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  • How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

    Chapter 30. You Two Have an Unusual Relationship.

    Yu Qinghuan’s heart stuttered. He swallowed uncomfortably, carefully sitting down in the chair opposite Ren Jian’s. He looked as if he was waiting for the hammer to fall.

    Ren Jian seemed to be thinking about what to say. He let out a long breath and was about to say the words he had been thinking about all afternoon when he was suddenly interrupted by Yu Qinghuan.

    Yu Qinghuan said, “I’ll pay you rent!!!”

    Ren Jian: “…… ah??”

    Yu Qinghuan was reluctant to leave.


    Since high school, he had been alone with everything his broken family had brought him. Although it was hard at times, Yu Qinghuan had never felt bitter. But now that he was living with Ren Jian, Yu Qinghuan felt warmth for the first time in a long time, and it was hard to let go.

    So Yu Qinghuan wanted to fight for it.

    Ren Jian was a little stunned: “What’s with this rent and rent? I haven’t mentioned this to you, right? Why do you keep thinking about it?”

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    Sld Kkyd: “……”

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    Zw Ckdtbwyd pktble: “Gwdvkl kp vss dknl!”

    “Yu xwx, pbl xktbv vyzj vs usw ycswv …… olzz …… l-prsavp.” Sld Kkyd pyke.

    “E-sports?” Yu Qinghuan was puzzled.


    “Yes, I went into e-sports because of you. I did mention this to my mum at first, so my mum probably sees you as someone I admire.” Ren Jian mused asshe said, “Anyway, just talk to her more about that aspect of gaming.”

    “Yeah, okay.” 


    Although Yu Qinghuan had agreed to do so, when the day to have dinner together came, he was still so nervous that he was in a trance all day.

    Luo Buyu, who was always attentive, quickly noticed that something was wrong with Yu Qinghuan and called him out to the corridor, asking, “What’s wrong with you? You don’t feel very focused on the training today.”

    “Ah ……” Yu Qinghuan said, “Sorry Brother Luo.”

    “Nothing happened, right?” Luo Buyu asked with concern.

    “No, it’s just that Ren Jian’s parents asked me to have dinner with them.” Yu Qinghuan said.

    Luo Buyu: “…the relationship between the two of you…is really unusual.”

    Yu Qinghuan said, “Brother Luo, how do I feel as if your words have hidden meanings1话里有话: The direct translation of this phrase is “one’s words carry explicit meaning”?”

    Luo Buyu: “……”

    Because my words do carry hidden meanings!!!


    Yu Qinghuan: “Brother Luo, I’ll ask you to take the night off and come over after dinner.”

    Luo Buyu: “Okay, lifelong events are important.”

    Yu Qinghuan: “What? What’s the lifelong event.”

    Luo Buyu changed the subject: “Hahaha, nothing, nothing.”

    Luo Buyu, a man of hidden merit and reputation.

    In the evening, Yu Qinghuan received a call from Ren Jian: “I’m waiting for you downstairs.”

    Yu Qinghuan hung up the phone, said goodbye to his teammates and left in a hurry.

    After Yi Fei’ang stretched his neck to see Yu Qinghuan leave, he turned his head and said to Luo Buyu, “Brother Luo, I need to rest too.”

    Luo Bu Yu didn’t even raise his head: “Move aside. Hurry up and get your points.”

    Yi Fei’ang: “Where is Brother Yu going?”

    Luo Buyu: “To meet his partner’s2 对象: The kanji can mean target, partner, boyfriend etc.parents.”


    Yi Fei’ang: “Oh, it’s a big life event. We can’t delay.”

    Luo Buyu: “That’s right.” –

    Yu Qinghuan had just come downstairs when he saw Ren Jian’s car parked beside the road. Yu Qinghuan opened the door and sat in the passenger seat: “Have you been waiting for a long time?”

    “Not long.” Ren Jian started the car and drove smoothly.

    “Where are we going?” Yu Qinghuan was still a little nervous, and his entire body was tensed up straight.

    Ren Jian replied, “Villa le Bec3Literally translates to Le Bec’s House. Nicholas Lebec is a 2 star Michelin chef who founded the bistro which is located in Shanghai. It is immensely popular and has an ambience said to be unique(please see pictures below). It is pronounced: Vee – laa – luh – beck .”

    Yu Qinghuan looked confused: “For wikipedia4Wikipedia in Chinese pinyin is Wéijī bǎikē, pronounced: Wei – jee – bai – kuh?” 5From the way I put the syllables, it may not sound exactly alike if you sound it out or look up the phrases and play them, but you have to take into consideration their accents, enunciations, and inntonations. They wouldn’t say it the way a French speaking person might, so it would be easily misunderstood if you aren’t aware of it.

