He Confessed in the Backlight

Chapter 40

On both sides of the main road, there were only fields and mountains. Li Teng roughly observed the surrounding terrain, holding onto Ruan Nianchu tightly, and headed straight in a certain direction.

Ruan Nianchu occasionally turned her head to survey the surroundings. The mountains were densely packed; during the day, they appeared lush green, but as night fell, they became a daunting mass of darkness, with the contours of the mountain ranges stretching out like black silk, which was quite intimidating at first glance.

Feeling a bit afraid, she couldn’t help but ask, “Hey, have you been to this place before?”

Li Teng replied, “No, I haven’t.”

Ruan Nianchu frowned, feeling somewhat speechless. “Then why did you suggest staying here? How do you know which way to go? What if we don’t find anyone and have to spend the night in the wilderness?”


Li Teng remained expressionless, only saying, “You won’t get lost if you follow me.”

“…” Ruan Nianchu fell silent. Seeing him so calm, she felt slightly reassured and just followed along.

About twenty minutes later, Ruan Nianchu’s eyes flickered slightly.

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Swyd Lkydnbw qswde kv pvaydtl. “Jwv bso nsxl R eked’v jdso?”

“You city girls, especially those from big cities like Cloud City, it’s normal not to know.”


“Aren’t you from the city?”

Li Teng smiled faintly. “My hometown is in a rural area north of the mountain.”

As they conversed, they were already close to the brick house. Outside the house, there was a spacious area paved with cement, and a big yellow dog chained near the pigsty. Sensing them, it immediately bared its teeth and barked fiercely, “Woof woof woof…”

Li Teng went up and knocked on the door twice.

After a moment, an elderly woman with white hair came and opened the door for them. The old woman looked at the two of them, dripping wet as if they just got out of the rain, and furrowed her brows, saying in a puzzled tone, “Who are you looking for? My three sons are all out working in Ke, none of them are home.”

The old woman spoke in the local dialect, and Ruan Nianchu listened for a while, not understanding much.

Li Teng smiled and responded to the old woman.

The moment he spoke, Ruan Nianchu immediately widened her eyes in astonishment, staring at him without blinking.

After a few minutes, a smile spread across the old woman’s face as she gestured for the two of them to come inside while talking incessantly.

The old woman busied herself pouring water for the two of them.

Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu remained seated on the benches in the living room.

Unable to contain her surprise, she exclaimed, “You can actually speak the local dialect here?”


Li Teng’s tone was quite casual. “I have a comrade who is from this place. I’ve learned a few phrases from him.”

Ruan Nianchu narrowed her eyes. Suddenly, she remembered how fluent this person was in both Khmer and English, and couldn’t help but marvel at his intellect. No wonder he was able to pass the exam for the Aerospace University at the age of sixteen.

She asked again, “What were you talking about with that woman just now?”

“I told her that we needed a place to stay and asked her to find some clean clothes for you to change into,” Li Teng replied. “I also offered her money, but she refused to take it.”

At that moment, the old woman came out, carrying two cups of hot water and two pieces of clothing.

She handed a dress to Ruan Nianchu and said with a smile, “This belonged to my daughter-in-law. She’s healthy, no issues. If you don’t mind, you can change into it first, and I’ll help you dry your wet clothes.”

This scene seemed familiar, and somehow, Ruan Nianchu recalled Auntie Xin from the Cambodian jungle.

She smiled and said, “Thank you.”

The old woman then handed a pair of pants and a shirt to Li Teng, indicating for him to change as well.

A few minutes later, both of them emerged after changing.

Ruan Nianchu looked up and saw Li Teng wearing dark pants and a black T-shirt. His muscular arms stretched the sleeves tightly, bronze in color, with a gigantic dragon tail extending down from the cuffs, winding and ferocious. His eyes and brows were indifferent and unconcerned, exuding a heavy and compelling aura. Just standing there made it impossible to ignore him.

This outfit strangely reminded her of how he looked when she first met him seven years ago. She remembered the fierce and ruthless look in his eyes when he blew up the car’s fuel tank, putting his enemies in mortal danger. Suddenly, she realized that the wolf-like nature within him hadn’t changed at all.


She stared at him somewhat absentmindedly.

Li Teng noticed something and raised his eyelids to look at her. “What’s wrong?”

She blushed slightly, cleared her throat, and turned her head to the side. “Nothing.”

Soon, the old woman came out of a room and upon seeing them, smiled, “My eldest son and daughter-in-law have similar builds to you both. These clothes fit well. I’ve made the bed for you both in my eldest son’s room. It’s in the countryside, so please don’t mind.”

Li Teng spoke in the local dialect, “You’re too kind, old lady.”

“I have three sons who are all working in big cities now. I’m the only old lady left at home. It makes me very happy to have someone to talk to when you two come. Please sit down. I’ve just cooked dinner. Let’s eat together,” the old woman said.

They tried to decline, but the old woman insisted. She quickly went back to the kitchen to prepare. Ruan Nianchu followed to help.

Suddenly, they heard the dog barking outside again, followed by knocking on the door, one after another.

Ruan Nianchu and Li Teng exchanged a glance, both sensing that something was wrong.

The old woman came out of the kitchen, muttering suspiciously, “It’s really strange. It’s so lively tonight… Who could it be?” With that, she went to open the door.

Ruan Nianchu reached out and stopped the old woman, smiling, “Please rest, Grandma. We’ll handle this.” Then she glanced at Li Teng. He was looking at her, his gaze calm and deep.

Her heart pounded like thunder as she slowly nodded at him.


Li Teng stepped forward, grasped the door handle, his face stern, fingers tightening. In the next moment, he pulled the door open.

