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  • How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

    Chapter 28. What is a Sincere Repayment?

    When Luo Buyu said they were going to train for four hours, it really was a solid four hours, and they never took a break except for the time to go to the toilet.

    It was hard for them to catch their breath, but they finally managed to because Luo Buyu had to go out to talk about sponsorship for the competition.

    As he put on his jacket, Luo Buyu said, “I’m going out. You guys watch the video and review it yourselves. Don’t be lazy.”

    The other three, except Liu Manman: “Good luck, brother Luo!”

    Luo Buyu: “….. Why do I feel you guys are so happy?”


    The three people: “It’s your illusion!”

    Luo Buyu was just about to go out when he suddenly remembered something and turned his head to urge, “Right, we need to submit the team information to the organiser this afternoon. You four should get it done together. Qi Huai, do you know how to report it? “

    Qi Huai responded, “Yeah, I know.”

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    “Gb..” Zw Ckdtbwyd blpkvyvle qsa y xsxldv.

    Zk Wlk’ydt zlydle bkp blye shla, tzydnle yv vbl vyczl sd Ck Twyk’p nsxrwvla, yde pyke, “Xb, lynb xyvnb kp vyjld plryayvlzu. Lso vbyv ol byhl y dlo xlxcla, nyd ol tlv tyxl RPp okvb y zkvvzl vlyx prkakv? “

    Ck Twyk tyhl bkx y czydj zssj, “Mbld obyv es usw oydv vs wpl?”

    Zk Wlk’ydt’p lulp aszzle cynj yde qsavb voknl. Tl nzyrrle bkp bydep vstlvbla yde pyke bkp kely.

    Ck Twyk yde Zw Ckdtbwyd:”…”

    Zk Wlk’ydt: “Tlu, obyv jkde sq lulp yal usw twup zssjkdt yv xl okvb? Rpd’v vbkp wdnsdhldvksdyz, kddshyvkhl, yde ekqqlaldv? R clv ds xyvvla bso olzz ol rzyu, swa srrsdldvp yde nsxxldvyvsap okzz alxlxcla wp!!!”

    Yu Qinghuan: “That’s true. How about …… just trying it out?”


    Qi Huai: “Well …… it’s not impossible.”

    Liu Manman: “???? But, but, this, Brother Luo, he, this… “

    Yi Fei’ang grabbed Qi Huai’s mouse and started changing the text on the form, “Okay, okay, don’t talk nonsense. It was decided so happily.”

    Twenty minutes later, Luo Buyu, who was still driving, received a call from the organiser.

     “Hello, how are you? Is this the captain of the BOF team? “

     “Yes, it’s me. What’s up?” Luo Buyu said.

     Organiser: “We would like to confirm your teammate’s game ID with you again.”

    Luo Buyu: “Okay.”

    “Excuse me,…” The organiser’s voice was both hesitant and surprised.

    “Excuse me, is it true that you and your teammates’ game IDs are Shangguan Ergou1 Er means second or stupid, while gou means dog. Likely, it would be “stupid dog”., Ouyang Tie Dan2Tiedan means “iron egg.”, Zhuge Daniu3 Badass or superstar and Duanmu Gazi4In this case, Gazi should have been chosen based on the popular actor, Xie Mengwei, who has been affectionately nicknamed as such since his debut in a series called “Little Soldier Zheng Ga”. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.?”5These are all surnames that are well-known in connection to multiple big figures throughout history, and they are all connected to the Emperors of the various dynasties. I’m sure that a lot of Xanxia readers may recognise them as well.

    Luo Buyu’s hands shook and he almost hit a pole on the roadside. On the spot, there would have been a car accident scene, and his corpse would have been swept across the street.


    When Luo Buyu returned to the base of the battle group, the door was opened extremely heavily.

    As soon as the four of them heard the sound, they knew it was bad, so they huddled in their gaming chairs, not daring to leave the room.

    Luo Bu Yu gave the four a meaningful glance, got up, and went to the balcony.

    Yi Fei’ang poked his head out onto the balcony, then got up and patted Qi Huai across the room: “Brother Huai, go check on the captain on the balcony. What if the captain can’t think straight and jumps off the balcony? The provincial6regional or district competition is about to start and we won’t be able to find a top laner7The top laner plays in the top lane and traditionally plays champions that are difficult to kill. It is the top laner’s job to protect their team and focus on the enemy team’s powerful members.. “

    Qi Huai slapped Yi Fei’ang’s hand away in disgust, “Go away, I’m not going. If you want someone to go, you go.”

