Chapter 8: Brother’s Hand Hurts

“Jia Jia, brother will take you there.” Lu Yichen chuckled, reached out to stroke Li Jia’s supple ponytail, leaned forward, and kissed her on the cheek.

Li Jia rubbed her face, feeling strange inside. “I’m picking up my classmates across the street from T University and we’re going to join the activities of the Happy Valley event in the city together.”

The implication: Why were you going with me?

He had never been much of a meddler in her affairs, and now he was sending her off?

“It happens to be on the way, JiaJia might as well give brother a ride?” Lu Yichen followed Li Jia, his cool gaze looking her up and down with a hint of displeasure under his eyes.

Jiajia changed her clothes. She changed into a white short-sleeve shirt and a dark blue skirt. She tied her hair up with fluffy and casual balls. It was simple and neat. She looked very refreshing.

Who is she going to see? And so happy? 

When he saw her open the car door, Lu Yicheng sat in the passenger seat first.

Li Jia stared dryly, helpless.  

“JiaJia is picking up a classmate? Boy or girl?” He smiled, looking at Li Jia who was concentrating on driving. His long, warm hand came over to fondle her ear.

“Brother, stop it! It’s too dangerous.” Li Jia couldn’t help but turn her head to the side to avoid it, but the distance between them couldn’t stop his moving hands.

“Boys? Hmm?” Lu Yichen’s restless hand rested on her thigh at the edge of her skirt. Lu Yichen’s eyes darkened because the delicate, cool skin was soft and supple.

“There are men and women.”

Li Jia glared at him. She was driving now and couldn’t even avoid it!

Lu Yichen casually responded, but his palm probed towards the edge of her skirt. “Don’t wear such a short skirt in the future.”  

His tone was gentle in the sense that he was instructing and preaching to his ignorant sister.

Li Jia was speechless. Where was her skirt short? It was almost knee-length. The activities later may require a temporary change of costumes. She just wore an easy-to-change skirt, and she would rather wear denim.



“Can you get your hands off me?”

There was no place for her legs, so she removed her hand on the steering wheel, and moved Lu Yichen away. The car sped up, and her face turned red. She just wanted to reach their destination quickly and get rid of this predicament.

She had only just gotten her driving license, so she didn’t dare to make small tricks and overtake while driving. She didn’t know how she would die if she was not careful.

Lu Yichen didn’t say anything, his narrow black eyes fixed on Li Jia, leaning over and looking at her intently, his hot palms moving towards her inner thighs. “JiaJia ……”

Li Jia wanted to cry. Jammed roads were the usual, but today the road was clear. At least give her a red light to stop for a while! 

Finally, as they approached T University, Centre Avenue congested with traffic, slowing to a crawl.

“Brother.” Li Jia was free and hurriedly pulled away Lu Yichen’s hand. “Don’t do that.”  

She thought it was incredible. What was going on with her brother? How had he become so horny? 

When she spoke to him on the phone two days ago, his tone was quite normal, but as soon as he got off the plane, he became so extraordinarily enthusiastic that she didn’t dare to look him in the eye.

Lu Yichen’s handsome face wore a slight smile as his hand touched the shorts his sister wore under her skirt to protect her from getting exposed, and he raised an eyebrow slightly.

“JiaJia ……” he leaned sideways, his long, white fingertips carefully pulling a strand of hair from her temples behind her ear. His thin lips approached to kiss her face. “You’re beautiful.”

Li Jia’s car picked up speed and stopped sharply. 


Lu Yichen’s body was unstable, and his elbow hit the body of the car, making a dull sound. He drew a low, cold breath and frowned, but his gaze fixed on the nervous Li Jia.

She dared not to look at him, her gaze averted, but hearing his hiss of pain, her thin scarlet lips pursed into a line as she stiffened, “Put your seatbelt on.”

“Can’t fasten it.”

“Huh?” Li Jia subconsciously turned his head to look.

Lu Yichen suddenly kissed her lips, extended a wet, soft tongue to lick. His tone was magnetically soft and sensual, “Brother’s hand hurts, Jia Jia ……”


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