Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 13: He Called You A Toad

“Toad?” Li Jia’s dark eyes narrowed slightly as she stared at the “sissy” in front of her, clenching her fist.

“It’s Liu Ke!”

“Young Master Liu! Oh my God, it’s actually him. Xia Yuxuan’s boyfriend!”

There were shouts from girls all around, they didn’t expect to see so many first class families today!

At this moment, the crowd looked at Xia Yuxuan, who nestled in Liu Ke’s arms. Their eyes became strange. Just now this woman cried that a mistress had stolen her boyfriend, but in the blink of an eye, there was a young Liu. She was so quickly in the arms of someone else?


Liu Ke’s peach blossom eyes were incomparably gloomy as he soothed Xia Yuxuan, who was sobbing quietly in his arms. The woman who had been so distant to him ran into his arms, and there was no reason not to accept it.

Lu Yichen’s eyes were cold, permeated with an insidious hostility and ferocity. The first thing a person needed to do was to get a good idea of what you were getting into.

The first time he remembered, he realized he was a gentle cannon fodder male substitute, a spare tire. Finally he had to leave a bitter remembrance for Xia Yuxuan’s love and die a quiet and selfless death.

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Before he could stand, Li Jia raised her leg and kicked him in the stomach. “Go to hell!”


The scene was quiet for two seconds, and Liu Ke was bleeding from his nose. He covered his stomach and cried out in pain on the ground.

Xia Yuxuan covered her mouth and looked at Li Jia, who had already retracted her long legs. She yanked Li Jia’s arms with both of her hands. “How dare you …you hit Young Liu!”

Li Jia raised her arm to stare at her hand. “I suggest you let go. I also hit a woman.”

“Do you know that it’s against the law!” Xia Yuxuan looked at her obstinately and naively. Her sharp nails painted with clear nail polish pinched into Li Jia’s arm. She still refused to let go, not believing that Li Jia still dared to hit someone.

Li Jia frowned and was just about to shake her off when a shadow appeared.

Lu Yichen’s slender white hand gripped Xia Yuxuan’s arm. Xia Yuxuan looked up at him accusingly. “Lu Yichen, your sister, she hit Liu Ke, you must ……”

Lu Yichen violently yanked her arm away with substantial force.

“Ah…!” Xia Yuxuan cried out miserably, falling backwards, covering her arm. She choked back a helpless sob. “You beat me for her, have your heart changed? Yichen, how could you do this to me?”

She covered her face, turned around and ran away crying in resignation.

She ran a few steps, still waiting for Lu Yichen to come and apologize to her and chase her over to coax her, but Lu Yichen didn’t even bother with her.

He held Li Jia’s white arm and rubbed it lightly. His gentle face was gloomy and terrifying, ten black and purple nail pinch marks were clearly visible on her skin.

Xia Yuxuan, that bitch had hurt his Jiajia like this. Such neat and deep pinch marks! Who would believe it was not intentional?


“Why did you hit him?” Lu Yichen was heartbroken.

“He called you a toad.”

“Hmm?” Lu Yichen looked up, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

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