The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

26. Be gentle (H)

Yan Shi, who was still in the midst of her org*sm, was pulled back to reality at the sudden pain.

Yan Shi wanted to push Bei Xingyan away with her weak hands, but he wouldn’t budge. His chest was firm like a hard rock.

Bei Xingyan’s c*ck head was clasped by a tighter and more tender c*rvix. His temple was covered in sweat. Still restraining himself, he gave her a few more fast thrusts before shooting his hot and white c*m into Yan Shi’s womb.

The exhilarating internal c**shot made Yan Shi org*sm again. Her white and slender legs trembled a little as another wave of s*x water shot out from deep within her hole.

The area of cop*lation was saturated with Yan Shi’s l*wd water. The sticky and smooth l*wd water flowed down through Yan Shi’s swollen a*s cheeks.

Yan Shi had hit her org*sm two times consecutively. She looked as if she was just rescued from being drowned. Her hair around her face was all wet, and her white, tender chest moved up and down due to her erratic breathing.

Bei Xingyan had strong stamina. He’d just ej*culated but his c*ck already turned hard. Yan Shi still hadn’t come back to her senses when he pinned her down and f*cked her roughly. His giant me*t pole spread her c*rvix apart with each thrust. “Aaahh..” Yan Shi called out, as tears began to form at the corners of her eyes.

“Gentle.. be gentle.. I’m gonna break…”

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This position of being in mid-air made her nervous that her hole contracted, and her hands around his neck also tightened.

With the help of gravity, his thick pole thrust inside her more deeply. His c*ck head completely split her c*rvix apart to enter her womb.

Yan Shi felt that her body was completely broken. She held onto his body with her eyes losing focus.

Bei Xingyan devoid her of any opportunity to adapt as he held her a*s up, f*cking her hard and rough.

L*wd water squirted everywhere with his giant me*t pole thrusting in her, creating sm*tty sounds of splashing water.

There was only a dim light coming in through the glass windows into the empty physics laboratory from the building next door. The light fell upon both their n*ked bodies.

The male with a strong and lean body, used his s*x organ that was almost as thick as a donkey to f*ck a female’s pinkish and juicy hole. The young girl’s slim body could only endure the male’s powerful thrusts helplessly.

“Too.. too full… wu wu wu, no! No more! Ah!”

Yan Shi’s flat stomach had bulged outwards due to his me*t pole. Her small womb was heated up due to the friction, an indescribable pleasure coming with it.

Holding her hips firmly with his arms, the veins on Bei Xingyan’s arms began to enlarge, and his inner thighs turned rock-hard. Yan Shi could clearly feel the giant me*t pole in her body grow bigger again as his steel-hard c*ck head violently f*cked the opening deep inside her.

Yan Shi’s body shuddered as her l*wd water continued gushing out in waves. Her narrow passage glued itself tightly around his thick s*x organ, tracing the shape and thickness of every single vein.

“I’m coming… ah…” Yan Shi moaned out loud and long. The tingling pleasures that ran all over her body seemed to be able to suck away all her energy.

Bei Xingyan’s hard mushr*om head felt a throbbing pain when it finally erupted, releasing shots after shots of chalky c*m into her small womb.

Yan Shi’s arm lost the grip on him with her energy being depleted. The only thing that joined them together was their connected bottom. Her c*rvix crashed onto his still-hard c*ck head.

“Ah..ha..” Yan Shi had a small org*sm again.

With her flower passage being thoroughly explored, there was not a single piece of her that was not her sensitive point. A simple touch could easily make her org*sm.

Bei Xingyan placed her back onto the lab research table and pulled his me*t pole out. White c*m mixed with transparent l*wd water flowed out from her slightly agape red hole.

The feeling of liquids leaking out of her hole made her body feel a certain emptiness again, but her entire flower had turned red and swollen from the f*ck. If this went on, she might not be able to walk at all tomorrow.

Bei Xingyan rubbed her entrance with his finger. Her soft and cool flower lips still looked pinkish and very much attractive. When her flower lips felt the finger brushing over it, it sucked it in.

“Looks like your greedy mouth is not yet satisfied.” Bei Xingyan laughed lightly as he flicked her chubby flower lip.

Suddenly, Yan Shi felt a warmth within her small hole, as if a small snake had entered her hole.

“Ah… No.. Really, no more, I can’t do this anymore..” Yan Shi propped herself up and wanted to push Bei Xingyan’s head away.

Yan Shi had a very small hole. Bei Xingyan did not need too much effort to eat her entire hole up. He sucked on the two soft flower lips as if he was kissing them, with his tongue sticking inside the hole continuously.

It was truly different to be eaten and to be f*cked. The tongue was more flexible than the me*t stick, so it was able to find Yan Shi’s sensitive spot more accurately and was able to focus on attacking a certain spot.

Bei Xingyan’s tongue was thick and strong. Yan Shi’s small hole had shrunk back to her original size without his s*x organ to spread it apart. So when Bei Xingyan slipped his tongue inside, it clamped down on it tightly.

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