Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Discovered the white radish buried in the ground

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

Gu Xi was at the party by no mere chance.

A flashback to a few hours ago.

As an Omega in the modern age, I shouldn’t rely solely on intuition. I should also pay attention to data and rationality to make comprehensive judgments.

He didn’t want to make a mistake by choosing the wrong person. Besides, he only wanted to know the identity of his savior.

After the shooting for his variety show, Gu Xi purposely asked the host for a copy of today’s recording. Luckily, the shooting had been completed and the crew didn’t reject his request on account of their non-disclosure agreement. Also because the beta host was particularly fond of Gu Xi.

Once he got the copy, he turned on the computer, plugged in the memory card and skipped over to the subway scene.

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Something’s odd. It’s like he’s hiding something.

Several people that Gu Xi had asked about Xun Jiarui had drawn the conclusion that there was something going on with the two because there could be no other reason for Gu Xi to ask for his videos from the past. Their scandalous photos had already been posted on the internet and were now currently trending. Soon, they’ll be in the top 20.

Look at this rising trend. Someone must have paid a lot to trend this fast.

Gu Xi had found that something strange was going on in the corridor at the university before.

In the trending photo, Gu Xi’s figure was mostly hidden. There was probably a problem with the camera angle because the photo kind of had an ambiguous feel to it.

If there was no tip off, the paparazzi wouldn’t even know that he was on that current floor then. Someone obviously instructed the paparazzi to do this. There were only two people in the picture. It was obvious who the mastermind was.

Although Gu Xi had long been used to these schemes, it still made him uncomfortable.

Gu Xi took out his small notebook, crossed out the shining 40% and put down Xun Jiarui’s overall possibility to 29.9999%.

Don’t even ask why. Even if Xun Jiarui answered with the correct timing and location, and his voice was somehow the same as that person, how could such an opportunistic person, who couldn’t even hide his desire, bear to close the door and leave him alone after being able to smell his pheromones? 

That would be a miracle, right?

Gu Xi thought that if he guessed wrong, it would be an insult to his savior.

Removing these kinds of photos usually took a lot of money and were handled by the implicated artist’s team behind the scenes. However, since his contact was now about to expire, his company didn’t care about his current predicament and couldn’t even wait to ruin his reputation.

“Every single one of them always has bad intentions,” he laughed mockingly at himself as he thought deeply.

Gu Xi could only let it slide for now. An acquaintance of his sent another video of Xun Jiarui’s early days as an actor that was taken by fans. 

The current scene showed that he sounded off. He didn’t say that he had a cold. However, later on it was wrapped up as him actually having a bad cold during that day.

Most people didn’t doubt this statement but if one actually tried to listen to the difference of his voice having a cold and not, they would notice that it had changed so dramatically.

Was this even possible?

Gu Xi was not very familiar with ‘medical beauty’ but he had thought of searching a phrase on the search engine: vocal cord modification surgery.

It was considered a high-risk operation. However, no matter how high the risk was, it didn’t mean that all who had undergone the surgery didn’t succeed.

It seems like I accidentally stumbled on a terrible secret.

He took out his notebook again, crossed out the 29.9999%, and pressed down his pen harder to change the overall probability to 9.9999%.

He was currently unaware of his double standard towards Xun Jiarui and seemed to be always looking for more evidence just so he could prove that he wasn’t that person.

After investigating Xun Jiarui, he went on to check the school forum to investigate Rong Jing, the name that he had heard from the other end of the phone.

It was no surprise that a person hated by almost all his classmates had a thread dedicated to him on the forum. Other students had secretly taken a lot of pictures of him. 

The posts were usually about Rong Jing and his ex-boyfriend. People had differing opinions regarding their relationship but one thing was certain. Everyone thought that Qi Ying simply regarded Rong Jing as a spare tire.

Gu Xi looked at the pictures of Qi Ying. He always carried with him products from famous brands that people said sucked the blood out of Rong Jing. Some people envied him, some thought that it was only normal for him to be treated like that since omegas were supposed to be spoiled.

