

Gu Xi finally found the person he was looking for and the soul painter finally found the Godzilla he was looking for. 

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