Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 13.1

Chapter 13: Pinch me (1)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

Rong Jing went to the fourth floor of the acting department to look for his class teacher, Mr. Hu. He wanted to ask him what he thought of the original owner.

It was this teacher who pushed him to perform before. After their performance failed, this teacher also became the subject of ridicule to others for a few years. However, he still encouraged the original owner in private to overcome his fears and try to face the camera again.

Since there was still a lovely person who stayed around the original owner, he had never lost hope.

“Are you looking for Teacher Hu?” Teacher Zhang, the audio-visual language teacher, looked at Rong Jing’s very eye-catching face, and realized that he was that person that the students called ‘Rong Oopsie’. “His family member got into an accident so he was called to identify the body. Sigh, why do bad things happen to good people?” 

Thinking of the other students around, he stopped.

“Identify the body?” Rong Jing suddenly thought of the news that he saw on the subway.

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He had always wanted to make his parents proud so he always did his best. So he continued to persevere. It took another year to finally get the first trophy in his life. Later that, he won more and more awards.

He would never forget the way his parents looked at him standing on the stage with tears in their eyes. Their eyes were filled with gratification and pride.

He had been so preoccupied with the changes this new world brought to him that he almost forgot to think about his feelings. These similar words that he’d heard suddenly evoked a strong feeling of homesickness and inextricable sense of loneliness.

His family and his career were all in the previous world. He covered his slightly moist eyes.

I really want to go back.

Who on earth was Gu Xi? There seemed to be some kind of thin film in his head, limiting his memory from remembering some things.

Rong Jing walked on his way out of the school feeling bewildered. He had only thought about why he became the new Rong Jing. What about the original him? He wasn’t dead, was he?

After the program, the university invited Gu Xi to play a friendly game with the acting department. The variety show also recorded this part.

When he went out, he saw the mysterious student, who only glanced at him, walking like a lost sheep.

Gu Xi convinced himself that he had already been sensible enough to not raise the overall probability of this person of being his savior to 80%.

However, he wanted to look at him again. He needed to create some kind of opportunity to meet him again.

As he hesitated, he saw that the man was on his phone when some playful students bumped into him, scattering all of his books all over the ground.

“Excuse me. Please stop filming for now,” Gu Xi told one of the staff members.

Rong Jing saw that it was Qi Ying calling him. It was already the fifth time since he called four times while he was still inside the auditorium.

He wondered if something urgent had happened, otherwise, with Qi Ying’s stuck-up personality, he’d never be the one to initiate a call. He finally decided to answer the phone.

Qi Ying was so mad and asked him why he didn’t go to the audition that he got for him. Since he couldn’t explain to the people there why Rong Jing didn’t go, he got angry at him for not going.

Rong Jing checked his WeChat and found that Qi Ying did send him a message, saying that he had scheduled an audition for him. Since the original owner had never refused him before, he probably thought Rong Jing would follow him. He didn’t even expect that he would be ignored.

Rong Jing recalled that while he was watching a movie, he really did receive a message. However, he got so absorbed in watching the movie that he forgot to check it again, especially when he saw that it was just Qi Ying who messaged him.

Qi Ying felt like he was so unlucky today. Originally, Xie Entertainment was supposed to sponsor him. However, he had been told today that the Xie family had withdrawn its investment. He wasn’t sure if it was because of his encounter with Xie Ling, which angered him.

He went to wait under the Xie’s office building early this morning, wanting to apologize to get the sponsorship back. However, he couldn’t even have a glimpse of Xie Ling’s clothes, much less Xie Ling. The receptionist only kept smiling at him, saying that he hadn’t arranged an appointment with him so he couldn’t be notified of his arrival. 

He had thought that if he waited, he could at least win some sympathy.

But Xie Ling, that cold, ruthless Alpha, wouldn’t even take the bait.

Then he also received the news that Rong Jing didn’t go to the audition. He thought that Rong Jing did it intentionally so the tone of his voice clearly showed his anger.

But Rong Jing wasn’t planning to let his ears continue to endure the noise, “Qi Ying, first of all, I never promised you that I’ll go.”

You could have at least asked me first before making a decision.

Qi Ying sneered, “If it wasn’t for the fact that you treated me nicely before, I wouldn’t even think of giving this opportunity to you. I’m really glad that I broke up with you, Rong Jing. I’m telling you—”

Rong Jing suddenly ran into some people, making all the books he was carrying fall on the ground. He accidentally touched the screen of his phone, putting the phone on speaker. Qi Ying’s voice came out loudly, “—even if you send out a thousand more of your resume, no one will ever hire you! You’ll be a loser all your life!”

Now you’re crossing the line!

For the sake of the original owner’s attachment to him, Rong Jing still treated him properly even though he knew that Qi Ying was a very difficult person, a blood-sucking vine that sucked the life out of the original owner.

Rong Jing was very unfamiliar with this world at first. He didn’t want to bother him and get entangled with him so he only kept quiet before with whatever he told him. They weren’t together now anyway.

Just when Rong Jing was just about to reply, a pair of delicate hands suddenly grabbed his phone. “I’m a staff member of the production crew of <Imperial Power>. I have officially invited Rong Jing to participate in the audition. He has something to discuss with us so please call back later.”

With that, the person hung up the phone.

Here I was, trying my bestest to look for my savior, only to find you casually degrading him? Not today, b!tch.

After he hung up, Gu Xi immediately realized what he just did.

Through his sunglasses, he could see Rong Jing looking at him, looking very puzzled. 

Ah, wow, way to go, me! So embarrassing! What do I do?

Should I tell him, ‘Hey! I’m Gu Xi, remember me? The one you asked to have breakfast on the stage just a while ago? Kinda saw that you were in a pinch so I came over, didn’t expect to hear those brash words though. I mean, I didn’t mean to pry into your privacy but I just thought that I had to do something.’

Uhh… I don’t think saying all that will suit my image…

The first requirement of an idol was to always maintain his public image. No matter what happened, no matter how tired he was, he would always sparkle in front of the people. 

I shouldn’t have come.

Gu Xi squatted down, picked up the books and dusted them off. Just like when he picked up the bracelet before, he dusted them off very carefully.

Rong Jing looked at his careful movements, somewhat surprised.

Gu Xi sorted out the books before handing them to Rong Jing. When he saw that Rong Jing was staring at him, he lowered his head again. Fortunately, he was wearing sunglasses, a mask, and a baseball cap. He had also changed his clothes so the other person didn’t recognize him.

Rong Jing seemed to have noticed his uneasiness, “Is it true that your production crew is hiring?”

Gu Xi realized that he didn’t really recognize him, so he was able to relax and talk naturally, “Yes, it’s true. I’m sorry that I took the liberty of making decisions for you just now but if you’re interested, you can call me.”

“It’s okay. You came just in time,” Rong Jing said. He didn’t mind. It wasn’t like he didn’t know that the other person did it for him.

“Then… you’ll try and come?” Gu Xi breathed a sigh of relief.

He didn’t really recognize me, ah. I don’t know what to feel.

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