Chapter 7: Ridicule

Xia Yuxuan’s saliva was almost dry, but Lu Yichen didn’t seem to understand her. He never mentioned that he would come to pick her up.

If, in the past, Lu Yichen heard that she was in trouble, he would immediately come forward to help her solve it. There was no need to say anything more.

“Yichen?” She frowned. What was the matter with him? His attitude two days ago when they had a video call was still very eager.

Was it still possible for her to take the bus while carrying her luggage with others now? She told the dormitory that someone would pick her up.

She knew Lu Yichen, and she could see that he had a good opinion of her. If she complained, he would appear automatically, and she didn’t have to ask for help at all.

At this time, the buses near the school were the most crowded. Several majors had final exams. 

Most students would choose to go home today. Every bus was full. Taxis were not only in short supply but also expensive.

She didn’t want to spend more money, let alone want to take a cheap bus with others.  

Xia Yuxuan gritted her teeth, seeing that Lu Yichen didn’t speak at all. So, she had to stop beating around the bush, “Are you free? Will you come and pick me up?”

Lu Yichen’s lips curled up, and his slender, charming eyes swept over with mockery.

After all this talk, it was to get himself to drive to pick her up. It was just that Xia Yuxuan had always thought highly of herself, didn’t want to ask for help, but also wanted to achieve her goal.

She was sweet and pampered, and no man in his right mind would not pity her.

In the beginning, didn’t he pity her in his heart? He wished he could take out his heart and hold it in front of her. Xia Yuxuan was entangling with him on one side and ambiguous with several other excellent men at the same time.

Thinking of Xia Yuxuan’s choice of man after Jiajia’s death, Liu Yichen’s fingers cracked, and the veins stood out on the back of his hand violently. 

“Yichen?” Not hearing Lu Yichen’s reply, Xia Yuxuan asked once more in a sweet voice, “Are you not free? Are you tired because you just got back? Originally, I wanted to pick you up too, but I just couldn’t make it because of the last exam today, so I had to ask Jiajia. Didn’t she go?”

Lu Yichen almost crushed the phone when he heard Jia Jia’s name. How dare you mention Jiajia! What asked Jiajia? Were you sure I wouldn’t ask?

He was about to hang up straight away when he looked up and saw Jiajia hurrying down the stairs with her car keys in her hand. Her white mobile phone was on her ear, and he didn’t know who she was talking to.

“Got it! Where is it? Diagonally opposite the University of T? Be careful when lifting the props, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes, ok?!”  

Li Jia saw her brother and waved to him. “Brother! I’m going out first! “

Lu Yichen’s sculpted brows raised slightly. Diagonally opposite of T University?

Originally intending to refuse Xia Yuxian, he temporarily changed his decision. Lu Yicheng’s tone was still as gentle as water, “I’ll come over later.”

He finished and hung up without waiting for Xia Yuxuan to speak.

T University was a university with a large number of aristocratic children and strong teaching staff, but the students were mostly rich or noble. The students’ performance was seriously polarized. 

In the beginning, the old man was going to send Jiajia to this school, but she wanted to be a policeman. T did not have this major, so she applied to another police academy.

Xia Yuxuan studied at T University and should be a junior this year. She had no noble status, and her family’s economic level was average, even very poor. 

Her father was a gambler and owed debts. Her mother was seriously ill, and she had a younger brother who was in middle school and a younger sister who was in high school.  

Xia Yuxuan was able to enter T University because of him.

At the thought of this, Liu Yichen felt like he swallowed a greenfly. It was in this noble school that Xia Yuxian knew a group of noble sons with her innocent and pure appearance.


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