    Ren Jian laughed softly and then explained, “It’s a French restaurant. French food is to eat and exquisite, but the restaurant we are going to is a garden style pub. Overall, it is very cozy. I think my mother chose the place.”

    Yu Qinghuan leaned back, breaking down a little, and said, “What? French food? I don’t know how to eat French food. Is it too late for me to fake a stomachache? “

    Ren Jian said, “It’s okay, just look at the knives and forks on the table, and use whichever one looks good or whichever one is convenient. Just get the food into your mouth and eat it. “

    Yu Qinghuan put his hands on his stomach, as if ready to show off his superb acting skills at any moment. He said, “What if my hands shake and I can’t even get the food into my mouth?”

    Ren Jian: “Don’t be afraid, I’ll feed you.”


    Yu Qinghuan:”….It seems that both Auntie and Uncle have healthy hearts and blood pressure.”

    Ren Jian: “It’s not bad at all.”

    After a few gags and jokes, Yu Qinghuan relaxed a little.

    As they neared the location, Ren Jian remembered something and said to Yu Qinghuan, “You’ve met my mother, so I won’t say too much. My father is a rather serious and unsmiling person. If you feel you can’t talk to him, just talk to my mother more. If you don’t know what to say to my mother either, just compliment her. “

    When Yu Qinghuan heard that Father Ren was serious, he gulped nervously and dryly, “Compliment auntie?”

    Ren Jian nodded, “Yes, compliment her on her youth, compliment her on her nice necklace, compliment her on how well her jewellery matches her clothes.”

    “Okay, I’ll make a note of it.” Yu Qinghuan said seriously.

    When Ren Jian and Yu Qinghuan arrived at the restaurant, they found that Father and Mama Ren had been waiting for a long time. Both Father and Mama Ren were dressed formally and appropriately, and Mama Ren even wore delicate make-up. Yu Qinghuan looked down at his casual sweater and sneakers and couldn’t wait to start a performance of appendicitis and right lower abdominal cramps on the spot.

    Ren Jian saw Yu Qinghuan’s hesitation. He patted him on the shoulder and pushed him to the seat: “What are you afraid of? I also dressed casually.”

    Yu Qinghuan nodded and walked over with the same hand and foot6I made a note of this as before. Most people walk with alternating hands and feet, so if he walked over with the same hands and feet, it would look stiff and awkward. It’s an indication of how uncomfortable or still he looked at the time He sat down in the seat opposite to Father and Mama Ren, and as usual, started to talk as soon as he was nervous: “Hello, uncle and auntie. I am Ren Jian’s friend. My name is Yu Qinghuan, the one who has a taste of world, Qinghuan. From the words of Su Shi, a poet of the Song Dynasty, the full words are “A fine rain and cold wind makes the dawn cold…”

    Yu Qinghuan started reciting a poem!!!

    Ren Jian was dumbfounded.

    He knew that Yu Qinghuan talked a lot when he was nervous, but he didn’t know that he would jump out of his mind when he was too nervous.

    He quickly gave Qinghuan’s back a gentle stroke.

    Yu Qinghuan closed his mouth in time.

    Father Ren was really as unsmiling as Ren Jian said. He nodded: “Well, hello.”

    Mama Ren was happy, smiling like a flower: “Qinghuan is so cute.”

    Yu Qinghuan remembered what Ren Jian had said to him and said, “Auntie, your jewellery matches your dress today!”

    Mama Ren said, “Ah? Really? Which piece of jewellery?”

    Yu Qinghuan: “……”

    What! Do you want to tell me which piece of jewellery it is?

    Yu Qinghuan: “Just …… just ……”

    Ren Jian: “……”

    What! He can’t even tell the difference between jewellery?

    Yu Qinghuan suddenly remembered what Ren Jian had taught him.

    Praise her for looking young! Compliment her necklace! Compliment her clothes!

    Yu Qinghuan said, “The necklace! Your necklace is so pretty!”

    Ren Jian, who was on the other side, broke down a little and held his forehead.

    Mama Ren: “…… Qinghuan, ah.”

    Yu Qinghuan: “Yes, auntie.”

    Mama Ren: “I’m not wearing a necklace today.”

    Yu Qinghuan: “……”

    Yu Qinghuan felt his stomach really start to hurt.

    Picture of Villa Le Bec.
    The interior.

    TLN: As I translate, edit, and proofread my chapters myself, I may make mistakes at times, so please feel free to point out any errors you may find. Thank you so much for reading! Also, my French was so close to coming into play, but alas, it was not meant to be.

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