Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 9: Xia Yuxuan

“…… You help your brother put it on, eh?”

His voice was magnetic and sexy. Lu Yichen’s delicate, perfect features with narrow, dark eyes were criminally seductive.

Warm breath hit her face, and Li Jia’s pupils suddenly widened. “Lu Yichen-!”

Taking advantage of the traffic jam, Lijia immediately pushed him away, forbidding him to come closer. “Do you know what this place is? Don’t do such a dangerous thing! What if you get us into a car accident?!”

Her breathing was erratic, her cheeks flushed with shame and indignation. “Fasten your seat belt!”

“Broken hand.” Lu Yichen bullshitted in a serious way. “Couldn’t buckle.”

The side of Li Jia’s forehead twitched as she glanced out of the window to make sure that the traffic jam had become a long one and she would not be able to move anytime soon.

She stared at Lu Yichen for half a second, and then immediately averted her gaze. Then she unfastened her seat belt and leaned over to pull the seat belt behind his right hand to fasten it for him.

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She had a lingering fear as soon as she drifted by. The people on the bus were almost squeezed into biscuits. She just looked at it and thought of Japan’s subway.

Lijia and her classmates talked about a lot of things but didn’t dare to hang up the phone, because the gaze of someone beside her was burning her to death. 

Lu Yichen smiled as he watched her talk on the phone, and didn’t open his mouth to intervene.

Li Jia is not a good talker. After listening to her friends for half an hour, the car in front of her finally began to move under her excited eyes.

Hanging up the phone in a hurry, Lijia arrived at the north gate of the T University in ten minutes.

The living and teaching areas of the University of T were separated by a road, and when Li Jia came over, there was a red light, so she had to stop and wait for the light before going across to pick up her classmates.

“Thump, thump, thump!” She had just pulled up when there was a knock on the car window.

Outside the window, a petite and exquisite girl bent her index finger and knocked, showing a sweet and innocent smile at Lu Yicheng, who was sitting in the passenger seat. 

“Yichen, are you here to pick me up?” She blinked her big watery eyes, and her lips looked extraordinarily attractive with a light layer of lip gloss.

Before Lu Yichen could say anything, Li Jia saw Xia Yuxuan and gave her a greeting. “Yu Xuan.”

As if she had only just seen Li Jia, Xia Yuxuan smiled reservedly and nodded her head.

Li Jia was surprisingly there, and Xia Yuxuan had a hint of displeasure, but seeing that she was driving over to pick her up for Lu Yichen, she barely suppressed her heart’s displeasure and gave a purely beautiful smile.

“XuanXuan, is this your boyfriend? So handsome!” The three girls carrying luggage and purses behind Yu xuan came over and greeted Lu Yichen.

When they saw the slender and beautiful Li Jia, their eyes just changed and they said gloomily, “Who is this grandma? XuanXuan, is she your boyfriend’s mother?”

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