Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 14: Fighting The Love Rival

“Do you admit you’re a toad?” Li Jia’s eyes glanced past Lu Yichen to Liu Ke who had risen from the ground.

Liu Ke couldn’t believe that a woman had beaten him. He wiped his nose bleed and strode over menacingly, swinging his fist at Li Jia. “You seek death!”

Li Jia was just about to step forward when Lu Yichen wrapped his arm around her, raising his hand to intercept Liu Ke’s furious fist and pushing her out of the way with one hand!

Yun Bin gazed at Lu Yichen in deep thought.

“You wait for this young master!” Liu Ke was very smart and didn’t continue to pester them. He turned around and got into his car quickly. “Report your name!”

Lu Yichen’s exquisite and perfect features revealed a dazzling smile. “Lu Yichen.”

Liu Ke scowled, gave Lu Yichen one more look, snorted coldly, and set off.

“I seem to have caused trouble for my brother.” Li Jia tried to pull her hand away, but Lu Yichen wouldn’t let her.

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Qin Ya’s eyes stayed on his handsome, warm face, staring suspiciously at Li Jia and Lu Yichen out of a woman’s intuition.

“Are they really brother and sister?” She looked at Yun Xiao, who was beside her seat.

“Of course, they’re both on the same account book, does that count?” Yun Xiao responded casually.

Qin Ya frowned, not believing it in her heart. “What’s his name?”

“Lu Yichen, the youngest master of the Lu family.” Yun Xiao was playing with her phone, her head down, and didn’t notice that Qin Ya’s beautiful eyes widened when she heard these words, revealing excitement and greed.

Lu Yichen!

The sole heir of the Lu Consortium!

A veritable, imperial noble young man!

Also, he hadn’t married yet!

She heard he had been studying abroad, and that Lu Consortium involved the global arena. He was away from his country all year round, and the noble girls of the upper class did not have the opportunity to meet him, but she never thought he would come back!


“Young master, please say what you want.”

“Is there a national entertainment event at the Happy Valley today?” Lu Yichen looked up at the red light at the crossroads, calling his assistant Yu Qing.

“Yes, Missy took part in a role-playing event for a competitive shooting game in the city. The event hired quite a few celebrities to help with this.” Yu Qing wondered why he was suddenly interested in this.

“Stars?” Lu Yichen had a bad feeling in the back of his mind. “Qiaonan is there?”


Lu Yichen’s face turned black when he heard this, and his fierce strength nearly crushed the steering wheel.

Sure enough, it was him! He was here to steal Jiajia from him again!

When did Qiaonan know Jiajia? He had no recollection of it at all. In his last life he was accompanying Xia Yuxuan and left Jiajia behind. She probably rode with her friends to the event and met Qiaonan there.

Lu Yichen’s heart filled with remorse. Why had he been so cruel to Jiajia in the first place? He never seemed to care about her.

He would never give Qiaonan a single chance to get close to Jiajia. “Call Han Shichang and cancel Qiaonan’s event.”

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