Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 5: Where Are You Kicking?

Her sharp attack caused a burst of cold air.

When the driver saw her horrifying behavior through the mirror, the steering wheel almost went askew.

In the nick of time, Lu Yichen grabbed Li Jia’s slender ankles and caught her around the waist with his long arms, parting her long, straight legs and hugging her into his lap.

Li Jia was unsteady, but she didn’t expect him to be quicker than she was, so she plunged into his arms.

“Where are you kicking?” Lu Yichen trailed off with a hint of charm, his dark eyes gaze at Li Jia. 


He nibbled punitively on her earlobe, sucking on it without letting go.

The wet, soft, rolling touch made Lijia explode, all the blood rushed to her face, and in the blink of an eye, her ears were the color of cooked lobster.

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He didn’t like Jiajia’s arrival back then, yet she liked to call him brother, and she liked to follow him wherever he went.

He was sick to death of it and maliciously tricked her, locking her up for a day or two in a room with the light switched off, and occasionally the old man would ask him to pick her up from school and he would deliberately forget she was in the car.

He remembered one time when things went terribly wrong in the middle of a hot day. He went out on a date and locked her in the car, only to forget in the middle of it. By the time he remembered, it was half a day later when his grandfather called with a rant to question him.

In the scorching heat of July and August, the temperature inside the sealed car reached 70 to 80 degrees, a normal person would get heatstroke in less than half an hour, two hours without noticing and the person was basically thoroughly dead.

He was also shocked.

Luckily, a passerby passed by that day and found the dying Jiajia, smashed the car window and called the police to send her to the hospital. Then the hospital phone call was answered by the old man at the Lu family.

After that Jiajia was afraid of riding in the car for a long time.

He often threatened to lock her in the car if she didn’t comply in order to get her to stop clinging to him.

“Don’t be afraid.” Lu Yichen’s hand stroked her stiff back up and down.

Li Jia flushed, glad that she was wearing jeans and not a skirt.

Lu Yichen held her close to him, longing for her, and the surprise of finding her again made it impossible for him to maintain his original gentleness and  reason.

He remembered the night he had gotten Jiajia, the addictive, deadly pleasure and euphoria.

” JiaJia.” He called to her softly, a man’s instinctive response caused a change  in his body.

His dark, pitch black pupils reflected his sister’s panicked expression.

His body expressed its desire for her, craving her comfort, pressing strongly against her belly.

Li Jia tried to break away, but Lu Yichen’s arms were wrapped around her like an iron grip and his eyes were unsettling.

“Brother! Let go!”

Li Jia wondered when her gentle brother had become so strong; she had studied taekwondo since she was young and even studied self-defence with a Chinese martial arts master, so the average person was no match for her.

“No, I won’t release.” Lu Yichen was enamored of her sweet, clean scent, and left his mark on her collarbone with abandon.

“Young …… Master, we are home.”

The driver glanced at Master Lu, who was standing outside the car with his crutches, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

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