Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 10: The Boyfriend Stealer

Where did this fox spirit come from?

A few girls in heavy make-up swept their eyes to Lu Yichen’s license plate and their eyes heated up a bit, and they were particularly unhappy with Li Jia, who was climbing up the ladder. Their outlet to vent was their mean-spirited sarcasm.

Lu Yichen’s cold pupils were slightly frigid, and his cold eyes swept a glance at the few people around Xia Yuxuan, landing on the face of Xia Yuxuan who deliberately pretended not to hear.

“These uncultured women are your friends?”

His voice was pure and clear as a spring, but Xia Yuxuan’s delicate face froze. “They were just joking around.”

“Is that so?” Lu Yichen smiled warmly but full of sarcasm. “The quality of your friends are impressive.”

How could anyone insult JiaJia when she wouldn’t even say a word herself?

His words caused the three dainty girls behind Xia Yuxuan to blush with embarrassment. Lu Yichen had a distinguished air and rode in a luxury car, so at a glance he was a son of a wealthy family, not someone they could mess with at all.

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Lu Yichen became even more depressed when he heard her words of rejection. “Didn’t you hear what they said outside that you are my mistress?  

“I heard, loud and clear.” Li Jia had a look on her face that everything was OK if you got off.

Lu Yichen resents her indifferent attitude. He knew very well that Jiajia really didn’t care for him at this time. It wasn’t pretense.

But the more she did so, the more furious he became.

The green light had already come on, and there was no way Li Jia could occupy the road and not leave. She was just about to drive away when several young men and women carrying large bags of costume and props were waving this way.

Li Jia’s car turned a corner and drove to a position on the side of the school gate. 

Xia Yuxuan thought that Lu Yichen had come to pick her up, and Li Jia’s turn to stop over had no doubt convinced her of this. She haughtily moved aside and walked over unhurriedly on her high heels.

Lu Yichen smiled but did not say anything, he did not have the time to have a fling with Xia Yuxuan.

As soon as the car stopped, Li Jia unbuckled her seat belt and got out, running quickly towards the group.


Seven or eight tall, handsome men and women greeted Li Jia, and one of them, a petite girl in a pink dress, lit up when she saw Li Jia and pounced on her with a single leap. “Jiajia!”

She was about to get her way when a man came out of nowhere.

Lu Yichen moved in front of Li Jia and inserted himself between the two.

“Hello, everyone.” Lu Yichen smiled gently and politely, stretched out his arm and put it around Jiajia’s waist.

The petite girl in the pink dress raised her eyebrows and hastily stopped pouncing, intending to lash out, when she saw Lu Yichen’s handsome and exquisite face and faintly froze. Her eyes moved to his hands holding Li Jia’s waist.

“Are you Jiajia’s boyfriend?”

Without waiting for Li Jia to explain, another person interjected sarcastically. “It’s just a boyfriend stealer mistress. She’s so arrogant just because she has some good looks!”


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