Ruan Nianchu took a peek and was shocked. She blurted out, “Oh no, it’s you again?”

The person outside the door had a more astonished expression than her, staring wide-eyed, “Damn, I was about to ask the same thing! How come it’s you two again, this pair of troublemakers!”

Li Teng’s face turned cold. With a kick, he sent Chen Guozhi flying a few meters away. “Say another word, I dare you.”

Chen Guozhi let out a cry as he fell to the ground like a dog, then got up, his face twisted in pain, “Oops, my bad, my bad… I mean, Li Ge, it was a slip of the tongue, I shouldn’t have said that, but can’t you stop hitting me every time we meet!”

…Can you really use the term “hitting me” like this?

Ruan Nianchu pursed her lips, feeling frustrated. “I told you not to follow us anymore. If you keep following, I’ll chop off your hands. Aren’t you afraid of death?”

Chen Guozhi was on the verge of kneeling and kowtowing, “Miss, Sister-in-law, Big Sister, Madam! I swear, I really didn’t follow you this time! Really!”

Ruan Nianchu asked, “Then how did you end up here?”

Chen Guozhi replied, “Just passing by.”

Ruan Nianchu: “…”

Li Teng smirked, reached out, grabbed Chen Guozhi’s shoulder, and gave it a hard squeeze. Chen Guozhi cried out in pain and quickly said, “Don’t dislocate my arm! I’m just an honest man, telling you the truth, the truth!”

Li Teng let go.

Chen Guozhi, still trembling, rubbed his shoulder and said miserably, “After you guys left me at the police station, I was planning to take a plane back to Shen City from Biancheng, but the road from Baixi Town to Biancheng was blocked, so I had to take a detour. You think that’s bad enough? No, it gets worse—I rented a broken-down car, and it suddenly broke down halfway. I called the rental company, but nobody answered. It’s like calling into thin air. With the heavy rain pouring down, I had no choice but to find shelter first.”

Ruan Nianchu protected the puzzled old woman behind her and stared at Chen Guozhi. “Are you telling the truth?”

Chen Guozhi swore to the sky, “If I’m lying, may I never have children…” Suddenly, he paused, glanced at Li Teng’s unfriendly face, and quickly changed his wording, “May I never have stocks.”

As the conversation ended, Ruan Nianchu and Li Teng exchanged another glance.

After a moment, somewhat reluctantly, she said, “Fine, I’ll believe you this time.”

“You believe me, huh?” Chen Guozhi burst into joy, rubbing his arms with a grin, and in Cantonese, said, “It’s so cold, freezing me to death.”

Li Teng stood still, blocking the way.

Chen Guozhi paused, looked up at him, grinned, “Li Ge, could you please move aside a bit? Thanks a bunch.”

Li Teng scrutinized him for a moment, then moved slightly, allowing him to enter.

With a bang, the door was closed again.

The old woman didn’t quite understand Mandarin, feeling bewildered. She asked Li Teng, “Young man, is this your friend? Also here to seek shelter from the rain?”

Li Teng nodded, “Yes.”

The old woman, being kind-hearted, smiled again and said, “Great, then let’s have dinner together.” Pausing for a moment, she added, “You two, please sit down. I’ll go cook some dishes.”

Li Teng said, “Please don’t bother. We won’t eat much.”

Chen Guozhi rolled up his sleeves and, seeing a cup of hot water on the table, picked it up without asking whose it was and started drinking. After finishing, he plopped down next to the dining table and casually said, “This grandma is hospitable. If she wants to cook more dishes, just let her. Maybe more guests will come later.”

Ruan Nianchu noticed this remark and frowned, “What did you say?”

Chen Guozhi picked up a piece of meat with his chopsticks, chewed it in his mouth, and replied vaguely, “Huh? Did I say something?”

A few seconds later, the old woman went back into the kitchen.

Li Teng sat opposite Chen Guozhi, expressionless. Ruan Nianchu vaguely sensed something and pursed her lips, sitting beside Li Teng.

Chen Guozhi ate a few bites of food, wiped his mouth, and said, “Although this is a rural area, Grandma’s cooking is pretty good.” With that, he took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket, shook out two, lit one for himself, and handed the other to Li Teng, “A special brand, gifted by Zheng Ye. Wanna try?”

Li Teng accepted it.

Chen Guozhi stood up, holding a lighter in both hands to light it for him. Li Teng tilted his head slightly, covered the flame with his right hand, lit the cigarette, and squinted his eyes behind the smoke for a moment.

Then he smirked, raised the cigarette in his hand, and said, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” Chen Guozhi waved his hand.

Li Teng took a deep drag, then exhaled smoke rings, flicked the ash onto the wooden table, and said in a cold tone, “How much longer until the person you mentioned arrives?”

Chen Guozhi replied, “They should have arrived by now.”

Li Teng lowered his gaze, remaining silent, extinguishing the cigarette, which was still mostly intact, on the wooden table.

Ruan Nianchu was completely confused by their conversation. She looked left and right, puzzled, and asked, “Who has already arrived?”

No sooner had she asked than the dog outside the door started barking furiously for the third time.

Bang bang, someone knocked on the door.

Ruan Nianchu was speechless, thinking that this was turning into quite a situation; another one and they could have a full table of mahjong players.

“Oh, who could it be now…” muttered the old woman as she wiped her hands on her apron and went to open the door. Standing in the rain were two tall figures in black raincoats, one man and one woman.

The woman looked very friendly. She smiled gently at the old woman and spoke slowly, “Hello. Our car broke down. Could we seek shelter from the rain here?”

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