Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 3: I’m Back

When Lu Yichen came out, he instantly recognised the pretty, slender girl in the crowd wearing a white sweatshirt.

Her long, shiny hair was tied up in a high ponytail, but even so, the end of her hair was still waist-length. She had one hand shallowly tucked into the pocket of her blue pencil trousers, with the leg of her trousers pulled up to reveal a small part of her snow-white ankle, matching her white sneakers.

She held a mobile phone in one hand and her eyes were darting around in the crowd, causing many people of the opposite sex to glance at her.

There was a huge increase in the number of people at the airport today, and Li Jia didn’t know what was going on, seeing many media personnel leaning to one side and looking around.

Lu Yichen’s phone vibrated in his palm, but he was unaware of it and walked through the crowd, his eyes fixed on his sister.

“Why aren’t you answering your phone?” Li Jia looked at the phone display and wandered all over the place.

“Want to sit down, pretty girl? I have an empty seat here.” A roguish ruffian leaned his hands against the back of a chair and whistled, his amused gaze flicking over Lijia, looking at her teasingly.

Lijia narrowed her eyes, but seeing that her brother was more important, she didn’t bother to talk much to the scoundrel.

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It seemed to be a big star, no wonder it attracted so many people.

Li Jia was helpless and quickly stepped back, letting the large crowd of fans and paparazzi pass.

Lu Yichen frowned, forgetting that there was another incident.

Moreover, Qiaonan…his brows frowned deeper. Quickly, he walked through the crowd and went straight to Li Jia.

There were too many people, and Li Jia didn’t realize who was behind her.

Lu Yichen approached her, touched her hair, and smelled a faint fragrance.

Jiajia…she was still alive…

He couldn’t help taking a step forward, his hands about to wrap around her waist. “Jia…”

Li Jia who was squeezed by the crowd, suddenly felt a pervert’s hand stretched over her chest. She saw it at the corner of her eyes, and cold light flashed across her eyes. 

She grabbed the groper’s arm, pulled with her waist, and bent her body straight down! 


All the men around her took two steps backwards, staring at her in disbelief. The girls opened their eyes wide.


Many of the paparazzi who had been racing to capture Qiaonan’s arrival subconsciously took this video footage.

“Hmph!” Li Jia sneered, and kicked the screaming ruffian on the ground. “Grow some eyes next time, you think girls are easy to bully?”

She stood up straight, and a pair of slender and strong hands captured her waist, naturally covering her flat belly.

Li Jia was stunned, another pervert dared to die?

Seeing she skillfully wrestle a hapless person half to death, someone dared to touch her unafraid of death, suddenly feeling courageous.

Just as Li Jia was about to teach the other party a lesson, a gentle and soft male voice sounded in her ears, “JiaJia.”

Li Jia was taken aback, and suddenly turned around.

To everyone’s surprise, she screamed, and jumped into the person’s  arms.

What was going on?

Seeing Lu Yichen’s handsome and outstanding temperament, people feel that the face value was high. Could it be they didn’t not need to be beaten up if they were a handsome man?

“Brother!” Li Jia was very happy, explaining the reason in one word.

“I’m back, Jiajia.” Lu Yichen’s voice was hoarse, and he firmly embraced her in his arms.

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