How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 29. Stay Put and I’ll Come.

Yu Qinghuan thought that Ren Jian might be in a hurry to call him at such a late hour, so he hastily picked up, “Hello? What’s up?”

“Where are you?” Ren Jian asked.

“I’m in front of my dad’s hospital.”

“Okay, you stay put.”

Said Ren Jian, and hung up the phone.


Yu Qinghuan held the mobile phone with the busy tone in the microphone, and fell into confusion and doubt.

However, within three minutes, a car came gliding in the distance and finally stopped in front of Yu Qinghuan.

The window slid down, and Ren Jian said to Yu Qinghuan from the driver’s seat, “Get in.”

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Surprised, Yu Qinghuan sat up a little straighter and then said, “Forget it, I can’t afford to pay for it in case it gets scratched.”


“What are you afraid of? I have car insurance. If it scratches, it scratches. It will be repaired.”

“Forget it, I won’t give you any trouble.”

Seeing Yu Qinghuan’s repeated refusal, Ren Jian didn’t say anything more. Except that when the two arrived home, he put the car keys on the coffee table in front of Yu Qinghuan: “Usually the keys are put here. You can take them and drive yourself if you need to. “

He said it without waiting for Yu Qinghuan to refuse, got up, and went into the study.

Yu Qinghuan couldn’t help but think to himself.

Dad! You want me to repay him sincerely!

How the hell am I supposed to repay him?

How can there be such a good person in the world?

Why the hell do I have no money? If I had money, would I be in this situation? If I had money, I would have given him a hundred thousand dollars right now!

Yu Qinghuan thought about it again, and realised that with Ren Jian’s annual salary and the signing fee, 100,000 yuan might not be uncommon for him. Yu Qinghuan couldn’t help swallowing his tears of poverty secretly.

By the way…

Yu Qinghuan suddenly remembered that when he proposed that they share the house, Ren Jian said that he didn’t like doing housework.


He immediately rolled up his sleeves and prepared to clean up, but he found himself unable to find where the mop was.

When Ren Jian came out of the study to pour water, he saw Yu Qinghuan going back and forth looking for something. He asked, “What are you doing? Are you looking for your soul at night? Don’t you have to get up early tomorrow? You’re still not going to bed? “

“I …… thought I’d clean up a bit.” Yu Qing Huan grunted and said.

“Where is it dirty? Ask the aunt to clean it tomorrow. Hurry up and go to bed.” Ren Jian said.

“Ah? No need to hire an auntie. I can clean it. Where’s the mop? I’ll mop the floor.” Yu Qinghuan hastily took the job.

Ren Jian looked confused: “You’re not sleeping at night and you want to mop the floor? Are you going to perform some strange ritual? “

Yu Qinghuan was speechless. He couldn’t say that his pathetic self-esteem was now under great impact, right?

“Alright, go to bed now. The door will be closed tight. I’m afraid I’ll disturb you. ” Ren Jian said.

“Are you going to train until very late?” Yu Qinghuan asked.

Ren Jian said, “Well, we’re used to this kind of routine. We can’t adjust it. Good night.”

“Well …… good night ……” Yu Qinghuan had his mind on his chores, but on second thought, it did seem a bit strange to be doing chores at night. He just had to reluctantly move to his room.


The next morning, after being woken up by the alarm clock, Yu Qinghuan tiptoed out of his room and saw that the door to Ren Jian’s room was tightly shut.

He knew that it was Ren Jian’s sleeping time in the morning, so he did everything very gently. If he made a little noise, he would want to slap himself.

After going out quietly, Yu Qinghuan ran for half an hour in the morning, bought breakfast and put it on the dining table. Then, he left a note for Ren Jian saying, “Remember to eat first when you wake up and are hungry,” and then went to the team base.

Under Luo Buyu’s supervision, today was also a day of intense training to no one’s surprise.

After a lunch break, Yu Qinghuan opened the video footage of the morning’s training and was about to review it for a while when his phone suddenly rang.

It was Mama Ren calling.

Yu Qinghuan was stunned for a full three seconds before he hurriedly picked it up: “Hello? Auntie?”

Mama Ren’s pleasant voice came through the phone, “Qinghuan, have you eaten yet?”

“Not yet, I’m waiting for the takeaway.”

“Oh, takeaway, Qinghuan, you have to eat less takeaway. The oil outside is not good. “

“Yes, Auntie.” Yu Qinghuan obediently answered.

“Qinghuan, are you living with Ren Jian now?”


Yu Qinghuan was stunned.

Did Mama Ren know so soon?

“Well, yes.”

In fact, Mama Ren was guessing and was slightly surprised to hear Yu Qinghuan’s answer.

That brat, Ren Jian, still said that their relationship was not progressing fast. How else could it progress when they were living together?

“That’s it. By the way, Qinghuan, my aunt wants to ask you, are you free this Saturday night? Uncle and aunt want to invite you to dinner. “

“Eat, dinner? Invite me for dinner?” Yu Qinghuan was dumbfounded.

Why was it so sudden?

“Yes, just have dinner with us both in the evening. It won’t take up too much of your time, okay Qinghuan.” Mama Ren was actually being petulant.

“Okay, fine.” Mama Ren said so, so Yu Qinghuan dared not refuse.

“Well, it’s decided. Let Ren Jian bring you over when the time comes. I’ll go and talk to him now.” Mama Ren’s voice was pleasant.

After hanging up the phone, Yu Qinghuan looked at the phone and fell deep into life thinking.

Was it because he was living and eating in Ren Jian’s house that Mama Ren couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to seriously discuss with him such a profound issue of thick skin?

On the other hand, Ren Jian had just woken up from his sleep in a daze when he received a call from Mama Ren.

Knowing her son’s “internet addict” routine, Mama Ren didn’t even bother to talk about him. She just dropped the subject: “Qinghuan and I have arranged to have dinner together on Saturday. You can pick him up and bring him over then. “

The half-asleep Ren Jian, who had just woken up, was startled out of his sleep: “What the hell!”

“Saturday, Qinghuan, dinner, together1周六,清欢,吃饭,一起- These eight characters are the eight words she is referring to. In English, instead of two words, Saturday is one, Qinghuan will be one technically, but it is still composed of two words, and the same is for dinner and together. .” Mama Ren mercilessly threw out eight words before hanging up the phone.

Ren Jian’s gaze was dull as he pinched himself while chanting, “I must still be dreaming. I must still be dreaming. Ah crap, it hurts! Crap, it’s not a dream! Ah crap!!!”


In the evening, Yu Qinghuan finished his training and went to see his father in the hospital before returning to the place where he was staying with Ren Jian. He had just pushed the door in when he saw Ren Jian sitting on the sofa with his arms folded and a depressed look on his face.

He looked up at him, pointed to the chair opposite his own, and said, “Sit down. I want to talk to you.”

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