Chapter 4: Ouch, My Nuts!

He finally saw her again, instead of holding her cold body and feeling crazy despair. He always thought he didn’t love her and believed that it was just a brother’s feelings for her sister.

“JiaJia.” He rubbed her soft and white neck, full of joy.

“Brother?” Li Jia was a little breathless in his arms, why did he suddenly become so passionate?

Life abroad has changed his brother’s personality by a lot in the past two years.

Lu Yichen finally let her go, but still wrapped his arms around her waist, separating her from the crowd. His dark eyes glancing at the spot where the crowd had gathered the most and where the screams were incessant.

The security guards shouted to try and disperse the crowd, but to no avail.

Qiaonan’s hazel eyes gazed at the white figure through the crowd and saw a strange man encircling her waist and leading her away.

That girl, was it Li Jia?

I never thought that Jia, who was so quiet and gentle at first, would become so …… different now.

Lu Yichen didn’t want Li Jia to meet Qiaonan at all. In the previous life, Qiaonan had said in a joking tone in front of a large group of media that he had a crush on the Lu family’s daughter—Li Jia!

This incident was once a hot topic that JiaJia couldn’t meet for a long time in order to avoid the crazy media.

After the two of them walked out of the airport, there were many cars parked in the perimeter. Lu Yichen’s assistant had learned of his return in advance and had driven over to wait for him.

When they got into the car, Lu Yichen’s hand never came off Li Jia’s waist, his dark jade-like eyes fixed firmly on Li Jia’s face, and the intimacy was a great surprise to the assistant-cum-driver.

Their young master was gentle with just the right amount of detachment and politeness towards Miss Xia Yuxuan, and had never been this intimate with anyone, not to mention, the young master had a slight cleanliness problem.

“Brother……brother?” Li Jia felt that there was something odd about Lu Yichen that made her quite uncomfortable.


The scenery outside the window flashed by. Lu Yichen’s handsome face approached Li Jia, and sniffed the light scent coming from  under her clothes. The thin summer sweatshirt revealed the girl’s delicate collarbone. 

His eyes moved slightly downward, and sniffed the exuding soft, girly fragrance hidden in the clothes. In the center, he watched her sweaty, snow-white skin rise. 

Lu Yichen’s eyes  blurred, and he grabbed Li Jia into his arms, tightly hugging her. His thin lips pressed against her collarbone, buried them in her lapel. “My Jiajia…”


Li Jia’s eyes suddenly widened. It was undeniable that she had a small crush on her brother, but it wasn’t definitely progressing so fast as it was now!

She was somewhat incapable of accepting it.

Lu Yichen had always been calm, gentle and polite, acting with a sense of measure, and would never make such a shocking move.

Li Jia pushed him away abruptly, and sternly said, “Brother! We’ll be home soon!”

Pay attention to the image, OK?!

What did you learn abroad?

“Hmm.” A dull, low laugh escaped Lu Yichen’s mouth, but his hands still didn’t let go of her body.

Jia Jia was fond of him, and he had experienced it especially deeply in his previous life.

In this life, he must keep her firmly locked up by his side, forever to himself alone! No one would ever get their hands on her!

“Baby, is it bad for brother to treat Jiajia like this?” He suddenly stretched out his wet, warm tongue and licked at the sweet, snowy neck of hers.

Li Jia was instantly frozen.



She reflexively threw a sweeping kick straight at the most brittle part of any male creature!

It was true that Li Jia loved Lu Yichen dearly and even sacrificed herself for his sake, but the ecstatic Lu Yichen who had just returned from rebirth had forgotten one thing.

The JiaJia of five years ago did not love to that extent ….


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