The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

27. Reaching org**m with the help of his tongue (H)

“No, no more…”

The insides of her hole began to release water again. Each lick of his tongue was able to draw puddles of l*wd water out. Bei Xingyan swallowed up her tasty l*wd water, his tall nose bridge pressing on Yan Shi’s engorged flower button.

Her flower lips were wrapped around his warm mouth while her overly sensitive flower entrance was assaulted by his powerful tongue, her flower button included.

Yan Shi couldn’t help her body from heating up as she realized that everything that leaked out of her hole went into Bei Xingyan’s mouth. Furthermore, there was Bei Xingyan’s essence in her, in which he also gobbled it all up.

Her l*st began to grow again. Yan Shi felt that her soul was going to get sucked away by Bei Xingyan.

“Wu… it feels so good…”

Yan Shi couldn’t help herself. She placed her hand on her tender br**st to play with her red and er*ct n*pple.

Bei Xingyan held onto her hip and pushed his face even deeper in her. Half of his face was buried between Yan Shi’s legs, with a few drops of her hole’s sweet water dripping down from his chin.

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“It’s rare that I’m being so kind. I usually won’t stop f*cking my partner until she faints. What do you think, are you willing to be my bed partner?”

“I, I…” Although Yan Shi’s body yearned for s*x but her soul was empty.

She was lost and she didn’t know if she was making the right decision. Was this really the right choice? Once she calmed down, all kinds of questions began floating around her mind.

Bei Xingyan was a guy who loved pleasures and a hedonist. He could see through Yan Shi’s hesitation and saw that she was still a conservative girl in her bones.

“Who’s the one who kept org**ming just now? If you want it, just do it. Why think so much about it? We each have our own desires, so you don’t need to feel burdened.”

Yan Shi lowered her head. Now that she was no longer in l*st, she couldn’t help but to think about Liang Ziqian again.

When she was with Liang Ziqian, Yan Shi felt so sweet and happy. She’d naively thought that she would grow old with Liang Ziqian.

The feelings between a man and a woman were so simple yet so fragile. Yan Shi understood that it was hard to love someone eternally, but she never thought that her feelings were just a big, fat joke.

Her body needed consolation, needed a man to fill her up. Just like what Bei Xingyan said, don’t think too much about it, and just pursue gratification with her body.

After a while, Yan Shi put her head up and answered: “Yes.”

Being bed partners meant that they would not interfere with each other’s love and life. They were only together to fulfill the needs of their bodies. No attachments. No commitments. They could end this relationship anytime they wanted.


Bei Xingyan helped to clean their traces on Yan Shi’s body, and sent her back to her dorm.

When Yan Shi arrived at her dorm room, it was already midnight. She tiptoed into the room. She hoped that she didn’t disturb her roommate’s rest, but no matter how quiet she tried, Nan Fengyi still ‘woke up’.

In fact, Nan Fengyi did not sleep yet. Yan Shi always returned to the dorm early, but today she was not back yet although it was already so late. Nan Fengyi was worried about Yan Shi, but he realized that he had no right to call Yan Shi to ask her why she was not back yet.

Nan Fengyi laid on the bed with his eyes wide open and couldn’t go to sleep no matter how much he rolled around. He sat up on his bed when he heard the door open.

“I’m sorry, I woke you up.”

Nan Fengyi said: “It’s alright. I’m a light-sleeper. Why are you back so late, what happened?”

Nan Fengyi said to make himself sound more natural.

Yan Shi stammered: “That, I had something to do so I stayed in the classroom for some time.”

Physics laboratory was also considered a classroom, right? Yan Shi thought silently.

The atmosphere between them felt awkward. Yan Shi was the first one to break the awkwardness and abruptly dug her pyjamas out.

“I’ll go get a shower. You continue sleeping.” Yan Shi slipped into the bathroom after she finished speaking.

His thick and handsome eyebrows went up slightly as he stared at the matte glass door. Did someone kiss Yan Shi’s lips?

At first Nan Fengyi could still tease Yan Shi jokingly, but after he started developing strange feelings for her, it felt as if his limbs were tied up.

Because he was afraid he couldn’t control his own heart. Because he was afraid he would suddenly lower himself down to kiss her lips.

Yan Shi exited the bathroom rather quickly. She was in a pair of loose pyjamas, with her collar tilted to one side, revealing half of her collar-bone and a large area of snowy skin. She must be in a hurry when coming out.

Her white, slim wrist swayed outside the wide sleeve. He wasn’t sure if it was his own imagination, but Nan Fengyi thought he saw a pinkish mark on her arm.

It was a sensual pink, definitely not caused by crashes or beatings.

Yan Shi quickly climbed up to bed and hid below the covers, blocking his sight of her.

Nan Fengyi didn’t dare to look at her so obviously, so he quickly diverted his eyes away and turned off the lights.

Closing his eyes, Yan Shi’s figure appeared in his mind again.

In the dream, Yan Shi was fully n*ked and was deep asleep in bed, as if she wouldn’t wake up no matter what he did to her.

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