EBPW Chapter 55.2

Chapter 55.2 Feng Lan’s identity  (2)

Feng Lan continued to carry the same smile. “Young Master He, I am only following the upper management’s orders to bring Young Master He back to the operations team.”

Wen Renyi stood beside He Zhou with pursed lips and a cold sharp gaze. “Feng Lan, didn’t you always give us a reason?”

Feng Lan didn’t carry the same respect towards Wen Renyi that he had before and only responded. “Mr. Wen Ren, you were very close with Gars Bruch before, am I correct?”

“Captain Feng’s ability to invert right and wrong is really admirable.” He Zhou’s gaze was indifferent as he calmly answered him.

Feng Lan wasn’t angered by his words. “Young Master He. According to our investigations, Gars Bruch is one of the members of the demonic head’s organization. Now that your cultivation base had a sudden breakthrough, we have grounds to believe that you have been corrupted by Gars Bruch, hence the superiors have asked me to bring you over to conduct an inspection.”

He Zhou exchanged glances with Wen Renyi and took one step forward in front of the He Family’s worried gazes. “Alright. I’ll go with you.”

The others had wanted to stop him, but the special department was the country’s machine, they didn’t have the ability to confront them.

“You don’t need to worry, I’ll come back soon.” He Zhou exposed a placating smile to his family.

Feng Lan arched his lips into a smile as if he was ridiculing them.

He Zhou followed him out of the He Family residence and turned his head back to look, communicating through eye contact with Wen Renyi before the special operations car sped away.

The car slowly travelled through the busy city and He Zhou had kept his eyes closed in recuperation and remained silent. Feng Lan sat beside him and started speaking. “Young Master He looks very calm.”

He Zhou didn’t even lift an eyelid. “This car of yours is pretty nice to actually be able to suppress cultivation bases.”

“With Young Master He’s abilities, what are we supposed to do if you were to escape?” The smile on Feng Lan’s face remained unchanged.

“En. That’s true.“ He Zhou stared at the scenery beyond the window and suddenly voiced. “This doesn’t seem to be the way to the operations team.”

A sinister smile floated onto Feng Lan’s upright expression. “And I thought, with Young Master He’s intelligence and wisdom, you wouldn’t catch on too quickly.”

“Feng Lan, when we were at Rose Country, was it not you who released Qi Changling.” He Zhou’s gaze fell on his slightly red eyes. “Moreover, your cultivation base isn’t actually in Sky Rank.”

Feng Lan suddenly smiled and the might he exuded soared quickly all the way to Xiantian Late Stage. “That’s right. So you should know that your domain doesn’t work on me and I would advise you not to struggle.”

Both were at Xiantian Late Stage and both had the ability to create domains, hence, He Zhou was unable to use the power of his domain on him.

“Are you taking me to see Ji Wuqiu?” He Zhou asked him. “Is he already running out of patience?”

Feng Lan knit his brows. “”Who’s Ji Wuqiu?”

He Zhou froze for a moment before he suddenly chuckled. His elegant face was reflected in Feng Lan’s eyes, causing him to feel vexed. “What are you laughing about?”

Young Master He’s clear eyes stared straight into his. “I really want to know, where do you stand in that organization? Is it the management layer? Or the miscellaneous department?”

“What’s that got to do with you?”

“Nothing, it’s just.” He Zhou reached out a finger to playfully doodle on the car windows. “You’ve been slaving away for your master for so many years, yet none of you know what his actual name is.”

“Are you saying——” Feng Lan froze in shock. He indeed didn’t know what his own master was called, but how did He Zhou know? Was it for real or was he being fooled?

But thinking about it, He Zhou was not the type to senselessly fabricate something, so it must be the truth.

“How did you know?”

He Zhou retracted his hand and leaned back casually on his seat. “Why do you think Ji Wuqiu is looking for me? Do you think he invited me just to reminisce about the past?”

Feng Lan choked. He obviously wanted the necklace, alright?

“However, he didn’t even ask whether I consented to going or not, and this makes me very unhappy.” He Zhou’s faint smile slowly vanished as he turned to look at Feng Lan.

Feng Lan was about to ask what he was planning when the car suddenly came to a stop. The car wheels were still turning, but they couldn’t move forward.

“You’ve been speaking with me for such a long time, didn’t you notice something odd?” He Zhou’s expression was cold and he got out of the car dragging the completely powerless Feng Lan.

Against the demonic head’s threat, the aristocratic families naturally wouldn’t become sitting ducks. Everybody knew that He Zhou was the main goal of the demonic head, and in order to protect He Zhou, the Li Family had secretly gifted He Zhou drugs that could silently affect people.

And if it wasn’t for Feng Lan being too complacent, he wouldn’t have fallen for this dirty trick.

Young Master He didn’t care whether he had played fair or not. As long as it was able to catch people off guard, it was considered a good move. He lifted Feng Lan and turned towards the front direction of the car. Wen Renyi waved his hand, overturning the car and together with He Zhou, they carried Feng Lan and returned to the He Residence.

The car that had been flipped over behind them exploded and quickly burst into flames.

Wen Renyi had already notified the aristocratic families and the sects about this matter, so by the time they reached the He Residence, the family heads and the sect heads were present.

He Zhou lifted the sullen and depressed Feng Lan and threw him in front of everyone. He then shifted his gaze to Ye Xiao and and spoke. “Ah Xiao, it’s time for you to do what you do best.”

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  5. Lily

    I knew it. They way he was introduced was weird. Why did MC have an issue with Feng callimg the ML captain, but when everyone else did it, there wasn’t an issue?