No one thought that Rong Jing was treated unfairly.

Gu Xi also found some interesting captions:

#Jingjing and Yingying breaking up?#, #If RJ continues his acting career, I’ll eat my keyboard#, #I like Rong Jing but I am a beta. Do you think I should just forget about the gender barrier? Will a handsome Alpha choose a Beta? What do you guys think?#

There were still a lot more. Gu Xi thought that if he didn’t check the school forum today, he probably wouldn’t even know that Rong Jing was famous in the Film Academy.

He used his dummy account, Grapefruit, and replied to that certain thread, #If RJ continues his acting career, I’ll eat my keyboard#. He typed a long paragraph, deleted it, then made a shorter reply: I’ll wait for you to eat it, don’t delete this post

Upon seeing the reply, the poster checked the person’s profile. The school forum could only be accessed by the students and alumni of Film Academy. However, the profile seemed like only a dummy account. Since Gu Xi skipped grades and graduated early, the account wasn’t used much.

The poster replied eagerly: What a joke. I’m here! Whoever deletes that is a dog

Gu Xi was just about to stop but as soon as he saw that the poster was now online, he replied: Oh come on, dogs have dignity too, please respect dogs

This kind of keyboard warrior was everywhere. Gu Xi didn’t really care about the post but as he remembered the phone call that Rong Jing got, he couldn’t help but think of the mocking words that were said to him.

He felt kind of pissed about it, and couldn’t help but turn into a little keyboard warrior himself.

It took him ten more minutes to remember that he didn’t actually have much free time to spare, and soon he closed the forum page.

The Xie family was going to hold a dinner party later, and only a small percent of people in the entertainment industry could get the invitation to attend. Gu Xi could simply ask some of his connections if he ever wanted to go.

But he would not. He knew that all of those big shots were just waiting for him to voluntarily fall into their traps.

He needed to change how he looked, and get a fake ID just so he could meet that someone, that relative that he only dared to meet in private but missed so much. It was only in this kind of gathering would he have the chance to meet that person.

He didn’t want to reveal his real identity to the guests of that party but he needed to get inside. Naturally, he knew of a way to do just that.

He knew that simply dressing up wouldn’t be able to deceive those people so he needed to somehow change how he looked.

Gu Xi specially learned how to do special effects makeup when he studied in Japan. He could even do zombie makeup so it was no problem for him to make himself look like someone else.

As ‘Gu Xi’, his clothes would always give him the vibe of being graceful and mature, yet he could still give people a youthful look. So it wouldn’t be too obvious even if he pretended to be someone young.

Wearing clothes that could make him look younger was also a plus to hide his identity.

He made a latex prosthetic frame to put on the glands at the back of his neck. With this, he would be able to hide his Omega attribute and pretend to be a Beta. He also painted on some pimples and pockmarks on his face. The adhesive he used was waterproof, ensuring that his cover wouldn’t be discovered even in the most desperate times.

Coupled with the classic black-rimmed glasses, his appearance had now been ruined, so much so that even his fans wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

He just didn’t expect that he still wouldn’t be able to find the person he so wanted to meet, and would even have wine poured over his head and be dragged by a second generation rich person.

It was a good thing that he disguised himself otherwise these second generation rich jerks would go crazy once they realized that the person underneath was actually Gu Xi.

Not to mention that man, Wu Fuyu, a well-known demon incarnate from the South, had just arrived in Beijing. As the Wu family had become more and more renowned, he had also become one of the central figures in the small group of wealthy families, and was known as the grand prince.

But with Gu Xi’s past experiences, he knew that if he got exposed, there would be no way for him to get out of an impending disaster.

His head was pushed over and over again into the water.

Gu Xi had thought of fighting back but his self-defense equipment was only good for one person. He was surrounded by these second generation rich people who could call backup at any moment.

Breathing had become a luxury.

His scalp was hurting.

Every time he got pulled back, he was pushed into the water again before he could even take a breath.

No matter how physically fit he was, or how good he was at martial arts, it wouldn’t be able to erase the physical gap between him and the Alpha. He could hold down an ordinary Alpha by himself but he was no match against a strong Alpha.

