EBPW Chapter 55.1

Chapter 55.1 Feng Lan’s identity (1)

He Zhou was a cultivator.

This piece of news once again caused huge ripples in the Gu Wu circle. The originally good-for-nothing Young Master He was secretly actually a cultivator!

First, he came out as a high level array master, then, he came out as a cultivator. He Zhou kept giving people surprises, and everybody was curious to know what realm he was in as a cultivator.

After He Zhou dropped a heavy bomb, he returned to the villa, and received a call from He Shaoning who asked if he could visit home for a while.

He Zhou had already discussed his plans on making this public announcement with Wen Renyi, so Wen Renyi had already expected encountering this kind of outcome. He had also predicted that He Shaoning would ask He Zhou to go back, so he returned home early from work and accompanied He Zhou over.

He Zhou took on a new lease in life as a cultivator and this had really given He Shaoning a fright. He didn’t even care how high He Zhou’s cultivation base was, even if it was only a Yellow Ranked Cultivation Base, it was still worthy of having the entire family celebrate it!

In the past, He Shaoning’s greatest concern was He Zhou. However, He Zhou became an array master, Wen Renyi’s cultivation base had recovered and the feelings between the two deepened, so a lot of his worries were eased. This lasted only until earlier, when he suddenly heard the matter about Ah Zhou being able to cultivate, and he immediately itched to clarify the matter with him at the very first minute.

When He Zhou and Wen Renyi reached the He Residence, He Shaoning had already turned anxious from waiting. As soon as he saw He Zhou, he observed and sent his godly sense out to measure him but he still couldn’t detect the fluctuation of spiritual power from him.

“Ah Zhou, this is?” He Shaoning did not put a solemn face on and asked him befuddled.

Towards his family’s inquiries, He Zhou no longer felt the need to conceal, so he released his Xiantian Late Stage might out in the open.

At first, He Shaoning was pleasantly surprised by this display, but his brows soon wrinkled in worry. “Ah Zhou, you previously did not have any cultivation base before, how are you able to cultivate to Xiantian in such a short period of time?”

Aside from taking those drugs, there was no other way someone’s cultivation base could rise so quickly. He Shaoning didn’t doubt his own son, but he couldn’t stop others from doing so.

He Ye arrived in front of He Zhou and like He Shaoning, his expressionless face cracked, revealing an amazed expression. His two eyes widened greatly. “Brother, do you really have a Xiantian cultivation base?”

He Zhou patted his head and chuckled. “Why would I lie to you about it?” In the past, he had wanted to nurture He Ye in the path of arrays, however, He Ye did not have the gift in this area, so he planned to select another person in the family, but it seemed like all of the He members did not possess any talent in arrays, so he could only let this thought go.

He Ye’s eyes were filled with adoration. “Brother, you’re amazing!” He Ye had already admired his brother for being one of the few high level array masters in Hua Country, but now, he couldn’t believe his eyes that He Zhou was actually also a high level cultivator. This was simply too incredible!

He Shaoning believed that his own son did not exploit the use of drugs, but his brows couldn’t help but furrow once more. “Ah Zhou. What is your reason for revealing this in such a hurry?”

As expected of the family head, he was always able to sniff out anything amiss with the situation.

Before He Zhou had arrived, he had already planned out what to say and was about to respond when He Shaoying suddenly walked in from the outside. His gaze fell onto He Zhou and after observing him for a long time, he finally spoke. “Ah Zhou, what is your current cultivation base?” For a Xiantian cultivator like him to actually be unable to confirm He Zhou’s cultivation base could only mean two things.

First, He Zhou simply did not have any cultivation base. Second, He Zhou’s cultivation base was higher than his!

This thought caused He Shaoying to secretly shudder. He had been enthralled in seclusion for so many years not only due to his obsession with cultivating, it was also because the He Family had been without a cultivator who was past Xiantian. If this continued any longer, the He Family would soon come to a decline.

The He Family needed a formidable cultivator.

Comparatively speaking, He Shaoying was much more gifted than He Shaoning, so He Shaoying chose to cultivate in seclusion whereas He Shaoning became the He Family head.

In the beginning, when He Zhou became an array master of Hua Country, the He Family started receiving honor. Although he wasn’t a cultivator, with the formidable power of arrays being demonstrated repeatedly, the world’s perception of arrays gradually changed. In fact, they believed that perhaps one day, people would admire arrays.

And now, another genius cultivator had appeared within the He Family.

He Zhou faced He Shaoying’s expecting gaze. “Second Uncle, I am a Xiantian Late Stage cultivator.”

Gasps rang out, and even He Shaoning was unable to hold his breath.

In the past, they thought it was inconceivable that Wen Renyi was in Xiantian Late Stage, however, Wen Renyi had always been considered a genius. For someone who had been silent for 6 years to suddenly shoot up into the sky was considered normal in his case. However, He Zhou hadn’t exhibited any signs of a cultivation base in the past few months, now that he revealed that he was actually in Xiantian Late Stage, they couldn’t help but feel that he was formidable.

He Zhou looked at his family members’ expressions helplessly and kept the following thought to himself. He hadn’t even told them that Ah Yi had already built his foundation, if he did, would they lose their minds?

The He Family was clear about the significance of a Xiantian Late Stage array master could bring to the He Family.

After they dealt with the aftershock, He Shaoning allowed He Zhou and Wen Renyi to stay over for a meal. Everyone was feeling giddy about it, but just as they were about to start, someone had visited the He Residence. It was the operations team captain Feng Lan.

Feng Lan wore the same smiling expression he always had on, and was followed by several of his subordinates behind. He politely spoke. “Young Master He, do you mind taking a stroll with me?”

He Shaoning’s expression cooled. “Feng Lan, what is the meaning of this?”

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