Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 12: The Demonic Beauty, Lu Yichen

Chapter 12: The Demonic Beauty, Lu Yichen

Yun Xiao’s eyes rounded and she exclaimed, “He is Lu ……”

The noble son of the Lu’s, Lu Yichen, who left the country two years ago?

“Hello, I’m Yun Bin.” Yun Bin politely extended his hand, not announcing his parentage. He only let Lu Yichen know him as Jiajia’s classmate.

“I’m grateful to you all for looking after my sister.” Lu Yichen displayed a charming smile and shook hands with Yun Bin politely.


The two men, with their clasped hands, secretly battled each other. They did not need to say much, their natural sensitivity towards their love rivals knew each other’s hidden intentions.

“I ought to.” Yun Bin did not have the slightest bit of timidity, and his handsome face was full of smiles.

Jia’er’s surname was Li, and Lu Yichen’s surname was Lu. The two were nominally brother and sister, but in reality they were not even half -related, and Lu Yichen’s gesture was not like a brother!

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A great opportunity was in front of him, Xia Yuxuan did not believe he would not take the opportunity to admit that he was her girlfriend.


“Mr. Lu, don’t you think it’s easy for people to misunderstand Jia’er when you do this? Since you’re here to pick up your girlfriend, she’s right behind you.” Yun Bin looked at the crowd that was gathering, and there were people excitedly taking pictures. If this continued, nothing would turn into something.

Lu Yichen had been out of the country for two years, no one would expect the young master of the Lu family to be here. Li Jia was somehow the adopted daughter of the Lu family but had not changed her surname, only a few people knew her identity.

Lu Yichen’s thin red lips lifted in a seductive curve. “I have just returned from London, and I don’t know how I got a girlfriend? Are you kidding?”

He spoke mildly but cruelly, and Xia Yuxuan’s pretty face paled, unable to believe that he would deny it. “Yichen, you ……”

It looked as if it devastated her, and she just knew Lu Yichen for the first time. How could he do this to her? Had this little bitch, Li Jia, really charmed him?

“Would Xuan Xuan be worthy of you?” A male voice interjected.

A man with slender, brown-colored peach blossom eyes with full lips leaned against a black sports car. His shirt buttons scattered haphazardly, his demeanor debonair, his chestnut hair ruffled, and has a face more sultry than a woman’s.

He winked at Xia Yuxuan and stepped forward like a knight, looking at Lu Yichen with a fierce gaze like a wolf. “Xuan Xuan is this young master’s woman, is she not something that a toad can covet?”

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