The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

25. A*s became swollen from being slapped (H)

Yan Shi felt embarrassed to answer the question. She did feel her body heating up whenever she thought about Bei Xingyan, but she didn’t dare to admit it.

“No.” Yan Shi turned her face away as a deep red flush extended from her cheeks down to her neck.

Bei Xingyan’s large palm massaged Yan Shi’s a*s l*wdly, then slipped inside with much flexibility. There was no doubt; his fingers immediately felt her wetness.

“Not honest at all. Why so much water if you don’t miss it? A child who lies needs to be punished.”

Yan Shi gasped when she felt a chill in her lower body. Her pants were partly pulled down by Bei Xingyan, exposing her round and white b*tt entirely into the air.

The pair of pinkish flower lips between her snowy a*s had released some crystal honey water. It seemed to want to eat a me*t stick, unlike what its owner said.

Bei Xingyan pulled his male organ out. His pole had already hardened, with some sticky liquids on top of his large mushr*om head.

Yan Shi could feel an emptiness from deep within her small hole. Her inner voice told her that she yearned for s*x. She loved the pleasure of making love.

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With that thought, Yan Shi’s mouth at the bottom began releasing water again.

When Bei Xingyan saw Yan Shi’s reddened face and heard her pleading with tears, his rough me*t pole hardened even more. He eagerly wanted to thr*st his s*x organ into Yan Shi’s hungry and leaking pinkish hole now.

However, Bei Xingyan wanted to tease Yan Shi today. He didn’t want to f*ck her just like that.

“Want me to stop? Sure, but if I don’t slap your small a*s, then what else should I do?” Bei Xingyan said as his large palm caressed her skin that had turned red from his slapping.

Yan Shi’s a*s was white, smooth and soft. Bei Xingyan’s hand easily left a big red mark on her although he didn’t use that much strength. Bei Xingyan’s fingers glided across her a*s lips, roaming around her leaking small hole.

“Fu, Fu…” The word was almost coming out of her mouth, but Yan Shi couldn’t find herself to say it out loud.

“Can’t say it out?” Bei Xingyan’s big palm landed on her a*s again after he asked. This time his fingers hit her slightly opened small hole.

Yan Shi let out a moan. The moment his fingers hit her flower lips, an electrifying pleasure ran across her body. After his fingers left, it was replaced with infinite emptiness again.

Bei Xingyan impishly gave her fleeting touches. Although he didn’t hit her hard, Yan Shi’s a*s became numb after so many slaps and she felt more empty inside.

Pa Pa Pa–

Yan Shi’s snowy a*s had been slapped red by his hand. Her crystal honey water flowed down from her fat v*gina, wetting Bei Xingyan’s pants.

“You’re leaking so much water. Can it be that you want to eat a big me*t pole?” Bei Xingyan no longer slapped Yan Shi’s a*s as he kneaded it instead.

The hot and spicy sensation spread out over her whole body from her bottom, making her pinkish flower lips flutter even more. The position made Yan Shi hard to breathe. The edge of her tender br**sts rubbed against his pants’ coarse fabric. It felt so itchy that she just wanted to grind them hard against it.

She wanted it, so badly…

Yan Shi grabbed the helm of Bei Xingyan’s clothes and slightly pulled her upper body up. Her pair of water-like eyes looked at him longingly.

“My a*s wants to get f*cked.”

Bei Xingyan lifted Yan Shi’s chin up, smiling as he asked: “To get f*cked by what? Hm?”

Yan Shi blushed, and spoke very quietly: “F*cked by a big me*t pole…”

Bei Xingyan pushed her towards the lab research table. Yan Shi’s entire upper body was pressed against the chilly table with her small a*s propped up high.

A boiling hot thing was pressed against her hole. Yan Shi’s heart raced as she hoped his thick pole would enter her with force and rub her tender walls inside harshly.

Bei Xingyan did not let her wait any longer. He held Yan Shi’s waist and buried his entire c*ck inside.

The insertion hit Yan Shi’s c*rvix at once. “Ah!” She screamed out as her tender walls sucked on Bei Xingyan’s hard me*t pole.

Bei Xingyan rubbed his c*ck head against her c*rvix for a while, before starting to thr*st.

The engorged veins on his me*t pole rubbed against her hungry vag*nal walls, bringing out lots of l*wd fluids.

Her small hole slurped loudly as he thrust in her. His loaded dark-colored sacks slapped her pu*sy again and again, making her tender flower lips turn crimson red.

The feeling of being completely filled made Yan Shi’s body heat up and her breathing turned sensual. She moaned lightly as she twisted her a*s. The l*wd water she released made Bei Xingyan’s big me*t pole look oily and shiny.

Sensing that Yan Shi was fallen deep into the whirlpool of s*x, Bei Xingyan did not hold himself back any longer.

The hideous-looking big me*t pole was like a huge anaconda that went for its prey within the tight flower passage. His mushr*om head that was as big as a duck egg slammed against her c*rvix harshly, trying its best to go deeper.

The sensations of pain and numbness began spreading up her body from her stomach. Yan Shi couldn’t help herself from struggling, “No… Don’t go in anymore, it hurts…”

Bei Xingyan leaned down. He sucked and nibbled on Yan Shi’s smooth and naked spine with his thin lips. His large palms held her body up, as his fingers massaged her smooth and soft br**sts.


The painful feeling began easing off. Yan Shi was f*cked until she could only let out soft moans.

Her n*pples were already hard and er*ct as they pressed against Bei Xingyan’s palm. She wanted more, more energy to have her br**sts massaged. Even better if someone could come and savor her br**sts.

“Eat it, please?” Yan Shi held her snowy small t*ts up, and turned her waist around to look at Bei Xingyan pitifully.

Bei Xingyan lifted one of Yan Shi’s legs, and turned her body around with his me*t pole still inside her. Lying face-up on the lab research table, she could see his thick, purplish-red giant me*t pole stretching her small hole out that it turned pale. Her two red flower lips spread out at both sides pitifully after being grinded.

Bei Xingyan powerfully slammed inside her body, as his thick pub*c hair tickled her soft pu*sy.

The feeling of numbness mixed with some pain made Yan Shi tighten her legs around Bei Xingyan’s waist, and her br**sts also arched upwards.

Bei Xingyan chuckled, leaning down to take a n*pple into his mouth and s*cked on it hard. Yan Shi let out a light moan, as she felt her hole at the bottom contract.

Her c*rvix began to suck on his c*ck head again as the walls of her flower passage tightened around his sh*ft with momentum. Bei Xingyan released her n*pples and turned to kiss Yan Shi’s lips.

Yan Shi’s small mouth was forced open to accept Bei Xingyan’s powerful and dominating kiss. Bei Xingyan’s intense manly scent enveloped Yan Shi, causing her whole body to grow weak.

Bei Xingyan f*cked her at a fast pace until Yan Shi finally reached her limit. Her body shuddered as she squ*rted out her s*xual fluids.

The pleasure that ran from his spine up to the crown of his head almost made Bei Xingyan want to shoot out immediately. He held himself back from c*mming, and parted her c*rvix with his edging me*t pole.

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