The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

Dreamland side story 7: Whole body was showered in s*men (H)

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The two small flowers at Yan Shi’s bottom had been trampled messily. When they switched me*t poles, thick c*m even dripped out of it.

Without waiting for the s*men to flow out, the next thick and hard me*t pole pushed open the vag*nal meat again and dug straight into the depths of the flower pit.

Her small a*s that propped upwards was also spread apart by large hands. The crimson red small hole was leaking out c*m with gurgling sounds. It looked as l*wd as it could be.

Bei Xingyan who was holding onto Yan Shi’s a*s wasn’t in a hurry to f*ck Yan Shi as well. His me*t pole just circled around it and smeared c*m all around it, but it just wouldn’t thrust inside.


The two small mouths at Yan Shi’s bottom contracted at the same time, clasping the me*t pole with a huge tortoise head inside her body until it throbbed in pleasure.

Cheng Yimian had already shot once, so he didn’t plan to shoot so easily this time. He resisted the mind-blowing gratification that came spreading up from below.

“Xiao Shi Tou, you are so tight inside, is it because you want to drink milk again?” Cheng Yimian said while kneading Yan Shi’s br**st.

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Cheng Yimian and Bei Xingyan naturally wouldn’t just give up like this after their girl was snatched away. But there were still other men who were aiming for Yan Shi at the same time.


Yan Shi was snatched and passed here and there. Each man couldn’t stay long in her hole. It was because of this limited time that each man used all their strengths to f*ck her, as if whoever f*cked Yan Shi to her cl*max the most times would mean that Yan Shi liked that person better.

Yan Shi’s throat had grown hoarse from screaming. Both her holes were rubbed till they were so red and swollen. Just a simple touch on her flower bud, flower lips and n*pples could make her call out ‘en ah’.

Yan Shi who was getting f*cked while sitting on Yan Huayun’s legs could feel that someone was feeding her a glass of water in her blurry state. After she drank, she could feel her throat getting better.

Her throat felt better, but the two small mouths at her bottom weren’t that lucky.

Me*t poles of different colors, shapes and hardness went in and out, f*cking her to reach various fashion of cl*maxes.

Yan Shi’s body was also made into various types of positions and their location also changed continuously.

The bed, the floor, the sofa, the kettle, beside the window. The whole room seemed to become polluted with their body fluids, releasing a lubr*cious smell.

Yan Shi felt like she was going to transform into a sm*tty beast. Besides being f*cked and hitting cl*maxes, she couldn’t do anything else.

Even men with the strongest willpower couldn’t go on like this if they were sucked by such a wet, warm and extremely snuggly small hole. Hence, Yan Shi’s body was showered with waves and waves of s*men. Her br**sts, vag*nal entrance and thighs were all slick with s*men.

Every inch of Yan Shi’s fresh and tender skin was giving out a scent that could seduce men. Bai Shanyu just finished shooting his s*men when Yan Yu thrust inside.

The thick and long pole sloppily scattered all the other men’s s*men everywhere. His motions looked like he was dragging out the s*men but he also pushed in some thick s*men.

Yan Shi had been shot so many times. Her small womb was full of men’s thing. When her body shook, the s*men in her stomach also shook together with her. She groaned in a low voice. Her flower pit that was f*cked till it became so numb and soft licked Yan Yu’s tortoise head as if it was alive.


Yan Yu’s forehead even turned moist from his own sweat. He straightened his waist to tear open the flower pit that was clinging onto it. His tortoise head stirred the thick c*m inside, then dragged it out powerfully.

The crown-shaped trench pulled out quite a lot of s*men. These s*men dripped down following the gravity, and was even pulled out of the small hole due to Yan Yu’s withdrawal.

Yan Shi’s fingers tightened. Her eyes lost focus because of such stimulation.

The feeling of fullness from being sandwiched from the front and back gave her a delusion as if her own soul had been completely filled. It felt so satisfying and she wanted even more.

Yan Shi kissed Yan Yu’s lips proactively. Yan Yu didn’t deny Yan Shi’s kiss, and allowed Yan Shi to nibble and kiss his chin like a puppy, leaving behind a long wet trace.

It wasn’t that Yan Shi didn’t know how to kiss, she just didn’t have much energy now and only followed her own instinct to get close to Yan Yu.

Yan Huayun who was buried inside her back hole to f*ck her said in a flirtatious tone: “It seems like it’s true that girls nowadays like handsome young boys. This really makes me sad.”

He was saying that he felt sad but Yan Huayun’s face didn’t show any trace of sadness at all. He was smiling happily instead.

Yan Shi heard Yan Huayun’s words and remembered Yan Huayun’s vileness. She just said ‘yes’ very obediently.

Yan Huayun, who wasn’t unhappy at first, didn’t feel right in his heart again because of Yan Shi’s response. A cold smile appeared on his face as he said: “Oh? If that so, I’ll have to let Xiao Yan Shi have a good taste of an old man.”

The sudden storm in her back hole made Yan Shi fall onto Yan Yu’s firm chest. Her head was laid against Yan Yu’s shoulder as she could only let out screams of “en en ah ah”.

Yan Huayun f*cked her so intensely that Yan Yu who was inside her flower hole didn’t even need to move to f*ck Yan Shi to her cl*max.


It was another few thousand times of intense f*cking. Yan Yu pushed open her flower pit and shot his s*men into Yan Shi’s womb.

Soon, Yan Shi’s body was passed towards the next man. In this room, Yan Shi’s body had been made into various types of positions. Her thighs were split apart forcefully and her small hole was shot with who-knew-how-much s*men.

Yan Shi was shot till her stomach bulged upwards slightly. She laid on the bed powerlessly as her body still reminisced the pleasures from just now.

White c*m that flowed out her hole hung around Cheng Yimian’s long finger as he said in a weird tone: “Looks like Xiao Shi Tou enjoy drinking men’s thing. Do you have to eat this much to be satisfied?”

Yan Shi couldn’t even lift up her limbs anymore. She really couldn’t be f*cked any longer, if they continued f*cking her, she might just break.

Yan Shi didn’t have the strength anymore. She could only let out some cat-like sounds.

Luckily these men also knew that they’d done too much and didn’t torture Yan Shi anymore.

Just like that, Yan Shi laid on the big, soft bed and fell deeply asleep.

(TN: Finally it’s the end of side story, time to go back to the main story~)

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