Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 15: Impossible To Defend Against The Love Rival

“Young master, the entertainment city just opened and is a key project in the city’s tourism development. Qiaonan is a well-known public figure who is going to attract crowds. I’m afraid Han City’s governor won’t respond easily.”

“Tell him that Lu’s will invest in the project he proposed a month ago, he will say yes.”


After Lu Yichen hung up the phone, Yu Qing called Han Shichang.

They temporarily canceled the event. The director of the entertainment company was furious, and Qiaonan’s agent was even angrier. But the mayor himself called over to settle the matter, even offering half of the appearance fee as compensation, and they left the matter unresolved.

The venue was full and while fans waited for their idol to appear despite the scorching sun; the announcement went off, explaining that the crowd was too big. In order to avoid a serious stampede and to protect the personal safety of the guests, Qiaonan will not attend.

“No way?!!!” Yun Xiao was excitedly changing her clothes and waiting to meet her idol, when she heard the damn announcement. She was so angry that she almost had a heat stroke.

It also shocked Li Jia. “What’s going on?”

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He had just driven off and was about to leave when several young men and women dressed as cosplay cops and robbers with exaggerated make-ups were joking and laughing as they approached. They attracted many visitors to take pictures.

Qiaonan’s eyes rested on the face of a fair-skinned, fresh-looking young girl with beautiful features.


She wore a blue and white police officer’s uniform. Ss the cosplay costume focuses on being artistic, it deliberately contoured the perfect and delicate curves of the young girl.

The gorgeous softness of her breasts, her shapely hips, her white and slender legs, and her delicate collarbones were all on display.

Qiaonan swept up to her chest and hastily covered his nose. His handsome face flushed red.

This was the girl he had had a crush on for five years, but unfortunately, they had never crossed paths again.

Li Jia was very awkward, her skirt was too short and she couldn’t help but pull it down. Many of the older women around her who couldn’t accept the fashion trend nowadays gave her disdainful and unkind looks. The greedy male eyes made Li Jia very uncomfortable, and the corners of her eyes twitched.

Yun Bin deliberately blocked in front of her to shield the others’ eyes, but he didn’t dare to look at her.

Jia’er’s body… er, really can’t see so …… make people nosebleed.

She usually dressed conservatively and treated hooligans with a wild storm of blows. Boys at school didn’t dare to chase Jia’er even if they fancy her looks, for fear that they would lose their lives if the beauty didn’t like them.

He had seen Jia’er beat up a pestering senior with his own eyes, and the school sent him to the military hospital nearby.


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