The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

96. I won’t lie to you anymore

For some reason, Yan Shi felt kind of awkward. Perhaps it was because she did it before with Liang Ziqian and Wen Tianji, and both of them knew about it.

Although Bei Xingyan did tell her that s*x between a man and a woman was not a big deal and both men and women could similarly enjoy s*xual pleasures, and that to excessively pursue the thing called ’purity’ was only binding yourself. Yan Shi still couldn’t ignore it completely nevertheless.

For the first few minutes, Yan Shi didn’t even know where she should put her hands. Her fingers kept nudging her pants. Suddenly a hand was placed on top of the back of her hand. Yan Shi raised her eyes to meet Liang Ziqian’s eyes.

Liang Ziqian’s eyes were beautiful like a pool of spring water. Her face was reflected in its ripples.

Yan Shi didn’t pull her hand away or show any rejection. Liang Ziqian could now confirm his earlier speculation.


He needed a bigger price than lies to redeem his mistake. It was clear that his efforts all this while were not useless.

“Is it because the contest is coming up so you’re being so nervous?” Liang Ziqian had a clear voice and gentle tone. It was easy to imagine the image of a senior looking after his junior from just his voice alone.

This time, Yan Shi reacted promptly. She understood that Liang Ziqian was trying to relieve the awkwardness.

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Nkydt Hkikyd ypjle: “Rp kv rykdqwz?”

Yan Shi shook her head with a smile, “Not that painful.”



After a while, Yan Shi’s sleepiness engulfed her again. She no longer remembered how her head hit the glass anymore and began to tilt towards the window again.

Liang Ziqian stretched out his hand to hold Yan Shi’s head and pushed her towards his shoulder.

Yan Shi’s head landed on Liang Ziqian’s shoulder steadily. This time, Yan Shi didn’t wake up and fell asleep deeply.

It was rare that Wen Tianji who was sitting behind both of them wasn’t sleepy at all. There were no special emotions on his face but anyone with a good instinct wouldn’t want to go near him because he didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

Time always seemed to pass quickly when sleeping. Two hours passed in a blink of an eye. When Yan Shi woke up, she found that she actually fell asleep on Liang Ziqian’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry! I actually fell asleep on your shoulder, does it feel numb?” Yan Shi’s expression looked guilty.

Liang Ziqian didn’t mind at all. He actually liked it instead.

“It’s okay, it’s no big deal. We should get off, we’re here.”

“Yeah.” Yan Shi nodded.


Because they were all boys, two people would stay in a double bed room together. Usually the smaller group members would stay in the same room.


Logically Yan Shi should stay in the same room as Wen Tianji, but Liang Ziqian said: “Wen Tianji always has a single dorm room for himself at school, so I’m afraid he may not be used to sharing a room with someone else.”

The glasses boy, secretary Chen scratched his head and asked: “Then what should we do? We already booked the rooms the day before yesterday, so if we want to book an extra room at the last minute, we might not get it.”

Liang Ziqian said: “Then how about this, let me share a room with Yan Shi.”

“Will this really be fine…” Although the glasses boy said that, his eyes were the total opposite. It was truly godsend, he could save many inconveniences like this.

Liang Ziqian smiled lightly and said: “It’s just a small matter, as long as everyone can join the contest smoothly.”

At this time, Wen Tianji suddenly said, “I actually don’t mind.”

The glasses boy let out a sigh and acted as if he knew Wen Tianji very well, “Mr. Wen, you don’t have to force yourself. Alright, everyone quickly take your own things to revise in your own rooms. Tomorrow is the official day of the contest.”

Liang Ziqian took the room key and led Yan Shi to his room. When Liang Ziqian opened the room door, Yan Shi suddenly asked: “Senior, did you also plan this as well?”

Liang Ziqian understood Yan Shi’s question at once. He pushed open the door and took out a pair of slippers for Yan Shi.

“Not this time. I won’t lie to you anymore in the future.”

If it was Liang Ziqian in the past, he didn’t see it as lying by guiding the other person to do the things he hoped. But now he understood that his actions were still considered a lie by Yan Shi regardless.

Lies were beautiful before they were broken. But once they were broken, it was hard to redeem it again, it was even more so in front of Yan Shi.


“Yan Shi, I think I need to formally tell you this, I’m sorry.”

Yan Shi opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say. She never expected Liang Ziqian to apologize to herself with such seriousness. But then, this was how Liang Ziqian was like.

The Liang Ziqian that she liked was gentle, polite and always took care of the feelings of the people around him. He had his own principles and would admit his mistake if he was wrong. He would never find excuses for himself.

Liang Ziqian stared deeply into Yan Shi’s eyes and asked: “Yan Shi, can you forgive me. I am also human and I make mistakes. I hope you can give me a chance to repent and not just push me out of the door.”

“I’ve forgiven you, actually I–”

Yan Shi hadn’t finished speaking yet when Liang Ziqian hugged her tightly. The hug shrouded with the young man’s light tea aroma enveloped her completely. At that time, Yan Shi’s heart was content.

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