    When Yi Fei’ang saw that he couldn’t trap Qi Huai, he walked over to Liu Manman and said with a smile, “Manman, you go. Manman, don’t worry, you’re usually good. The captain won’t scold you for sure.”

    Liu Manman waved his hands, “I, I, I don’t, I can’t say, I can’t say anything.”

    When Yi Fei’ang thought about it, he had to hand over the heavy responsibility to Yu Qinghuan: “Hey, Brother Yu.”

    Yu Qinghuan: “……”

    Your mouth is quite good at calling others at critical moments?

    Yi Fei’ang: “Haven’t you and the captain been good friends for years? Let’s go see the captain. “


    He pulled and dragged Yu Qinghuan up from the gaming chair. Yu Qinghuan thought to himself: If I don’t go to hell, who will go to hell? So he got up and went out to the balcony.

    On the balcony, Luo Buyu was smoking a cigarette. When he saw Yu Qinghuan coming, he didn’t say anything and just gave him a look.

    Yu Qinghuan shouted cautiously, “Brother Luo, what’s wrong?”

    Luo Buyu looked despondent: “Qinghuan, children are not easy to bring up.”

    Yu Qinghuan said, “Kids are mostly spoiled, so they’ll be fine after a beating.”

    Luo Buyu laughed out loud, “Whose idea was the game ID name changes? It was Fei’ang, right? It’s funny, but I changed it back. By the way, Qinghuan, your team name, I gave you your previous gaming name. Is that okay? “

    Yu Qinghuan said, “Yes, it’s fine.”

    Luo Buyu patted Yu Qinghuan’s shoulder and smiled at him, “Welcome to the BOF team, QH.”

    As soon as Luo Buyu returned, the fun time of the four watching the match video while having fun immediately ended. It was followed by long hours of highly focused training.

    The only consolation was that Luo Buyu had ordered takeaway for them.

    Yu Qinghuan remembered that Luo Buyu was a very good cook and mentioned it when they were eating the takeaway, but when he did, Yi Fei’ang started yelling for Luo Buyu’s cooking.


    Luo Buyu was open and honest: “I’ll invite you guys to my house to eat at the game.”

    “Yeah.” Yi Fei’ang was happy.

    Qi Huai laughed at him, “Are you a kid?”

    Yi Fei’ang shot back at him, “Don’t go when Brother Luo invites everyone to dinner.” He said and grabbed Liu Manman, who was burying his head in the takeaway and not talking, “Manman, let’s follow Brother Yu to Brother Luo’s house to eat and drink.”

    Liu Manman was choked by Yi Fei’ang, covering his mouth and coughing. Yu Qinghuan kindly reached out and patted Liu Manman’s back.

    Qi Huai sneered, “You fucking told me not to go, so I’m not going?”

    “Hurry up and eat! Hurry up and train!” Luo Buyu roared, and the base went completely quiet.


    After the day’s training, it was almost eleven o’clock. Yu Qinghuan hurried to the hospital to visit his father, and when the nurse on the night shift saw him, she smiled and asked, “It’s so late? Have you been very busy lately? “

    Yu Qinghuan said, “I’ll be busy for a while, so my dad may have to bother you.”

    The nurse waved her hand, “It’s alright, you should.”

    Yu Qinghuan thanked her and walked into the ward. Father Yu had just laid down and was still awake.

    “Yes, I’m here, dad. How are you feeling today?” Yu Qinghuan pulled out a chair and sat down in front of the hospital bed.

    Father Yu patted his chest forcefully, “I’m fine, son. I see you’re very happy lately. Did something good happen to you?”

    Yu Qinghuan smiled and said, “Yes! Dad, I’m telling you, I’ve met a friend who is especially good to me. “

    “Really?” Father Yu was also very happy, “Then you have to repay him sincerely.”

    “Mm.” Yu Qinghuan nodded his head firmly.

    After settling him down to sleep, Yu Qinghuan said goodbye to her nurse and walked out of the hospital.

    The night was dark, and there was not a single pedestrian in sight on the empty streets, except for the occasional car with bright lights speeding past on the driveway.

    A cold breeze blew past him on the road in front of the hospital, causing him to rub his arms.

    Suddenly, the phone rang. Yu Qinghuan picked it up to take a look.

    On the screen of the phone was Ren Jian’s name.

    TLN: As I translate, edit, and proofread my chapters myself, I may make mistakes at times, so please feel free to point out any errors you may find. Thank you so much for reading!

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