He was pushed down by a strong force, so strong that he could feel his bones almost being crushed.

He couldn’t escape the clutches of the man alone, and he didn’t want to provoke the group of second generation kids surrounding him. He had already tasted the consequences of bumping into an unbridled one.

He could feel his mouth, nose and lungs getting filled with water.

He was dying.

Heh, isn’t this such a ridiculous way to die?

In the eyes of these second generation assholes, an ordinary waiter such as him had no right to resist.

‘Just be obedient and don’t resist’. Just let him mess me up?

He could hear the people around him laughing and cursing. Through his blurred vision, he could see these wealthy, unreasonable demons..

But just then, a force, stronger than the one holding him down, surrounded him with warmth.

Water came out of his nose and mouth. Such a wretched scene made Gu Xi’s trembling hands cover his face. He felt ashamed.

A clear, distinct smell lingered on the tip of his nose, and a cold voice rang in his ears. “You’re gonna be okay now.”

Gu Xi looked up, the pool water stinging his eyes. He tried to open his eyes wide, struggling to look at the person holding him.

The lights in the pole interweaved with his shadows, and a few droplets of water scattered from the ends of his hair like broken diamonds. The man had a sharp jawline, and outstanding facial features, almost like a foreign hunk. He stared deeply at Wu Fuyu with a sharp gaze.

Factual data? Figure? Voice? All of those things were no longer important. 

The most important thing was what a person would do under certain circumstances.

A person’s actions were the most important to note.

I’ve finally discovered this well-hidden white radish that had been so deeply buried in the ground…

Gu Xi clung to the hem of Rong Jing’s suit. The weakness that he’d feel during his heat made him want to find a pillar of support during this moment of despair.

Sorry. Just for a moment… Please let me lean on you, only for a moment.

Gu Xi slowly closed his burning eyes. He buried his head on Rong Jing’s face and inched deeper into his body.

In the midst of this chaos, right when things were just about to reach the critical point, he suddenly found a temporary safe haven.

Rong Jing felt the man tugging at his clothes and saw the white of his knuckles as he gripped hard. Thinking that the man, who had just escaped his death, was feeling afraid, he didn’t push him away. He gently patted his back, hoping to comfort him a little.

He will probably need to look for a psychiatrist later after being under this kind of situation. Are these people so desperate that they couldn’t even let go of a Beta?

Uh, huh?

Rong Jing sniffed but didn’t smell any pheromones. However, he remembered that when he lowered his head just a moment ago, he saw the pale, weak-looking face of the man that kind of looked a bit erotic. Rong Jing’s ears slightly turned red.

D-don’t tell me he’s an omega?

However, Rong Jing no longer had the extra time to think about whether the man was an omega or not. Wu Fuyu had gotten up from his chair and angrily pointed at Rong Jing, “F*cking tie up that asshole! I’m not gonna let you get away this time!”

You punk, I’ve been waiting for you to show up for a long time!

The back of my neck still hurts as hell even today. If it wasn’t for the painkillers that I took, I would still feel the pain. No one had ever dared to do this to me, Wu Fuyu. What he did was unforgivable!

Rong Jing turned the face of the man in his arms to prevent him from seeing the anger of an Alpha. Then, the eyes that stared back at Wu Fuyu turned colder, like wine that had fermented well and become strong, so strong it made people flinch.

The people around froze in place, afraid that the two people in front of them would suddenly go berserk. They looked calm on the outside but they were exuding a terrifying aura.

Wu Fuyu endured the urge to retreat. The truth was after seeing Rong Jing’s face, he felt a sudden physiological pain.

He couldn’t recall before how this man looked like when he had drawn an image of him. However, the moment that he breathed in a hint of his scent, he immediately recognized him.

No one moved despite his order. Wu Fuyu became upset.

These punks are all acting scared! I’ll be responsible for it so just tie him up!

He shouted, “Move you, morons! I said tie him up! I’ll take the blame!”

“Who wants to tie up my little brother?”

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